Ren chūn Qiu was immersed in many mysteries in the life’s core monuments world, and thought for half a ring, which barely came to his mind.

June 4, 2024

Tuky, the organizer of the first auction in the world, has been waiting for a long time again.
"Quick, serve wine for chen qian … Daoyou!"
Although Ren chūn Qiu changed his mind in time, the previous scenes fell into Tuky’s eyes, but it was enough to cause many conjectures.
"I can make my father so respectful. Where is this Chen Shaobai?"
"However, can give my father a sermon, is definitely not a junior! In my opinion, eight times out of ten, he is a reborn body! "
Although the heart is full of twists and turns, Tuky’s reaction didn’t stop at all. He respectfully offered the wine and fairy wine, and he quickly retreated to one side.
Chen Shaobai slowly raised his eyes and glanced at Tuky approvingly: "You are clean and efficient, and you are not dragging your feet at all. Among the younger generation, you are very good."
"Chen … Chen Daoyou praised it."
Tuky thought and struggled for half a ring, but he didn’t know what to call Chen Shaobai, so he could only say so.
No matter how others reacted, Chen Shaobai put dozens of bottles of nectar and fairy wine into his pocket, then stood up fiercely, stepped out step by step, and disappeared from Qin Tianjian, leaving only two sentences echoing between the triple halls.
"Today, the matter of the ri, don’t reveal, otherwise the consequence is proud. In addition … "
"If you have something to find, don’t bother!"
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The two hundred and ninety-second palm fairy wine
Di er Shi er Zhang xian Niang
The junction of Dongsheng Shenzhou and Nanming Lizhou is an endless sea of storms, which is the Star Island and the base.
In Ri, although this place is not sparsely populated, the population is not too large. In just two or three months, countless strange people have gathered here.
Tuky’s preparation is more adequate than anyone imagined. Since the news of the first auction in the world was announced, but in half a month’s time, the vast majority of the magic sects of Xiandao in Kaiyuan world got the news and flocked to it.
It’s not only the right schools such as Qing Xuanmen, Jinyuanmen, Wanji Pavilion, Haotianmen, Qin Tianzong, Liuli Void, Ri Yuefu Land, Hangtian Mountain and Danding School, but also five cases of magic, and the three holy places of the demon race have also sent people over.
Some small factions who want to take advantage of the opportunity to profit from it are all like sharks who smell the smell.
Over thousands of islands, countless monks who control the magic weapon of flying swords soar in the sky, or fight over the law, or settle personal grievances under the organization of Star Island. You come and go, so lively!
Unconsciously, the general trend of the world seems to have changed a little. Star Island, which has always been famous for its financial resources, also showed its courage and skill in this incident, which made many monks change their impressions of it.
This is a sendoh sect that is not inferior to Se Yu Haotianmen!
At least in some casual meditation with low knowledge, that’s what I think.
Penglai Island, the core of Star Island, is the double hall of Qin Tianjian!
Tuky bent over his desk, writing and drawing on a rare hide roll. After a while, he took out a few forms and frowned as he looked through them, as if he were struggling with something annoying.
This small change has made many people who have come up with the trend find opportunities and have come forward to pay great attention to it. What is the secret medicine of quiet concentration? What kind of incense burns the demons, all of them appear in some practitioners, all of whom give generously, as if they don’t care about the treasures of all souls in their hands.
But everyone with a discerning eye knows that if this man is not the son of god. If he hadn’t been the host of the first auction in the world. Few people will talk to him.
"It’s still true that Chen’s predecessors are right. People are warm and cold, and there are many things in the world. It’s always been like this!"
Looking at a group of flatterers who once brought them a sense of accomplishment. Tuky now only feel that these people are upset in front of him.
But Tuky, after all, has experienced professional preparation, and she is not as immature as Chen Shaobai. After a few words, she declined all the gifts. It not only makes others feel that they have human feelings, but also thinks that he has enough luck cultivation.
The crowd around him slowly dispersed, Tuky sighed, stretched his shin, and was ready to continue looking for what he needed in that pile of information.
All of a sudden, a bald Taoist appeared in front of him, a picture of unrestrained, the whole person crazy, all the way. Let passers-by involuntarily avoid it.
Tuky waved away two guards who were about to stop people, and asked politely, "I wonder what you are doing?"
Those who can enter the double hall of Qin Tianjian have some inside information, so it is better not to offend as much as possible.
Hearing his words. The bald Taoist laughed: "It’s good to be an afterlife, but you have too many worries. It’s better to buy old-fashioned wine and get drunk to solve your worries!"
It turned out to be a door-to-door salesman!