Seeing that Tong Xingjian was only looking at the sea field, it was a long time before Nan Yunqing warned aloud: "There are still many palaces in the middle floor that have not yet been opened. When we gather people later, we can also explore them together."

June 3, 2024

Tong Hangjian reacted, looked in the middle direction and smiled: "Indeed! I remember that the outer wall of a main hall has fallen down, but the ban on the outside is so firm that everyone can only look at a kind of treasure in the hall without moving their hands. "
At this time, Xiao Wen opened his mouth and sighed, "It’s a pity that I can only control the big bans here. The small bans in the temples are all dú lì, and I can’t control them."
Tong Xingjian smiled and said, "I’m afraid they won’t get away. There will be plenty of time in the future. Just deal with them slowly. Xiao Daoyou, there are quite a few geeks here, and they are the best at dealing with strange prohibitions. "
"Well, that’s good. Elder Tong, if you don’t act with us next, it’s better to pick some symbols here now. " Xiao asked suddenly.
Tong Xingjian thought for a moment and said, "I really shouldn’t act with you now. Well, I’m welcome."
It turns out. This external identity of Tong Hangjian is not Nan Yunqing’s gang, but maintains a semi-neutral identity, which is repugnant to the world god alliance. The kind that doesn’t associate with Nan Yunqing and others. Although this identity made him unable to enjoy the resources of the God League, it was more convenient to get news and contact Nan Yunqing and others. Otherwise, Nan Yunqing could not have come to him the second time. Speaking of it, although Nan Yunqing has been gone for 200 years, it is really nothing for an Asian god who has lived for more than 10,000 years, that is, it will be closed.
TongHangJian picking operator material, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing are not idle. I went to Heinon instead.
So soon after two days, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing finally said goodbye to Tong Hangjian and left.
Until the two disappeared from the horizon, Tong Hangjian still had the feeling of dreaming. He really didn’t expect that they were going to turn over!
Then, Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen visited one by one, and Rizi passed quickly.
Their group is really a very special existence. Even now, there is no name. There is no elected leader.
The only reason why they formed a United front is that they are dissatisfied with the God League and Xuanyuan Emperor and want to overthrow them!
Since we are standing on the opposite side of God League and Xuanyuan Emperor, we naturally have some courage and strength.
Therefore, the natural threshold of their group is particularly high, and the sacred fairy is the lowest realm, and it must also be the kind of sacred fairy with strong combat power. Otherwise, don’t say against the world god alliance, a clean-up will have to die …
And even in places like Yuanling Fairyland. Asian gods don’t mean to grab a lot at random, but they are quite few!
According to Nan Yunqing’s estimation. The total number of sub-gods in Yuanling Fairyland should be below 50, or even below 40.
More than half of them are allied with the gods, and the other half is divided into two departments, one of which maintains its strength and the other is with them.
However, there were seven before Nan Yunqing left, and now three have died, leaving only four naturally …
In the whole world, Nan Yunqing has only four allies. It is incredible to think about it, but this is the truth.
Xiao Wen has long confirmed that Xun Yu and Mahayefo are all not in Yuanling Fairyland, and even Nan Yunqing doesn’t know where they are.
Now the situation is that every sector of the twelve celestial bodies has several associates. If they can join together, it will be a force enough to sweep the whole sector. But in that case, the biggest possibility is to attract the direct attack of Xuanyuan Emperor …
Xuanyuan Huang’s realm is at least half as high as Biya God’s, even if it is not a whole realm, and its combat power is not something that several Asian gods can resist together.
For these people, Nan Yunqing, it is really not easy to overthrow the God League and Xuanyuan Emperor.
When they arrived at the last person, Nan Yunqing and Xiao got a message that one of them, Jiang Jie, whom Tong Xingjian once mentioned, seemed to be able to fight for it.
However, at this time, Nan Yunqing’s mirror is about to unlock the last layer of the ban, and it is impossible to find Jiang Li for the time being. According to Nan Yunqing’s own meaning, Xiao asked that it was best not to go, but to retreat with him.
Although Xiao asked some conation, he was temporarily suppressed.
However, he still didn’t expect that when he was closed with Nan Yunqing, it turned out to be an accident.
On an island in the deep sea, Nan Yunqing meditates in a cave, ready to usher in the last layer of the ban, while Xiao Wen is more interested in meditation. He meditates if he wants to, and has fun if he wants to, as long as he doesn’t leave the island too far.
On this day, Xiao asked to lie on the beach directly, but he was in a daze and entered the sea temple.
After arriving at the Sea Temple, he didn’t go to find Heinong and the old turtle. Anyway, it’s a soul body, and I’m not afraid of those monsters, so I wander around in the middle.
After watching it for a long time, unconsciously, I returned to the "Hui"-shaped palace where I got the liquid of quenching gold fairy.
Last time, they took away all the liquid of quenching gold and fairy flowers, and naturally there was nothing left inside. However, Xiao Wen flew in curiously and finally reached the altar.
When I arrived, I was not surprised. I saw that another "morning glory" had been born on the altar, which was obviously filled with Jin Xianhua liquid.
Maybe, after ten thousand years, there will be the same amount of quenched gold fairy liquid accumulated here?
That’s probably the case.
Look at the little trumpet flower, there is not a drop of liquid quenching gold fairy flower. Xiao asked and turned around and left.
However, just after some conation, he suddenly noticed the pool where the morning glory was located and the altar on the side. There are countless veins leading to the morning glory, and he can’t help but suspect that the appearance of the quenching gold fairy flower liquid actually stems from those veins.
If you continue to look out along those veins, you can see that they have covered the whole courtyard of the Huizi Palace like roots, and even grown under the palace.
What do these veins absorb?
Xiao Wen simply went back to the outside world first, and then directly threw in the heart of the sea into the sea, and he himself entered in the heart of the sea.
Once again, when he came to Huizi Palace, he released the ancient sea breath and carefully looked at what the underground veins were absorbing.