Heath ledger looked at the card coldly. From his point of view, the upside-down person was the right one.

June 2, 2024

Represents bondage, fear, self-deception
"What’s the matter, girl? Are you angry with me? " Chen Senran pulled a handful of little girls, but they dumped her severely.
Looking at the little girl pouting high, Chen Senran squatted down and hugged her little head and said, "You know what? I won’t help them?"
第七十六页 十三号街尖叫女鬼
The carriage is running on the open street, five blocks away from the War College.
Chen Senran stopped to amuse little Annie and was making up a messy story because he felt a little different breath wandering in the carriage. This feeling was there when he was driving, but at this moment he felt the strongest. He stared at the orange magic lamp fixed at the top of the carriage and felt that the light in the whole carriage was a little distorted.
"What’s the matter, Xiao Sensen?" The little girl, who was listening to the story, frowned discontentedly, but she obviously felt that Chen Senran was abnormal and said something, so she immediately became sensible and got closer to some Chen Senran.
Chen Senran patted little Annie’s head and closed her eyes. The discomfort made him feel that he was being stared at in the dark. He needed to make sure.
In the polar world, the water flows quietly, but there are some slight fluctuations in one place …
Chen Senran opened his eyes and looked at the dark corner of a carriage in the different place. He held out a hand and a flying knife condensed by flame appeared. He pointed out, "Did you come out by yourself? Or do you want me to burn a big hole in your ass? "
After a long time, no one answered. Only horseshoes ticked in the silent carriage.
There seems to be nothing … Little Annie lightly chastising Chen Senran, but still staring at that corner.
There won’t be a mistake. Chen Senran made a decision to launch the flame flying knife in his hand. "Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay, people just come out-I hate it." A crisp sound suddenly sounded in the carriage for a moment, and then a beautiful blonde girl in a demasia aristocratic dress appeared in the carriage in a burst of thorns.
"What can I do for you?" Chen Senran knew this girl that day, but it didn’t mean that Demassian had a good impression on her lurking beside him. At that moment, he was very moved to kill her … She should have been Katrina when she came to find herself. Is it that Drizzt said that the prophecy would change her mind …
"Hey … tone so fierce to kill me? Don’t be so stingy, okay? Didn’t you just watch you two flirt for a while? What’s the big deal? "The beautiful girl from Demassia wittily vomitted to stick out her tongue for Chen Senran’s passing murder." But I have to say that your taste is really … even a thirteen-year-old girl … "
"I’m not a little girl. Hum, you peek at someone’s affectionate and shy face." The little girl was anxious when she heard it.
"Cough …" Chen Senran face some would cough a "say what you came for" he tried to tone some serious don’t want to pull what lolicon class … ahem.
"I didn’t dare to recognize it … okay, okay …" The blonde girl watched Chen Senran’s face turn ugly and stopped the topic directly. "My name is Lux and I came to see you this time because my brother wants to see you."
"finished?" Chen Senran smiled over the little girl’s messy hair.
"Finished" beautiful girl Lax received one leng.
"Then you can go."
"I said you can go." Chen Senran gave her a sideways look, which was a bit cold.