"Don’t make fun of me if you don’t. What is my achievement in the eyes of the public? In addition to practicing constantly, he is still following the family." Fang Jinyu wry smile way.

June 3, 2024

"Where are you going this time? Are you going into the mountains? " Any suspection.i war day curious asked
"Yes, don’t you want to go into the mountains? That’s just our way." Fang Jinyu was very excited.
Huangfu Zhantian saw his joy and knew that he really wanted to go all the way with himself. Huangfu Zhantian couldn’t bear to refuse, so he said, "Yes, but we are going into the mountains. You gentlemen don’t want to join in the fun, or your family should be in a hurry." Just let him back down [
After listening to the words of Huangfu Zhantian, Fang Jinyu stubbornly said, "If I don’t want me, I will go with the public. You can’t drive me away this time."
Huangfu Zhantian has a big headache after listening to Fang Jinyu’s words. Take him with you. What can I do if something happens? If you don’t take him to see him like that, it must be a matter of course.
Those people behind changed their faces when they heard this, and the young master was respectful to the man in front of him. However, in front of him, everyone said that they were going to the depths of the mountain, which is not anywhere else but the periphery of the Mountain of Warcraft. It’s easy to say, but if something happens to the young master, it will be troublesome. How can they tell the master when they get back?
A middle-aged man in a light blue robe, who was about thirty years old, came out of this cavalry. When he saw him walking beside Fang Jinyu, he respectfully said, "Young master, you can’t go to this deep mountain. If something happens to you, I can’t tell the master. Please don’t make it difficult for us."
Any suspection.i Zhantian listened to this man’s words and agreed to nod and then look at Fang Jinyu.
After listening to his words, Fang Jinyu didn’t say much about her face, but she let them know that the young master was not joking but serious.
The middle-aged man saw Fang Jinyu and knew that the young master’s stubborn temper was coming again. Once the young master’s stubborn temper came, ten cows could not be pulled back. Nai wry smile said, "If you really want to follow this gentleman, you must take me with you, or I will definitely be punished by my master. Section 645: Peer 3.
It didn’t mean much to hear that the middle-aged man would come to Huangfu Zhantian. After all, people are eager to protect the Lord, so they didn’t stop him. Anyway, it must be that they and Tie Ying will go to the Arrouk site. These people can’t all take him with them.
Fang Jinyu turned to Huangfu Zhantian respectfully and said, "Do you think this is ok?" That tone is like a personal tone.
Any suspection.i war days so-called nodded his head.
Seeing Huangfu Zhantian nod, the middle-aged man breathed a sigh of relief and cast a grateful look at Huangfu Zhantian. Then he turned to others around him and said, "Wait until you finish this time, you will go back and report the situation here to your master." Then he turned to Huangfu Zhantian. "This man, my name is Lan Yu, and I’m just a guard …"
"Uncle Lan, my name is Huangfu Zhantian, and I am your gentleman friend. You can call me Xiaotian" [
"Dare I call you Huangfugong? Since we are young master friends, let’s go together." Lan Yu hurriedly waved his hand and said, how can young master friends speak on a first-name basis?
Knowing the difficulty of Lan Yu suspection.i Zhantian is no longer reluctant. Anyway, it’s just a name, but he is the other side’s home. After all, there are some interests. After all, so many masters are sure to be big. He is not familiar with this place, and it is not good to ask more questions.
After a group of people came to Henaan and Tieying Moon, Huangfu Zhantian said, "This is Henaan, this is Tieying Moon, and this is Tiealways my friend." After that, Huangfu Zhantian introduced to Huayu three people, "This is my friend Fang Jinyu."
Fang Jinyu smiled at them with a ray of sunshine. "Hello, I’m Fang Jinyu." After that, Fang Jinyu whispered to Huangfu Zhantian. "Which of the two is the mistress? Should they be both?" After that, Fang Jinyu looked at Huangfu Zhantian with stars.
After listening to Fang Jinyu’s words, Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes stared and whispered, "Don’t talk nonsense. I’m just friends with them." But he was also very happy in his heart. That’s right. If Fang Jinyu really treats himself as a master, then he will definitely feel completely wrong. Now he has changed a lot, but he likes this change.
Fang Jinyu doesn’t recognize me like this. "Yeah, friends, friends, I know, I know." He is also the kind of person who likes to be cautious. He likes friends who can really talk to each other. If he is really too respectful to him, then I think he doesn’t like to be loyal to his master. He should not care about these superficial things. And just now, after he tried to say these words, he was really relieved to see Huangfu Zhantian’s face and was annoyed.
After Henaan and Tie Yingyue listened to Fang Jinyu, Henaan didn’t speak. Tie Yingyue said, "Hello Fang Gong, you should be from Fang Family. Section 646: Peer 4.
Fang Jinyu didn’t expect Tie Yingyue to know that he was just a family member. He didn’t tell Tie Yingyue, so he wondered, "How do you know that I am a family member? Also, don’t call me Fang Gong, call me Jin Yu or call me Fang Jinyu by my first name. "
"The whole fire empire can take out such a superior family. There is just one family, and your family name is Fang, of course, and there is just one sign engraved on the decorative surface of your horse." Tie Ying Yue smiled and said that it was Lan Yu, of course. Although she didn’t have any quarrelling or magic, her mental strength was scary. She could see through Lan Yu’s strength at a glance, and of course, his subordinate strength. She didn’t expect that the friends who knew Huangfu Zhantian would be so powerful if they were pulled out casually. Henaan was the Fang Jinyu, but she didn’t know what else he had. Huangfu Zhan
Fang Jinyu didn’t expect that it was through these two points that she could guess that she was just a family member. Everyone around her master was really not simple. It seems that she has to work hard or how to treat her master. Tie Yingyue didn’t expect that her words woke Fang Jinyu up this time, which made him want to be stronger and more determined. Although Jin Yu ahead belongs to a very good kind of talent or his own efforts, he lacks a strong motivation, and people around Huang Fuzhan are so excellent, which makes him feel a sense of crisis.
"Well, Jinyu will come with us on this road, so there can be a care." Huangfu Zhantian certainly can’t say that taking Fang Jinyu is a burden. Although the outside world looks very powerful, Huangfu Zhantian really doesn’t rest assured. Of course, if you can enter Huangfu Zhantian, you can see Lan Yu because he feels that Lan Yu must be a short-answer person. Those people are his words. This mountain of Warcraft will definitely be terrible.
And Lan Yu think so, too. He knows a lot about his own strength and the strength of just the guards, but he doesn’t know about the strength of the gentleman’s friends. Although the old man seems to be a master, this suspection.i Zhantian should not be much worse than the master, but the two girls seem to be cumbersome [
For Huangfu Zhantian to go out with two women, he is very worried. Otherwise, this is the Mountain of Warcraft. It is not a child playing house. When the time comes, these people will definitely bring trouble to themselves. But since the young master said that, they must also protect the young master to the end. If Huangfu Zhantian is in danger, they can help and can’t help. That is their own bad luck
But Henaan is holding the little white fox in his arms. He feels so familiar. It seems that he has never seen it before. I can’t remember it for a moment. Henaan is holding it in his arms. Of course, it is white. But now Lan Yu really can’t see it. Section 647: Peer 5.
The two sides have their own worries, and then they walked together for half a day’s journey and came to the periphery of the mountain of Warcraft. Although it is the periphery, there are also some low-order Warcraft, probably ordinary Warcraft or first-order Warcraft, which is of little value. Of course, this is Huangfu Zhantian. It seems to them that this group of people.
Although this first-order Warcraft is relatively cheap, it is the main source of income for hunting around here. Most of the hunters are ordinary people who practice some physical exercises at most, and they can capture ordinary Warcraft or first-order Warcraft at most. Although these Warcraft levels are not high, their magic cores still have some value. This periphery often sees some hunting in the mountains or hunting in the mountains.
These hunters have seen Huangfu Zhantian from a distance, and a group of them are also hiding far away. After all, this mountain of Warcraft is black and white, and if you face such a large group of people, you can hide as far as you can.
Because there are many of them in Huangfu Zhantian, generally, when they see Huangfu Zhantian, they all hide far away, not to mention going to attack them. After all, Warcraft feels more sensitive than people, and almost all of them are lucky and avoid evil, so they are also happy to be at leisure. After all, these low-order Warcraft have nothing to do with them, and they don’t bother themselves and others just to save trouble.
In the evening, a group of people came to a hill, and then Lan Yu commanded to set up the tent soon. Several people were just too lazy to get it. After that, Lan Yu ordered his hand to go outside and play some prey and come back. After all, there were so many of them who sent ten people to let them play more prey [
Huangfu Zhantian saw that there was nothing wrong with him, so Huangfu Zhantian got into his tent and told Tieying Yue not to disturb him if there was nothing wrong. He wanted to practice.
Actually, Huangfu Zhantian practices all the time, but the progress of this practice is too slow. Huangfu Zhantian is not satisfied and wants to practice on his own. Of course, there is another reason that he wants to solve the secret of the ball as soon as possible. After all, everyone is curious, and Huangfu Zhantian is no exception. He also wants to know what the secret is in this ball.
Huangfu Zhantian first instilled about 20% of the true qi into the ball. Huangfu Zhantian doesn’t dare to consume too much true qi in this mountain of Warcraft. Although this is the periphery of the mountain of Warcraft, it is also the mountain of Warcraft. If there are those unruly Warcraft who don’t stay in their own territory and run to other territories of Warcraft, then it will be miserable.
After finishing these, I dare not delay and sit cross-legged quickly to restore the true qi.
In this way, I have repeatedly instilled the sample for about five times. I feel that I haven’t broken through the true qi barrier for a long time, but I have a trace of looseness. Although it is small, I also said that I am not far from the breakthrough. When I try my best to reach the depths of the Warcraft Mountains, I will break through to the fifth highest level, that is, the semi-holy level. Don’t underestimate this semi-holy level. Although it is semi-holy, it is somehow close to the holy word. It is completely different from the golden bucket. Section 648: Peer 6
When the celestial qi of Huangfu War once again reached its peak, and he wanted to instill the qi into it, there was a noise outside. Nai Huangfu Zhantian got up and threw the ball into the ring. Huangfu Zhantian frowned and strode out.
I saw a group of hunters and others shouting and cursing outside the camp. Of course, there were just ten guards who went out to hunt prey. Huangfu Zhantian walked over and saw a panther lying on the ground in them. Strictly speaking, this kind of Warcraft is not an ordinary beast, but it was only because of this panther’s rapid action that it was classified as a first-order Warcraft. Now the panther has two arrows in it, one of which is inserted into the panther’s head directly from the eyes and the other is inserted into the panther’s belly.
Through their quarrel, it turned out that the Panther Fangjia Guard saw one of the guards shoot an arrow from a distance, but when they arrived at the scene, they found that a group of hunters were already in high spirits around the Panther, and then they quarreled about the ownership of the Panther.
Although it happens from time to time in this mountain of Warcraft, it rarely happens in the periphery of this mountain of Warcraft, because the prey in this periphery is not worth much, and the hunting bases in the periphery are all hunting places that everyone knows this week, and everyone is happy.
This time, the Fangjia hunting team went out and turned around for a long time before it finally hit three, which is three, because the prey around here were scared away by going back and forth. Now it’s hard to hit one, but these hunters just said that it was them, and the man who shot the panther in the first place was very hot, but he didn’t go to give them money in the face of these fragile hunters, but these hunters quit. They wanted the panther or not, so they became like this [
Huangfu Zhantian walked over and took a look at the panther’s two wounds. The head wound was definitely a fatal blow. Look at the arrow material. It must be the arrow shot by the Fangjia guard, while the other wound is the belly. The hunting arrow is not a fatal wound, but it will be fatal if it bleeds too much. However, judging from the bleeding degree of the wound, it should be that the black and white shed a lot of blood before they hit the belly. There is not much bleeding.
See here suspection.i Zhantian probably also white these hunting turned out to be blackmail.
Huangfu Zhantian went forward and pointed to the wound on his belly and hunted at the panther. "You said you shot the panther, didn’t you?"
The hunting neck stalked, "What’s wrong with me?"