"If I share a room with her, I won’t bring you any trouble. I really don’t know what you are worried about." Xiaoxiao said with a pie mouth. Now she is not angry with Zhouyi, but there is still a small knot in her heart.

June 4, 2024

"My friend is a poor girl. She came from the countryside from Jinan, Shandong Province and was brought to Hangzhou to work by a distant cousin Xiao Tianyue. I didn’t expect this distant cousin Xiao Tianyue to sell her as a box princess in a kv."
Zhouyi sighed and told Xiaoxiao what happened to Lily.
"There is such a distant cousin who should be arrested and shot!"
Xiaoxiao immediately said angrily.
Lai Xiaoxiao is also a person who hates evil.
"His distant cousin’s name is Xiao Tianyue. I’ve got his words from Lily. I’ll find this guy in the New Year. Since this guy touched me, it must be a lesson."
Zhouyi sighed, "There are not many good people these days. Lily is such a simple girl. Her distant cousin Xiao Tianyue has the heart to lie to her. You know, Lily has a younger brother at home who is a beginner. If Lily doesn’t send him money, her brother will probably have to live on the streets. What a pity!"
"There are not many good people now, but you are a good person."
Xiaoxiao was silent for a long time after listening to Zhouyi’s words before gently saying 1
"Good people in this society may not be rewarded, but they have to be wicked when they should be wicked." Zhou Yi said with a smile.
"Zhouyi, you give me what Lily’s distant cousin said, and I’ll find this guy." Xiaoxiao said, "I feel very uncomfortable if this guy doesn’t severely punish me."
"Do you do it yourself?"
Zhou Yixiao asked, "I’m going to arrange for my hands to do it. You are a senior agent of Guoan to do such a small thing, right?"
"If you want this guy to return to Hangzhou, I will find him in 24 hours. Please give me his words quickly," Xiaoxiao said firmly.
"Well, then please do it."
Zhouyi found out the telephone number of Lily’s distant cousin Xiaotianyue and gave it to Xiaoxiao.
Xiao Xiao ate quickly after getting the phone number.
"I’m finished. I’ll go first."
Xiaoxiao wiped her mouth with a napkin and dragged her suitcase and left.
"Don’t be in such a hurry. She’s a real hater."
Zhouyi left Xiaoxiao in distress situation.
Xiaoxiao dragged her suitcase and left quickly. Zhouyi smiled wryly and enjoyed this sumptuous dinner slowly. He didn’t expect Xiaoxiao to have such a big reaction after listening to Lily’s passing. Xiaoxiao is really a different woman who hates evil. It is so personal. I’m afraid there is no such woman in this world.
"Heart has Qian Qian Knot" restaurant After dinner, Zhou Yixian called Lily first.
Li Li said that everything was fine in her Aegean cafe, and Zhang Yue, the proprietress, was also very kind to her. She liked the environment there very much, and Zhou Yi was relieved. Now that Li Li has finally settled down, she will help her join a music school next year, and Li Li’s life will be on the right track.
After talking to Lily, Zhouyi went home by car. First, I spent a while in my villa yard, and then I took a cold shower and went to my room.
Zhouyi was busy with everything and reviewing her lessons, but Xiaoxiao found an inconspicuous small hotel to live in. After she entered the room, she took out a notebook from her suitcase.
Xiaoxiao put the notebook on the bed and then connected it to a special system.
She is a senior agent of Guoan, and naturally she can access some special information. She has a high reading limit. Many people can check the details at the provincial level. Now she is outside performing some ministerial-level cadres, and she can check all the information.
Xiaoxiao is in a hurry to check that nature is Lily’s distant cousin Xiao Tianyue.
She came to Hangzhou to check the Yamaguchi group’s Hangzhou stronghold, but now she has encountered such a thing. She is an open senior national security agent who has actually taken charge of such a thing. She wants to unite a police officer. With her identity, the police horse will turn over Hangzhou and then find out the black-hearted trafficker and swindler Xiao Tianyue.
But Xiaoxiao is impatient, and she can’t wait that long. She will check Xiao Tianyue right now and punish this guy severely. Otherwise, she will feel uncomfortable. She is such a person who hates evil.
"Xiao Tianyue, male, 30 years old, native of Jinan suburb, Shandong Province, primary school, 24 years old, married, 27 years old, divorced, and spent two years in prison for fraud."
Xiaoxiao soon found this Xiao Tianyue endowment Chapter 17 to put on airs.
Xiao Xiao’s entry into the database is the healthiest, most trusted and most powerful database in China, which can’t help but contain Xiao Tianyue’s information, even his photos and family members’ information. Xiao Tianyue also has a mother who is supported by him and put in a nursing home []
"This guy is really an animal."
Xiao Xiao scolded this Xiao Tianyue, who looks like a human being, but he is a bad guy who will never be filial. After Xiao Xiao’s information, he was even more angry to know that he did not even support his mother.
Then Xiao Xiao lost her mind after reading a map for about half an hour, and then took a bath and rested. At twelve o’clock in the evening, she turned up from the bed on time and sneaked out of the small hotel.
On Sunday, Zhouyi spent the whole day reviewing his lessons at home, that is, even Li Hao didn’t play games. He insisted on coming to Zhouyi’s room to review his lessons together. When he didn’t understand the problem, Li Hao also asked Zhouyi from time to time, which was very annoying.
Li Hao’s quizzical questions are a little annoying because Li Hao’s foundation is so poor that he doesn’t know the simplest principles. Some questions are too simple, but Li Hao can’t understand them at all.
It’s a genius to come here and play games. Reading is really not the material.
"Don’t give me any reference. You are now teaching in the school. You haven’t turned over the basic concepts several times as new. You don’t understand the basic concepts, so you coach and do difficult problems. You have a brain problem."
Zhouyi made Li Hao fierce for a few words. Li Hao, a young talent, honestly taught that he no longer wanted to eat a fat bite, and those advanced tutoring.
Zhouyi was busy reviewing her lessons, and Xiaoxiao was not idle. She kept checking Li Li’s distant cousin Xiao Tianyue. Last night, she checked for a night, and she had already made some progress. She had found some people who knew Xiao Tianyue. They were held up by Xiaoxiao pistols and told Xiaoxiao about Xiao Tianyue’s frequent activities.
At 7: 00 p.m., there is an entertainment place in Hangzhou called’ Come at Night’.
A guy who puts on airs has a deafening accent and colorful lights, and drinks slowly in the lobby of the bar.
He is wearing a suit and tie, his hair is glossy and his beard is clean, his leather shoes are also famous, and he is wearing a leather bag that looks good. When drinking, he seems to be a little gentleman, like an elite.
As soon as I heard the name of this coquettish place, I knew that it was a low-end entertainment place for men and attracted men by some shady things.
The same is true. The room of this entertainment place is a casino. The lobby on the first floor is a bar. Some people perform lap dances and some people accompany the wine to dance. The second floor is the so-called V.
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