Su Wan was thinking about the footsteps outside the house. Yunluo lifted the curtain and came in. When she came in, she saw that Su Wan’s face on the nest bed was particularly ugly. She was shocked and walked a few steps to the bed. She asked nervously, "What’s wrong with you, miss? What’s wrong with your ugly face?" Do you want the handmaiden to call the doctor at once? "

June 5, 2024

Sue wan shook her head and gathered mixed feelings in her heart.
"I’m fine. I woke up from a nightmare."
"Miss, did you dream that they bullied you?"
Yun Luo said lovingly that the former lady also had nightmares and often dreamed that she was bullied.
Su Wan didn’t speak, and her lips were bent. This dream is much more terrible than before, because she didn’t naturally achieve the picture of the wet nurse being killed and dismembered by her predecessor. What if she was afraid of all this?
"It’s okay. You go and fetch water. I’ll wash up and take a walk in the yard."
I can’t sleep when I come, and there’s no need to lie down again. Besides, she needs to sort out her thoughts and see if she can clean up Mrs. An Guohou, a bitch.
To say that this woman is a fine person, although she is a lady of Anguohou, but she knows that grasping Anguohou’s heart is not only virtuous, but also everything. Anguohou plans to attack the title of Houfu and the lady of Houfu smoothly. Not only that, but she also makes Anguohou a Ministry, but how many people are greedy for this position in the six ministries? There are many oil and water in this.
Those guys who want to dial silver from the Ministry are not begging for an Guo Hou’s accommodation with a lot of silver doors. Because there is no silver in the Ministry, no matter how urgent it is, it will have to be put aside for the time being. On the contrary, if the Ministry still says there is silver, it will be easy
Su Peng, Hou of Anguo, can’t tell you how high-spirited he has been all these years. The emperors in the DPRK saw that he was also diffuseness. Everyone wanted to win over this big ship, Kuang Anguo Hou, and there was a letter waiting for the house. Mrs. Anguo Hou came from Wen Xin waiting for the house.
Wen Xin Hou Fu Yan is in charge of the official department of the six departments
Of the six films, their family accounts for two. It is conceivable that how many people want to win over their family and the best way to win over Anguo Houfu is to marry Su Yue and Su Xuan. The marriage between the two brothers and sisters is all eyes, and how many people are staring at the marriage of these two brothers and sisters?
Su Wan figured this out and finally understood what Su Yue was arrogant like a peacock. It turned out that people had money.
Hehe, but I won’t let them have a good time after I meet her.
After Su Wan sneered, he seriously thought about from which angle to break Lady Anguohou.
Soon she thought of a person to say that Mrs. Anguohou’s body really has no flaws, but everyone has weaknesses. The weakness of Mrs. Anguohou’s body is that the old lady Lan Shi Hou Fu doesn’t like Mrs. Anguohou. In recent years, the two people have stayed out of the water, but Lan Shi’s heart is very angry with this daughter-in-law
Because Lan’s first attack on the title must have been made by the eldest son, she gave her niece Lan Caifeng to her eldest son early, but I didn’t expect that the title of Hou Fu was finally given to the child by this child. After the title of Hou Fu, Lan’s family had nothing to worry about, but she didn’t expect that this woman didn’t take her seriously after she married the monarch of Guangyang.
The monarch of Guangyang came from Wenxin Houfu and grew up in front of the Empress Dowager. Ordinary people can’t get into her eyes. She is also easy to deal with her mother-in-law, Lan Shi, who is very angry, but she can’t say anything. However, if this anger is suppressed for a long time, it will become more and more prosperous. If there is an ignition letter, she is afraid that she will explode and deal with Mrs. Anguohou.
It’s hard to say who is better than the old mother and Mrs. An Guohou.
In the room, Su Wan couldn’t help laughing. She gave them a trick to fight the wicked with a knife, so she came to try the old lady’s knife.
Cloud rose outside the door came in with a birdbath and saw her young lady smiling happily. Something happy seemed to have happened. She was still unhappy before.
Yun Luo put the water over to wait on Su Wan’s dressing eyes. Su Wan is still wearing old clothes. Although she cut the clothes, she hasn’t delivered them yet. She still wears old clothes.
But even if the old clothes were changed by a different person, they looked radiant from the day before yesterday.
"Miss, what did you think of so happy?"
Cloud rose while dressing Su Wan asked Su Wan to shake her head. Naturally, it is impossible for her to tell Yun Luo what she wants to do. I’m afraid this girl can’t accept her information and maybe she will be scared to death.
"Nothing is getting better and better now. Do you think it’s happy that no one dares to bully us casually in this Anguo Houfu?"
Su Wan said that Yunluo wanted to think and felt that it was indeed the case. Now they are not treated like before, and all the people in the government dare not provoke them. When she goes to the big kitchen to serve meals, those women dare not provoke her, and they all wait on her carefully.
Miss Kung Fu has changed the status quo in just a few days. Miss Kung Fu is so clever.
"Young lady, you are really amazing. I didn’t dare to think about living and eating today, and no one dared to bully us casually. I never dreamed of this day before, but I didn’t expect it to be like this."
Yun Luo said and wiped her tears. Su Wan reached out and knocked on her head. "The day after tomorrow will get better and better. Just wait and enjoy yourself and cry."
"Handmaiden is happy"
Cloud rose laughed in a short time and worried again. "Miss Eye Hui Wang Dian protects your wife and Hou Ye dare not do anything to us, but what shall we do if Hui Wang doesn’t protect us?" Lady will begin to tidy up us. "