Blue rainy night came to my senses and said, "Xiao Xun, just be careful."

June 12, 2024

"What do you say that? Do you know anything? " Small embalm frowned and said
"LanRuiHao is my adoptive father, I think you all know?" Blue rainy night theory
They nodded.
"The second time I went to the beach with you, he called back and asked something about Xiao Xun." Blue rainy night decided to say everything. "I think he is a little interested in Xiao Xun."
"So, what did you say to him?" Xuan son asked
"Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything." Blue Rainy Night smiled and asked doubtfully, "Have you seen him before?"
Xiao Xun recalled that "there should be no!"
"Do you want to be serious?" The nangongshan Muze also frowned and said
"Day saw him soon clear? Now I want to do nothing, "Xuan said.
"You and Lan Ruihao don’t seem to be very good?" Xiao Xun asked 1.
Blue rainy night nodded and said, "Although I was raised by him, there is more than that. I have no gratitude for him."
"Forget it, don’t talk about it. Xiao Xun, your partner should be ready!" Xuan son said this took a glance at XiaoXun behind HuangFuNuo cold jokingly said
Xiao Xun rolled his eyes and was about to speak when he was interrupted.
"I’m sorry to bother you" is Yao Jill.
"What can I do for you?" Although Nangong Muze doesn’t like Yao Jier, he said politely.
"Since this dance competition is a duet, can you be my partner?" Yao Jill looked at HuangFuNuo cold expectantly.
"Jill I …" HuangFuNuo cold want to say a little euphemism to refuse.
"You have rejected me once." Yao Jier was wronged and looked at Huangfu Nuo cold sadly, so I don’t know what the lover Huangfu Nuo cold did to her.
Huangfu Nuohan looked at Yao Jier a little hard and said that he really wanted to be Xiaoxun’s partner.
"There are so many boys in Miss Da’s school that you have to find a’ married man’ instead of looking for anything?" Xuaner attaches great importance to the word "married"
"You’ve changed." Yao Jill ignored Xuan’s eyes and the fog floated, so she didn’t miss two tears.
"You can be her partner when it’s cold!" At this moment, Xiao Xunkou
"Xiao Xun ….." Huangfu Nuo cold looked a little disappointed at Xiao Xun. His original Xiao Xun would be like a second time. He quarreled with Jill N16. You tried not to promise.
"Little Kaori ….." HuangFuNuo cold a little disappointed to see little Kaori his original little Kaori will be like time, he quarreled with Jill.
"Xiao Xun you …" Xuan looked at Xiao Xun in disbelief.
"If you want to be your partner, it’s not necessary, but you promise me that from this time on, you and Han will make a clean break. Whether you were childhood friends or first lovers before, don’t bother us again." Xiao Xun asked.
"How could you?" Yao Jill looked at Xiao Xun angrily.
"You don’t promise? But whether you promise or not, the final result is the same. I will move all the forces in Nangong family to stop you from seeing you forever or ruining your reputation. You should know which is the best choice for me. I think you should know better than me! " Small kaori unpreparedness changed to see his face Yao Jill continued
"Nuo is your boyfriend, and I still pursue his interests." Yao Jill still said unswerving.
"Yes, he is my boyfriend. Of course, being his girlfriend is good for me. He cleans up some miscellaneous flowers. Unless he breaks up with me personally, you don’t have a chance." Xiao Xun said overbearingly.
Yao Jier bit her lip and said, "I choose the first one" and left without looking back.
"Xiao Xun, how can you sell me to others?" Huangfu Nuohan pretended to say angrily.
"Who said I was going to sell you?" Xiao Xun smiled and said, "I can’t sell it if I want to sell it."
"What did you say?" HuangFuNuo cold dangerously narrowed his eyes.
"I mean, it’s a good deal to get rid of a permanent trouble in more than a week," Xiao Xun said quickly
"But I really want to dance with you." HuangFuNuo cold is still very unwilling.
"What comes next is opportunity"
"So, Xiao Xun, what about your partner?" Blue rainy night asked a key question.
"Anthracene ~ ~ ~ is also right." Xiao Xun looked at the blue rainy night, but she was dissatisfied with Huangfu Nuo’s cold.
Huangfu Nuo said jealously, "There must be a lot of physical contact when you can’t dance in pairs at night."
"Yes! There will be a lot of physical contact "Xuan son will this back to the HuangFuNuo cold results provoked HuangFuNuo cold ruthlessly stare.