After entering the large array, I saw that the array of Zhu Xian Jian was divided into four doors, all of which were hung with swords, and there were four holy guardians under the four doors, and Tongtian presided over the large array on the altar.

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"Now that you are in the array, how dare you come and break it?" said Tongtian.
Qingyun said, "Last time, we took advantage of the geographical position, and those who won were better than you. We didn’t want you to take advantage of the battle today, but we lost, so this battle will not be broken. Dear friends, today I wait for the cause and effect to end. "
You saints were shocked at Qingyun’s voice, but losing without a fight was the most shameful thing. The two Penglai people actually opened their mouths, which the saints never expected. I wanted to make good use of this opportunity, but the five saints who ended the cause and effect of Yunwu Mountain last time were calculated by Penglai.
Zhun Ti said, "Since the two Taoist friends admit defeat, please ask Taoist friends not to take care of the big robbery again. I will finish everything."
Xuanqing said, "I’ll wait until the two of you don’t make a move, but you shouldn’t go too far."
Lao Tzu said, "Everything depends on the number of days. It is better to end the robbery as soon as possible and enjoy peace."
Qingyun said, "All right, let’s just decide who is on the list based on the victory or defeat of our family. How about that?"
Tongtian said, "You and others in Penglai are all famous people on the list. Why don’t you send them all to the list, or you can save all beings from great robbery."
Qingyun said angrily, "Your interception of education is full of wet eggs, and most of them are out of control, but there are many names on this list. Why don’t you finish this robbery? It is also good to adapt to the number of days. "
Yuan Shi and Tongtian are also people standing on the same line now. Seeing that Penglai people humiliated Tongtian, the Sanqing dough was humiliated. Tongtian accepted his disciples at random, and Sanqing himself said it was nothing, but outsiders said it was humiliating Sanqing. How can Yuan Shi endure it? "People like you in Penglai are all people who don’t respect the number of days. They go against the sky and deserve to be on the list. Although our disciples have their faults, they also know that they should follow the number of days and should not be on the list."
Xuanqing grabbed Qingyun and said, "There are many famous people in Penglai. This robbery deserves to be listed as a deity, but those who shouldn’t be listed should not be ruined."
Then he said, "My western paradise is free from disaster and robbery, and it is free from the cause and effect of the world of mortals, so that those who are predestined can get rid of the disaster and achieve positive results."
Qingyun said, "You never forget to visit me in the East when you receive Taoist friends. My Penglai disciple has nothing to do with you in the west, so it’s better to stay in the east. If you go to the west, you won’t be able to prove the avenue and practice happily. Taoist friends still don’t want to force it. "
Zhun Ti said, "What a Taoist friend said is so bad. Why not wait for us to transform all beings and share bliss?"
Xuanqing said, "As the saying goes, Buddha is predestined friends, so two Taoist friends should not go too far."
Xuanqing’s words show that Penglai has people who are predestined friends with the west. As long as it is not too much, he will not stop the two saints in the west. This is a Sanqing, but I don’t understand the meaning of this mystery. The two westerners are happy. With Brother Penglai going to the west, Daxing in the west is just around the corner.
Lao Tzu said, "Since this matter is settled, we’d better finish this big robbery."
The saints said, "Great goodness."
Xuanqing said, "As saints, I’d better stay out of the world of mortals. Dear friends, I’ll leave." Say and pull Qingyun out. Sanqing returned to Lupeng to give some advice to the disciples of the three religions and then went to Sanqing Mountain together.
When the three men got to the place and sat down, Lao Tzu said, "Penglai is trying to protect his disciples with a big robbery this time, but what the teacher said will come true."
Yuan Shi and Tongtian naturally know what I mean. Penglai lost Mr. Zhang, so the Penglai disaster will inevitably destroy all the disciples. This time, it will be possible to leave the list of gods in the future, which is better than destroying orthodoxy.
Yuan Shi said, "I just don’t know what will happen in the end? I’ll wait for some preparations. "
Tongtian said, "I’m a scholar, and we’re far behind. But I don’t know who can finish this robbery? " Tongtian is thinking about who will make Zhang tattoo fall. This way of Zhang Wen is stronger than Hongjun, and Hongjun is heaven. Who can surpass heaven? Don’t say that it is the other saints who want to understand this.
After discussing the big robbery, the three men went back to their own Dojo and watched the evolution of the big robbery slowly. It’s just that the disciples of the three religions who were arrested had their share in this big robbery. Now it’s better to end their own robbery by being arrested and shut down for a few days, so as not to be on the list in the future. As for the magic weapon of the saints, Sanqing is in no hurry. It’s no use getting it back before now. We’d better wait until later to make plans, so as to calculate it for the future.

Chapter seventy-five The chess game between heaven and earth first appeared
The saints have re-established the rules. Most of the three sects were caught in Sanshan Pass, but now there are few people in Xiqi. Then there are twenty-two people in Penglai who are deployed in Sanshan Pass. This array evolved from the array laid by the top ten demon saints of the Lich clan and the twelve ancestors of the Witch clan at the time of the war between the two lich clans. It is called the Great Array of Heaven and Earth, with ten days and twelve places. Once this array is arranged, ShaQi soars into the sky, and it is as dangerous as a replay of the two ethnic wars. Once ordinary monks enter the array, they will turn into fly ash.
After burning the lamp and watching the array, it was impossible to discuss it. They ordered three incense sticks to worship the portrait of Sanqing. For a moment, the portrait seemed to be alive, but it was a manifestation of Sanqing.
Burning the lamp, Duobao quickly described the array of heaven and earth laid by Penglai. Lao Tzu said, "You are in line with the number of days, but if you are robbed, you will have your own solution. If you go to break the array tomorrow, you will have your own solution."
Yuan Shi said, "We are still in business. Tomorrow, when you go to the battlefield, there is nothing to protect you, but we should take it back."
At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the two treasures in Sanshan Pass flashed, and then they flew into the prison camp and swept the disciples of the three religions towards Xiqiao. Now that Sanqing has a reason to take back the baby, it is not easy for the panda to stop it, so let those two things return to Xiqi barracks with the disciples of the three religions. This Sanqing has long calculated to rescue his disciples by taking back the treasure.
Two treasures flew back to the reed shed, released all the disciples of the three religions, and then fell into Guang Chengzi’s arms. After the disciples were rescued, they quickly thanked the Sanqing statue. Since Sanqing got his disciples and took back his own things, he naturally disappeared.
After discussing the method of breaking the array, they went back to rest and waited for the next day to break the array.
On the second day, Burning Lamp, Guang Chengzi and Duo Bao entered the large array, only to see that the large array was as dangerous as the reappearance of the Lich War. The three of them were pregnant with the treasures of three religions and were not afraid of the power of the large array.
The burning lamp threw a Tai Chi map, and settled the large array. In that array, all kill array was settled, but this large array was arranged by 22 people. Although the power was infinite, it was only settled in kill array, but other formations could still operate.
When the twenty-two men saw that the three men had used their best treasures, they quickly sacrificed their magic weapons to kill the three men. Burn the lamp to roll the Tai Chi map, and the Tai Chi map will be covered in a large array immediately. When three people stand on the map, they will have this map to protect themselves, so they are not afraid of all methods.
Guang Chengzi kept attacking and killing all the people with Pangu Zan, and Duo Bao threw the four swords of Zhu Xian, which immediately turned into a sword array of Zhu Xian, covering all the people. It is the result of the discussion of the three religious monks to arrange another time in the large array of heaven and earth, so it is better to pull these 22 people into the array of immortals and crack the large array of heaven and earth.