It’s not good to get rid of his clothes one by one. It’s not good to move as fast as possible, so she doesn’t want him to catch cold, and she attributed her mind to taking it out on her if he was ill.

June 13, 2024

Gu Xi Xi was finally inevitably embarrassed when he took off his underwear.
Once upon a time, Xiao Fu served him in the bath, and it was never her turn, but today …
Gu Xi Xi secretly gritted her teeth. Although she holds the idea that she can push this man down every day, she is a girl after all!
"Why not continue?"
The man’s deep voice sounded above his head, presumably because he was silent for a while, and the cold faded a little. Chapter 143 points out that he was more embarrassed.
Gu Xi Xi gave him an embarrassed look. She was always embarrassed to say that she wouldn’t do it, right?
"I’ve never served you in a bath, and I accidentally hurt you … it’s not good to cough after all, is it?" She was anxious to show her loyalty and pointed to the outside. "Why don’t you go out and let Xiaofu come …"
"hurt the palace?" Jun Yi Han raises his eyebrows. "Bathing can also hurt the palace? Hey, what do you want? "
A word made Gu Xi Xi unable to hold back a word.
God, would you please stop saying so seriously that it makes people think …
She bowed her head and reached out with her white fingers trembling. "I hope you’ll forgive me if I have any bad service for a while."
The man picked his lip corner slightly and "graciously" looked around, and finally faded his robe.
Then the pants …
Piansheng man’s indifferent voice keeps ringing overhead.
"Xiao Xi, you have done a lot of chores as a little eunuch. Why is this hand so white and tender?"
Gu Xixi consciously wanted to put her hand back and forcibly resist her nervousness, for fear that he might see something. Fortunately, she bowed her head at the moment and was glad that the man could not see her face expression.
"Maybe it’s because …"
be particularly favoured by nature
Jun Yi Han chewed these four words slowly and looked at her casually with his hands hanging down on both sides. "You are blessed with enough places."
Without saying a word, Gu Xi Xi was so scared that cold sweat came out.
What does this mean? What do you mean, there are plenty of places? Is there anything wrong with her body?
Even if her body is like a hand, he hasn’t seen it, okay? ! But why would he say such a thing?
A list of questions hovered in my mind, and I forgot where I was and what I was doing. When my hands trembled, I pulled all the men’s pants.
A burst of hot breath came to my face with a thousand signs.
She looked up and suddenly realized what she had just done.
This is the first time in my life to observe a man so closely …
Although she has seen several erotic pictures of men and women and learned a lot of theoretical knowledge, theoretical knowledge is only theoretical knowledge after all, and she can’t help but swallow the water in the face of this exciting situation.
Jun Yi Han just looked at her and stared at her with astonishment, as if even Ba was about to fall, and the hot breath was bursting, which stimulated him to feel uncomfortable all over.
A hot feeling came straight in.
He frowned and said, "What are you looking at? Didn’t you before you entered the palace? "
"…" Not really!
Looking back sadly, she probably didn’t know that such an expression made people want to ravage her and cry.
Jun Yi Han felt that he was crazy, and he could still calmly look at her in front of her, but now he is even more embarrassed.
Strolling towards the bath tub that has been filled with hot water, slightly twisting his brow is somewhat gloomy. Fortunately, the water is covered with a thick layer of petals, so his true state has not been sent at the moment. Chapter 1431 Entering the palace?
Gu Xi Xi’s line of sight kept glancing at the room. Despite this, he was broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, thin and undressed, but he still couldn’t swing at the moment. I have to praise how this man’s figure is so good …
But this is not the most sad reminder that a man’s slender and tall body is ok, but the highest frequency of playing in her mind was just dangling in front of her … That? !
Someone put a hand over his face and looked at Xi Xi, you * * *!
Jun Yi calmed down in the cold water for a long time, but thanks to his good concentration, he finally calmed down the restless feeling slowly.
But after waiting for half a ring, someone still didn’t come over. He twisted his eyebrows and shouted, "What are you waiting for?"
If Gu Xi Xi is calm enough now, even if he is only half as usual, he should be able to hear that his tone is abnormal.