Chapter 6 mending the body

June 2, 2024

I don’t know how Wei Wu communicated with General Zhou. Anyway, after Jilan hugged Xiaofulang for a while, he really got the body armor, but even so, General Zhou covered in Shaqi still let Su Fang cringe and lean toward Jilan.
JiLan took XiaoFuLang beckoned him not to be nervous, and then looked at that kind of crouching, which gave people a very strong sense of oppression. General Zhou was very strong this week, but he was not a healthy qi, but a ShaQi, which was definitely able to stop children from crying at night.
Just as JiLan looked at General Zhou, General Zhou knelt down with his hands fuels in everyone’s surprised eyes. "Qi Gong Zhou thanked Qi Gong for the millions of soldiers on the side, and surprised Qi Gong and your husband Lang when they arrived at the jstars’ clause."
This wave of god fuck JiLan directly meng leng a just to react hurriedly stretch out his hand to help people up "general zhou get up quickly what are you doing? I just took out some kinds and really sent them to thousands of people, but nowadays. "
Qi Lan knows exactly what happened to the general this week. He said that it should be those kinds that he took out in recent years.
Because of the bumper harvest every year, there is more grain in the imperial granary, and there is more grain and grass to be sent to the border. Is it true that Qi Lan is not white? Shouldn’t this week’s general be an imperial army in Beijing? How can you do this for the border soldiers?
It’s not that the imperial guards are superior to the border soldiers. They all defend the imperial city and the country as first-class players. It’s obvious that it’s not an individual to thank him and thank him for kneeling. It’s a bit too grand. You know, military commanders need to salute with fuels even when facing the emperor, unless there is something important.
Later, Qi Lan learned that this week’s general was also a border soldier. To be precise, he had experienced several years in the border and saw the hardships there.
For JiLan that move will have such gratitude.
But Yan Jilan doesn’t know these things. He really thinks that General Zhou actually kneels to him, which makes him feel ashamed. No one has kneeled to him yet. General Zhou is the first person.
General Zhou conveniently got up but did not agree with the words of shaking his head. "Qi Gong doesn’t have to be modest. I know you said this."
And at the beginning, I personally took people to send those kinds to various places, but these kinds were taken out by Qi Gong, which is true. In recent years, Qi Gong has made public and private contributions, and Zhou knows it.
If Qi Gong doesn’t like it, it should be announced to let the people remember Qi Gong’s kindness. "
The more general Zhou said, the more fanatical his eyes became, but he heard Qi Lan embarrassed. Did he meet a fan? Or the kind of fanatical powder? It is true that he doesn’t like to let too many people know his name.
But his reason is simple. He just doesn’t want to ask for trouble. You know, the bigger the name, the more trouble there is.
But look at the state of general Zhou, even if you say these things, it’s nothing.
So let’s be sensible and change the subject directly. It’s time for waves. "General Zhou came here today but sent those workers?"
Say that finish JiLan small whispered a few words to the little husband lang Sue convenient left JiLan is please go to the bamboo building, general zhou know someone will come here to visit.
There are guests here. The living room is JiLan’s first guest. It should be Qiao Yue, but it was General Zhou.
Pale steward left after seeing JiLan. He is very busy now, but there is no time to delay here. He wouldn’t have come today if he hadn’t specially guided General Zhou.
Speaking of business, General Zhou also calmed down a little. "It was Qi Gong who asked me to escort those rebels, a total of 573 people. These rebels should be punished for rebelling against thieves, and now they can continue to live thanks to Qi Gong’s opportunity to mend their ways."
JiLan heard his forehead sweat, which is why he doesn’t want to enter the officialdom. How scary it is to die at every turn, although he hasn’t killed anyone before, although he is not good at being an official either.
"Rebellion is nothing. These people are following the wrong Lord, and it is also a dead end if they don’t follow the Lord. General Zhou, don’t say this again."
Of course, the most important thing is that if Xiaofulang wants to kill those five or six hundred people when he hears General Zhou speak, he will be frightened again.
"By the way, General Zhou is in charge of the imperial army. How can you personally send them here today?"
It’s too junior for him to escort hundreds of people to this imperial commander’s position.
Speaking of which, General Zhou grinned and even touched his head. This is when a person is nervous, he is used to moving. He looks at it and laughs almost like a grimace of a grin. Qi Lan is silent. He really can’t connect this scary smile with nervousness. Then he heard General Zhou say, "Actually, I volunteered to plead with Zhou, and I really admire Qi Gong’s public and private affairs, but I have always met each other. I also took a quick look at Qiao Gong’s clause …"
General Zhou grinned again, and his tone of voice was tense and uneasy. Qi Lan completely affirmed that this guy is his fan …
Well, the fans aren’t this kind of guy who is more generous than the two of him. Why are you so nervous and a little shy in front of him?
JiLan feel hair seems a little stand up.
"Ha ha, General Zhou is joking." Jilan quickly saw what General Zhou wanted to say and hurriedly interrupted him. "General Zhou must have been running all the way, but he still didn’t have breakfast. General Zhou should sit down for a while and I’ll go to the kitchen to have a look."
Chapter 7 Chapter 9,000 words
I don’t know whether the word [Qi Gong] is too appealing or whether these people don’t want to miss this opportunity to correct it. Those 573 people are particularly hard at work. Even if they used to be the Royal Guards, they are now as good as farming.
As usual, Qi Lan fills several large wooden barrels next to the deep pool with water every five days, and then adds a lot of spiritual spring water to the deep pool every day before cooking, which will be more or less drunk by people in the valley.
Although the effect may not be too obvious, it is better than nothing, isn’t it?
After eating breakfast with Xiaofulang, Jilan went around the mountain. First, he took a look at the situation in Yaowang Valley. Second, he took a walk to relax himself.
Then I saw Cang steward with a face of excitement rushing from the foot of the mountain next to him. It was really a rush to Jilan. I saw his foot stumble and almost fell down, and then I rushed over before I could stabilize myself.
But he’s fast. Obviously, someone is faster than him!
A black shadow directly passed behind Cang Guanchang and quickly fell in front of Qi Lan and them. "Princess Fu Lang, we found a cluster of Ganoderma lucidum in the mountain. I picked the biggest one!"
This guy is Wei Yi, who is alive and kicking every day except for taking a day off. He leads ten different imperial guards every day and then goes to the mountains for a walk. These days, let alone the people in the valley inside, even more than 500 people outside have eaten a lot of game.
At this time, Wei looked excited and talked, but he didn’t forget to reach out his hand and see the red and yellow color of this washbasin. Qi Lan couldn’t help but be shocked. "Is it such a big ganoderma lucidum?"
Ganoderma lucidum in his room is only as big as a bowl, and I don’t know why it will grow so big when I see artificially planted Ganoderma lucidum.
But in fact, the growth rate of wild ganoderma lucidum is extremely slow. I’m afraid there is not such a big ganoderma lucidum even in the palace.
"It’s the Millennium Ganoderma lucidum. This is definitely the Millennium Ganoderma lucidum!"
I ran first, but it was only now that I came to Qi Lan’s side. The steward even said that his voice was trembling. "This is a sacred object!"
Is not JiLan stretched out his hand and took the basin big ganoderma lucidum with little husband lang two people to meet a curiosity turned to speak only to see who is gather together in five ears to say something WeiYi expression is very excited WeiWu is different from usual as if also smiled JiLan feel a little strange but didn’t think much.
"Who you find someone to give this to Joe month they sent in the past."
When Xiaofulang had seen enough of Jilan, he conveniently returned the big Ganoderma lucidum to Wei Yi-shou, who promised directly for a while, but he frowned and was not very happy. "What should I give them? This is what we found ourselves. It should be given to the public."
JiLan think if Joe and Shirley mo Chen heard these words will be sad somehow these people are also they are not?
"Give you a bottle of wine, you find someone to send this to them. I kept this thing for me, and I didn’t let Qiao Yue auction it. It might sell for a sky-high price."
I don’t know if JiWeiWu begged JiLan for fish. JiLan didn’t hesitate to give it to others. Fortunately, this WeiYi begged him for food from time to time, and the most common one was of course wine.
The wine in Jilan’s hand is not those in Qijia Village, and the roots of the wine specially planted in the village are not comparable to those in Qijia Village.
Sure enough, as soon as I heard that I didn’t want to change the wine, Weiyi immediately agreed to find someone, and I didn’t bother to find anything to pack Ganoderma lucidum. It seems that I am going to take it directly.
Wei Wu and Su Fang have nothing to say, but they are still very excited to be in charge. If I didn’t expect the public to be this reaction, I was stunned for a long time until Wei Yi chose the right person. "Is it really necessary to sell such a good Ganoderma lucidum?" This is a good thing that can save lives! "
Just now, Gong said to let Qiao Gong auction it. He has never even seen such a good thing before.
It shouldn’t be said that I haven’t even heard of it, let alone bought it. If someone else has this, they must keep it directly. How can his family be so dismissive?
See pale steward that a face of saddened JiLan probably also know the reason to feel that if you don’t explain clearly, how long will this old man be sad?
"Pale steward, in fact, this ganoderma lucidum ginseng has the same efficacy for ten years and one hundred years. The only difference is probably that it is not the same size. We can keep this ganoderma lucidum without much place. They are now in a state of great waste, and all places need money for him to auction it."
See five imperial riding a horse to find a huge ganoderma lucidum package is ready to set off JiLan hurriedly stopped them "when you get to the capital, you pretend to inadvertently let this ganoderma lucidum be seen by others, preferably in a crowded place.
And tell Qiao Yue that this ganoderma lucidum can be cut and auctioned! "
"Cut and buy?" Cang steward is even more distressed by Qi Lan, but he feels that there is nothing to maximize the benefits. "Of course, if such a large ganoderma lucidum is auctioned, it is estimated that the assets at home are sky-high, even if it is ruined, so that the auctioneer will be less. It is better to cut it up and buy it piece by piece. It is best to cut it directly at the auction site and everyone will have a chance, right?"
"We will convey the public will." The five people were ordered to leave, but it seems that there are still some trance, but fortunately, being a soldier is better than ordinary people.
Can look less excited than pale steward.
Of course, it is also possible that I was already excited on my way back.
When the five people left JiLan, they looked back at Wei Yiguo. Not surprisingly, they saw Wei Yiguo’s miserable eyes choking and took out a slap-sized china white vial from his sleeve.
Sure enough, I saw Wei’s eyes shining in an instant. "Then"