June 2, 2024

A man in black looks cold and murderous, leaning against a dead tree, and a woman in black hands dagger beside him.
Shan You’s expression said, "You are good at hiding and assassinating Ji Fan, so I’ll leave it to you. If you can’t, you’ll kill all his wives."
The female long hair that has been kneeling by the side of the mountain for a long time is absolutely beautiful. It sweeps away the moth’s eyebrows, her eyes are ice, her skin is smooth, her lips are red, her teeth are white, and her teeth are graceful.
"I just met you and you kicked me out. Don’t you like me so much?" It’s hard to itch in my heart to speak with a clear throat and a charming voice
If anyone else is here, it’s drooling over there, thousands of feet
However, Shan You didn’t seem to notice these things, and his face was normal. He said, "I told you that there are hongming and killing in my life."
The woman frowned and was unwilling to ask, "You and I have been childhood friends since childhood. Don’t you really have no feelings for me?"
Shan You looked at the woman with an expression on her face and said firmly, "I have no feelings. I have killing and hongming."
Same tone, same words
But the woman felt the impatience of the mountain.
A bleak smile
The woman said, "well, I’ll help you for the last time, and I won’t come back whether it succeeds or not."
Mountain deep and remote unconcerned expression asked "finished? I can go! "
The woman laughed at herself and looked at the distant mountain and wiped her beautiful face and said, "What?"
Then she walked north with two daggers.
Ji Fan had no idea that she was stared at by a terrible woman.
At the moment, he has played Wang Shang’s mind.
Wang Shang dared to want a piece of the action when he attacked Yanzhou.
It is simply tired of living, but it also gives JiFan a good reason to attack Yuzhou.
Plus Wang Shang is an anti-thief. Ji Fan can guarantee that Wang Shang will cry rhythmically.
I’m tired of taking advantage of me.
Ji Fan muttered, "It’s a good thing that Gao Shun always went to attack Puyang, otherwise Puyang really fell into his hands."
This Wang Shang came to Jifan and he didn’t have any deep hatred, that is, he destroyed the Wangs, but this son of a bitch hated him as much as he ate a gun and medicine.
But Ji Fan is not afraid of him, so let’s see who is harder.
I have the whole Hebei rear base.
What about you?
It’s just the three cities of Yuzhou.
Runan, Shouchun, Xuchang
Like you’re awesome
Ji Fan is a little puzzled. Some people are cunning compared with princes, but how can some people be so stupid?
JiFan also don’t think deeply about this problem.
Discussed with a top counselor
According to Jia Xu, directly flood Shouchun and then directly poison the whole Yuzhou.
Ji Fan will not adopt such a method if he directly sees things as a last resort.
Pang Tong said an idea.
The main thing is to let them stand on the moral high ground.
After all, they are different from ordinary princes. Their goal is unification.
The primary concern is the people’s hearts.
Then the imperial edict is now released.
Later, Pang Tong analyzed the data of talented military commanders and advisers in Yuzhou one by one, and turned them against creating doubts for Wang Shang.
Then Wang Shang will never trust these people when he goes to war.
This will reduce the real elite of the other party, so they must be mediocre, and the pressure will drop a lot
This plan makes Ji Fan quite satisfied.
Commanded the pirates to attach the information of Yuzhou.
Pang Tong studied and wrote thirteen essays, one of which was copied by Wang Shang for his seven sins, and then distributed to all parts of Yuzhou. The rest were written by Wang Shang with an extremely high score.
Will be completed in these five months, and then plan.
That is, it will be completed before April next year.
Why do you have to wait for next April because you have to wait for Ji Fan, and then Ji Fan will resist the cold weather, and no one will be at ease until next April.
After more than five months of political development, Ji Fan believes that although the materials are not abundant, they are enough.
In the eyes of others, Ji Fanzhi is Jizhou, Qingzhou, Xuzhou and Yanzhou.
But in Ji Fan’s eyes, the four States will have a little extra output, and the most important thing is the virtual planting.
Harvest four times a year, which is all the current planting technology has?