In the end, it is most important to express your opinions, but even so, Zhang Tao will never lose a link! At this time, Song first came out.

June 3, 2024

Seeing that many talents in the Song Dynasty are talking in succession, just like a martial artist, they also have their own fields. Song is one of the top ten universities, and of course, Moon City also has his own fame.
At this moment, Song is not only hostile to Zhang Tao, but also very jealous! The Spring Smoke Pavilion went to places that were ignored by talented people in succession, but it has become a success since the appearance of Yuemei. Although the holy land is a dusty place, there are noble and secluded orchids, like the breeze in the valley.
But Song confidently went to be stumped by a direct, though unwilling, but also with a little comfort. Fang is definitely a literary leader, but Zhang Tao is a martial brother. Is he capable?
"See Wang Yeshi in Song Dynasty" Song directly looked at the ancient king in the eyes of others.
"Song Xue? Things? " The ancient king asked lukewarm.
"I hope Zhang Tao can make a bet with me in this competition." Song looked at the distance with a face of provocation, and Zhang Tao’s eyes were full of jealousy.
"bet?" The ancient king frowned.
"Yes, I don’t expect Zhang Tao to win today’s championship, but I hope Zhang Tao and I can make a comparison. If you lose to me in Zhang Tao, you will stay away from Yuemei # # # Shiyun # # and you will stay away from Haoran University." Song words make Sun Yueqing’s arch eyebrows wrinkle in the distance!
He represents Zhang Tao, but Wu Pai has been coming to Wu Pai to set an astronomical school for peace! It is the martial school that determines the status of the university, and it is the literary school that determines the stability of the university. But now the status of Haoran University does not need to be stable but needs to win the first place! Zhang Tao’s potential is obvious to all. Are you not paying attention to the audience for making such a bet?
"This bet doesn’t work! Zhang Tao is a martial arts brother, even if he is a civil and military student, he should be divided into strong and weak points. His specialty is Wushu, not literature. This gambling contract was established by law, "Dong Dao said lightly.
Hearing the toast personally, Song was unwilling to cut a "county citizen’s adult to visit the report!" At this time, a voice outside interrupted the Song dialect and Yuemei looked at Zhang Tao with considerable concern.
"oh? County people? " The ancient king said lightly
At this time, a sedan chair came in, but a poem cloud went by in person regardless of the prince beside him, which made everyone curious. "Sister Wang, are you here?" The light fragrance of the sedan chair is like sandalwood, which makes people feel calm. The fragrance does not stimulate everyone’s nose like aggression, but spreads slowly like a fairy. This gentle way is like a mother’s care.
"Sister Shiyun, I’m really sorry for my sister’s physical illness. Salute today. I heard from your majesty that Sister Shiyun held a literary event and came to watch the ceremony." The queen said softly that her voice was weak and her successor seemed to be leaving the world and sent out a final whistle.
"Wang Hongju see report the world! Wang Ye Chitose Chitose Qian Qian Little Queen is sickly and inconvenient to salute Wang Ye for atonement! " At this time, Zhang Tao did not note the seven small officials of the county people, but noticed that the Wangs and sisters behind him were not only that, but Qin Huanran was also listed.
"So the Wangs sisters are Wang Hongju’s daughters? They are all daughters, right? This king is Wang Ting’s sister? " Zhang Tao thought in his heart.
"hum? Don’t salute if you are sick? Isn’t the etiquette abolished? " Obviously, Bun Ku was in a particularly bad mood today and was reprimanded by his father after being angry with Zhang Tao. It is unbearable to see a small official’s daughter dare to sit in a sedan chair.
"King Wang # # # grew up with a strange disease, and he is very weak and can’t catch the wind. This is something that we all know. A lot of sovereign adults naturally don’t understand and hope the world can understand." Qin Zhen said lightly.
Although these words seem to be extremely respectful, Zhang Tao laughed to death. This sentence obviously means that the ancient king is an adult and your world is just a villain. This kind of innuendo also makes people refute it.
The ancient king obviously heard it, but Qin Zhen was a little special, but he didn’t speak. He laughed and pretended, and Bun Ku also knew that the duke was in an extraordinary position, but he didn’t hear it. "Since the duke’s adults said this, they would be lenient."
"Thank you," Qin Zhen said lightly.
And Zhang Tao said in his heart, "The ancient king, you are tired enough to give birth to an idiot." Of course, this is thinking in your heart
"Thank you, Sir, thank you for the world." Wang Hongju was overjoyed to kowtow again and again in the sedan chair. This kind of weakness is like waiting for the grave to come quietly and watching the world of mortals quietly. This kind of weakness makes Zhang Tao frown. "Thank you, Sir, for your understanding."
"Sister Wang, let’s go in and have a good position for you to watch this literary demonstration." Shiyun seems to be quite familiar with this king, who seems to like literature better, so it is normal for two women to get together.
"Thank you, Sister Shiyun." The sedan chair was carried in. Shiyun kept whispering to one side and didn’t know what to say.
"Qin Huanran see Lord Sun’s report on the drink offering" Qin Huanran and the Wangs’ sisters came to see them, and they also knew that it was a noble institution to learn from the ancient kings, and Bun Ku saw that the Wangs’ sisters also had a bright eye but didn’t salute them. He had already lost his meaning.
The ancient king saw the light in his son’s eyes, his face sank slightly, and there was a trace in his eyes. How could he give birth to such a lecher?
"You are Qin Cheng dissidents? Sure enough, dragons and phoenixes are rare talents among people. The duke of Qin is really blessed. "This sentence of the ancient king is from the heart and is a kind word to outsiders.
"The report is too flattering. It is still too young to rely on the report." Qin Zhen said politely.
"Good talk" and the Wangs’ sisters were directly regarded by Wang Ting and Wang Yan because their father was a seven-official. The pie mouth seemed a little unhappy. The fact that their master Wushan, an old man, was one of the top ten masters in a vast country, even the emperor’s position, had to salute. No wonder the two girls were unhappy.
See Zhang Tao schadenfreude wangs sisters suddenly face a heavy, bared his teeth and made a face at Zhang Tao, and then a pair of threats to touch kind make Zhang Tao immediately change his face else and the two aunts generally know that the birthday boy eats arsenic and dies!
Song side hate extremely didn’t expect to make a bet halfway but ran out of so many people to get in the way, and Zhang Tao saw Meng Hua and Qin Huanran and others together, and Bun Ku also went over at the behest of the ancient king. "Young people just want to communicate more," the ancient king said with a smile.
And aside Qin Zhen can reckon, but his heart is pie mouth. "Of course, it is necessary for Yunyan Chamber of Commerce to communicate less."
It seems that Zhang Tao, who saw Song’s face, said faintly, "Song Gang, do you want to continue your bet?" Zhang Taoyin immediately attracted everyone’s attention.
Some people also secretly scolded Zhang Tao for not knowing how to advance and retreat. Dong Dao took it off for you, and you actually overreached and bumped into it. What’s wrong?
There are many discussions around, people are surprised by Dong Dao and others, and people are worried about Yuemei. Zhang Tao regards it as facing up to Song "of course!" I didn’t expect the big fish to get excited again. He can justify driving Zhang Tao away.
"Very well, I lost from the institution of higher learning to the moon, and when you lost? Can’t there be no punishment? " Zhang Tao said lightly.