Three people here are discussing catching Su Wan, and the imperial harem over there is also brightly lit.

June 11, 2024

Two mammy in the queen mother’s bedroom are persuading the queen mother that the whole person is in a bad mood at the moment. Her face is dark and she is so angry that she keeps trembling with her fingers and says, "What a shame! He really hates me. Yes, he hates me. He only gave medicine to Shu Fei’s children to kill Shu Fei."
Mammy at the side of the Empress Dowager urged the Empress Dowager, "Don’t think too much, Empress. It’s late at night. Empress should rest."
"How to rest? How can I sleep? I can’t sleep at the thought of the little bitch in the northern state of Jin entering the palace. How can she look so like that man? How can she be like you? What if someone finds such a thing? God, it makes me crazy to think that someone found out about it. "
Mammy around the Empress Dowager wrote, "The real handmaiden of the Empress has seen the truth before. The refined princess is not like that person. It is a little bit like me. I don’t think anyone but the emperor and the Empress Dowager will ever find such a thing. The refined princess’s face was veiled before, and no one noticed her appearance. After that, she entered the palace. The empresses and ordinary people can’t see her empress. Don’t think about it."
The queen mother shook her head. "You think too simply. Soon she will become an emperor’s favorite princess. Naturally, many people will curry favor with her. When the time comes, many people will know what she looks like. If one of them finds such a thing, do you think it is a shame for the royal family? If something bad happens, our royal decency will really be lost?"
The more the queen mother thinks about it, the uglier her face becomes. Mammy quickly advised her, "You’re not in a hurry. You’d better find a way slowly."
The queen mother no longer said anything, and the whole person could not say anxiety.
Some people in the palace were anxious and some people laughed, but the emperor was the happiest. He stayed with the elegant princess all night and waited for Ronghua Palace to watch the elegant princess dance and talk with her, so he felt sad.
At the moment, the emperor had forgotten the personnel management and ignored everyone.
At first, the traffic in the quiet street slowly dispersed, while the carriage of Anguo Houfu went all the way to Anguo Houfu.
Su Wan sat in the last carriage and closed her eyes. She didn’t think much about what happened at the palace banquet, but she knew that she and the people in the Prime Minister’s Office were even sworn enemies. She had caused Zhao Yu and Zhao Yulong to be almost killed. Prime Minister Zhao Xun would never stop there. She should be careful. There are also De Fei and Xiang Wang who are afraid and will not let it go.
In addition to these people, the queen mother, the emperor and others in the palace are dissatisfied with her, so her enemies are more and more powerful. Is she really a natural troublemaker?
Su Wan was just about to get carried away. There was a cold breath outside the carriage, and at the same time there was a faint fragrance floating. She knew who was coming without opening her eyes.
But because I know who the bearer is, my face is quite different.
The color is quite ugly. Staring at the outside of the carriage, I saw a person floating in the outside of the carriage, and when this person came in, the side of the carriage leaned against Yunluo and Nie Li, and he ordered a sleeping hole.
When Su Wan looked coldly, he saw that his face was like a crown jade, but it happened that his face was dizzy with ice and a touch of cool air, and at the same time, his dark and deep eyes were full of dark tides, so he stared at her coldly.
Su Wan didn’t like this guy when he came, and he was in a bad mood. This guy also looked like someone owed him a million dollars. He was angry and angry for no reason. He glared at Xiao Huang and drank coldly. "What are you doing here without sleeping at night?"
"I saw that you smiled at Wang Dian, the end of the Northern Jin Dynasty."
Xiao Huang’s cold face is full of accusations.
Su Wan picked a thin eyebrow and stared at him coldly. "Then what?"
Maybe he just showed up and told her that she smiled at Wang Dian.
"He helped you, and you laughed too much. I helped you, and you always had a long face. You either told me to get out or poisoned me. Isn’t it unfair to finish the two treatments?"
Su Wanli nodded. "It’s two kinds of treatment. So what? I didn’t ask you to help me. Everything was done by yourself and you wanted others to be grateful. Then don’t help. After that, you should think clearly that this is what you do and others don’t always expect others to be grateful."
Su Wan said, leaning on the soft couch and waving lazily, "Let’s go. I don’t want to quarrel with you. I’m bored."
Xiao Huanglai’s face was very ugly when he was covered in air conditioning, but when he saw that Su Wan was in a bad mood, his coldness gradually faded. He went to sit in the carriage and looked at Su Wan. "Is it because of the Prime Minister’s office? Don’t worry, I will help you clean them up."
As soon as Su Wan heard what he said, he immediately raised his eyebrows to stop "Don’t interfere in my affairs, so as not to put on a bad face again when I’m done, as if I owe you something."
Su wan said Xiao Huang was unhappy and looked at Su wan faintly. "Isn’t it because you treat her differently?" You see, you are all smiles at others, but when you come to me, you either let me roll or put on a face. I don’t understand that we are closer than people. "
Xiao Huang raised his hand and compared himself with Su Wan, and then made a Su Wan. They were both better than others, and neither of them could compare.
Su wan was directly laughed at by Xiao Huang, and her heart calmed down. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Xiao Huang and said
"It’s not that I don’t have a good face for you. It’s that you shouldn’t have a good face for you. You said that we touched me in front of the Phoenix Terrace and wanted to say hello with a smile. As a result, you gave me a bad face and I couldn’t understand how I offended you?"
Su Wan didn’t good the spirit stare at Xiao Huang Xiao Huang’s eyes were faint and dark, and he felt extremely wronged. Isn’t he angry? Who told her that Xiao Ye, the king of Ning, helped her and left with Xiao Ye talking and laughing, laughing like that, which made people angry, so he would be angry and ignore her.
However, Su Wan didn’t know the situation at that time. He said that she might not pay attention to Xiao Huang’s eyebrows and said seriously, "You also know that there are too many people in Phoenix tonight. Maybe I didn’t see you."
"Yes, I just didn’t see what you did. You see how you hold a grudge. This is not a good thing."
Su Wan gave him a yawn sneer and looked at him coolly.
Xiao Huang quickly changed the subject and said, "By the way, I came to see you but told you something poisonous to my body/"
On hearing Xiao Huang’s attention was diverted to this topic, Su Wan quickly said, "What? Did you find out what poison it was? "
Xiao Huang shook his head and said, "I sent a lot of people to consult a lot of doctors, but I couldn’t find what you said contained these two poisons, whether it was flowers or animals?"
Su Wan frowned. "I knew this poison was very rare, but I didn’t expect it to be so rare. Where did it come from?"
She frowned for a moment and looked at Xiao Huang and said, "I heard you say that you seem to know who poisoned you. Who is it?"
Su Wan stared at Xiao Huang Xiao Huang’s eyes, but he couldn’t say that he was deep, dark and cold, but he didn’t say that Su Wan thought for a moment and said, "It won’t be the emperor, will it?"