Willy is also a face change. I didn’t expect this guy to be able to cast a soul-eroding blood fog with such a multiplier to rush to command a hundred ghosts to leave the scope of the blood fog. This fog has a good killing effect on all kinds of souls, especially human monster beasts, and it will erode souls even if an adult takes a sip of it in practice, which will slowly melt and erode souls, especially for low-order ghosts.

June 10, 2024

Is level 37 ghost pawn and tyrannical shadow tiger is not afraid of the body, although their respective braved the filar silk black smoke is still around him, its shield combined with Xuan Yin shield qi qi smashed.
Poof ~
The bloodthirsty ghost died violently, and the knife was cut into the chest of Bailiyun. The blood was splashed. Bailiyun was injured. He was angry and violently drunk. While the ghosts retreated, his body flashed backwards and turned into a series of ghostly images. The posture of the ghostly image was the same, but he looked faster and more erratic than the thunder.
At the same time, Bailiyun’s hands repeatedly played a series of tuling fingers, and the deep and blue light beams continued to explode to the ghosts and tigers, which seemed to form a deep and blue rainstorm. The tuling fingers, both in power, speed and quantity, were far superior to those of Zhou Hua at the beginning. Perhaps this is the true method of tuling fingers, rather than being pointed out by others.
Bear the brunt of the shadow tiger was hit by four deep and remote blue beams. It has been seriously injured for so long, and the shadow tiger has blocked three strikes. The fourth finger directly hit its head and went into mourning and roar, and suddenly fell to the ground.
The three ghost soldiers also hit two or three fingers each. Although the ghost soldiers have no real entity, they are directly penetrated into the big hole in the bowl, which is also due to the injury.
Thyme cloud may just want to stop them, but it immediately calls out a flying instrument that seems to be refined from bones. When it jumps to escape, it hears Ding Wanyan’s cold voice "Want to go?" Which have so easy "
At that time, a quintessence of Yin Shaqi swept away towards him.
Chapter 56 Blood dun technique
At the same time, with Ding Wanyan’s palm, the Yin evil spirit condensed into a huge evil spirit shape, and it kept twisting and turning into a roar and slammed into the thyme cloud.
"Yin very solution ghost very palm! ?”
With a hundred miles of cloud screaming in horror, a Fiona Fang maelstrom of dozens of feet has been formed, and the ghost palm is even more fierce and domineering, and it seems that it is like swallowing a hundred miles of cloud in one bite.
It is by no means comparable to Zhou Hua that Bai Liyun displays the butcher’s finger. However, it is far from Wu Qianqiu that Ding Wanyan displays the ghost palm with Yin and evil spirit.
The feeling be nasty thyme cloud swallowed a few pills of Dan medicine abruptly and propped up a Xuan Yin shield technique, which almost blocked all the defense forces of Xuan Yin shield from the front.
Boom ~
The ghost palm violently hit the Xuan Yin Shield. Supposedly, these two spells are all signs of Yin Evil Sect. One attack and one defense are extraordinary. However, Ding Wanyan has cast the Yin evil solution in advance, and the surrounding area has been filled with darkness and Yin Shaqi, which has been immersed in the ghost evil palm for many years. The power is naturally extraordinary.
Yin Shaqi Xuan Yin Qi spurted away in all directions like a torrent, and at the same time Xuan Yin Shield suddenly burst.
After the ghost fights, the residual strength is mixed with yin and slammed into the chest of Bailiyun.
Violent impact shock made his insides almost burst, and a mouthful of blood could not be suppressed and sprayed out, and his body retreated back wildly.
The three ghosts who came after them seemed to be like a duck to water when they entered the Yin evil spirit. The original body seemed to be dim in an instant, and many cheerful groups surrounded the thyme cloud and poured the attack toward it.
Like a baby crying, the ghost whimpers, and there is less erosion of the soul. The blood fog affects the ghosts. They scream and shuttle around in the shadow, hovering around the side of the hundred-mile cloud like ants gnawing at elephants. You bite me and my teeth bite him, biting his flesh and blood and soul.
"Ah ~" Bailiyun sent out extreme pain, as if shaking and screaming from the soul, and the ghost was not enough to eat the soul, which made the determined generation collapse rationally.
Thyme cloud brimmed with pain and drank a word, and his left arm burst into a mass of fog. At the moment, he was wrapped and lived. Almost at the same time, the blood fog wrapped around him and he suddenly turned into a fog of blood and fled back to maser.
"blood escape"
Ding Wanyan exclaimed in a hurry, making Lv Yun shuttle suddenly and violently catch up with a green light without saying anything, and her body was wrapped around several whirlpools, and Ding Wanyan broke out more than twice as fast as usual.
In fact, as early as Bailiyun blew his arm, throb suddenly became alert. A ghost claw grabbed at him, but in the end, the self-mutilation escape method was desperate. The starting speed of the technique was naturally extraordinary, but throb’s reaction speed was extremely fast, and it only caught the flying blood fog tail.
Don’t wait for Ding politely to say hello, it’s also urgent to urge the evil spirits to turn into a mass of Shaqi filled with black fog and chase after the blood.
However, although the evil spirits are good, they are still slightly worse than Ding Wanyan’s Lv Yun shuttle before they grow up. Even so, Ding Wanyan kept the Yin Dafa when she chased after dozens of miles. She was finally exhausted and escaped by the blood fog that was almost the same speed as her and never disappeared again. Her face was a little pale and annoyed.
In a short time, throb drives the evil spirits to come. After smelling Ding Wanyan, he finally failed to chase the thyme cloud. His face changed slightly. After the two men looked at each other, throb apologetically said, "The teacher elder sister blames me for being greedy and trying to rob the soul-eating shadow tiger, otherwise it wouldn’t conflict with the thyme cloud."
"I don’t blame you," Ding Wanyan shook his head gently. "I know that the resources in the cultivation of immortals are not enough. Even if I can achieve the elixir in the limited resources in the future, what’s more, you and I all know your qualifications. If you can’t get a lot of resources, I’m afraid it’s difficult even in the foundation period. Just now, even if you don’t say it, I will take the initiative to grab the soul-eating shadow tiger. After all, the various materials of the soul-eating shadow tiger are valuable and far beyond the ordinary monster beast. Although you Tiger’s valuable monster beast material is impossible for a generation to swallow it. He is looking for opportunities to destroy it. We might as well take the initiative to cut off hidden dangers. It’s a pity that you and I were careless and didn’t expect him to be pregnant with blood. "
Willy smell speech know Ding Wanyan not only didn’t blame himself, but also deliberately considered the problem from his own point of view. He was slightly moved and said, "Thank you, Elder Martial Sister, for your understanding, but at this time, I finally provoked the bodhi old zu, and I also asked the Elder Martial Sister to stay out of it. I don’t want the Elder Martial Sister to be involved in this matter." Ding Wanyan’s hand is also helping himself, otherwise Ding Wanyan’s qualification root can meet the cultivation needs without grabbing food from other people’s bowls.
"Brother, what are you talking about?" Ding Wanyan eyebrows a pick some dissatisfaction. "How can you make a mistake with me and let you bear it alone? What’s more, the bodhi old zu has deep expectations for me and believes that he will never retaliate against us by the dead bone peak. "
Willy, think about the situation. It’s really the same. The skeleton peak is different from the ghost mansion, but it’s the second place among the thirteen cave peaks of Yin Shazong. Otherwise, the skeleton bodhi old zu can’t win the qualification of Bailiyun, which is extremely excellent. When the bodhi old zu got Ding Wanyan, it was purely an accidental test. However, it was never imagined that some hidden roots of Ding Wanyan were not detected. After her formal practice, those roots appeared to be stronger than those of Ding Wanyan, that is, they were slightly less than those of the East.
Maybe it’s God’s poor bodhi old zu who let him pick up a big leak, and that’s why Ding Wanyan is particularly fond of being a baby. Of course, in a sense, throb is the bodhi old zu who really picks up a big leak.
The bodhi old zu, a ghost, ranked ninth not because he was not strong enough, but because of his achievements. Then he established the Ghost Cave later. This cave of abode of fairies and immortals was only 70 years old. When he first collected his brother, it was purely picked by others and he never went back for basic reasons. Of course, this time he was lucky enough to win the two treasures of Ding politely and willy.
Two people agree to recognize this matter after just a discussion, and they must honestly inform the bodhi old zu, otherwise they will stay away, and a hundred miles of clouds will tell on them and lead the bodhi old zu to seek revenge, but they will be caught off guard.
Of course, Zhanli still needs to collect the soul-eating shadow tiger first, which has already brought things to this point. Why don’t you have some gains and balance with psychological compensation?
Slightly restored the true qi, the two men flew back to the former battlefield in a short time. The main advantage of this battle is naturally the body of the adult soul-eating shadow tiger. That’s a rare monster beast. Many materials are valuable. Fortunately, when I came back this time, I found that no one had been to this battlefield. I just looked through it. When the soul-eating shadow tiger just wanted to put it in my belt and slowly toss it back, it was an accident. I found that this was a female beast. Not only that, but it was a bloody hematoma somewhere. It was still slightly condensed. It was a little strange that I couldn’t
Ding Wanyan wanted to urge a few words, but unexpectedly, this guy stared at the female beast somewhere and couldn’t stop looking. When Kong Yihong just wanted to get angry, he heard a cry of thunder, surprise and madness. "This may be a pregnant female beast!"
Chapter 57 Congenital monster beast
Listen to throb so exclaimed, even Ding Wanyan and other characters can’t help but get up and get busy. Just check it out. Sure enough, as throb said, this soul-eating shadow tiger has just produced signs. After two people looked at each other, they rushed to put away the shadow tiger’s body first and then spread their minds to find it separately.
Within a moment, Ding Wanyan took the lead in finding two newborn shadow tiger cubs attached to the placenta from the depths of a soft cave that was mottled by evil wind. Fortunately, the soul-eating shadow tiger has good blood and strong vitality, and the two halves of the dirty little beasts are barely alive.
Busy took out some usual Lingfeng honey and fed it to less than half a bottle before Ding Wanyan gently wrapped their true qi and drove Lv Yun shuttle to call throb and hurried back to the ghost cave.
Willy is the first time to enter Ding Wanyan’s home. Sure enough, men are much different, exquisite and much more stylish. Where is it like willy living in that place?
However, at this time, the two soul-devouring tiger cubs are in their hands, and other things are not important. Reluctantly, they consulted the cabinet and found some books on monster beasts, such as the disposal of newborn monster beasts. According to the rules, they took a bath, found quilts, wrapped them up and fed some nectar to the two little beasts, which was better. They fell asleep and stopped shivering.
There are two reasons why we attach so much importance to these two soul-eating shadow tigers. The first reason is that the soul-eating shadow tiger is a congenital monster beast. The so-called congenital monster beast is a monster beast that belongs to the category of monster beast at birth. The monster beast is different from some ordinary monsters. Those monsters are generally ordinary beasts. After living in aura for a long time, they gradually evolved into monsters.
The second soul-eating shadow tiger is relatively rare even in the congenital monster beast. It seems that there is a hint in its blood that it is a great thing to say that the medieval ichor is true. Even if there is only a trace, it will make them different from ordinary congenital monster beasts. It is a very monster beast that has that trace of ancient spirit blood that makes the soul-eating shadow tiger material extremely valuable. The alchemists are all excellent materials, otherwise it is impossible for willy to covet the adult shadow tiger body. Although it is said that the adult shadow tiger is not high in repair, it is only twelve layers of refined gas.
But the soul-devouring shadow tiger is the most valuable thing. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to tame the monster beast, even if it takes a few efforts to tame it, it will be rebellious. Maybe one day, it will bite its master. There is a monster beast cub that has just been born and has not opened its eyes. It will be the first to see people with their eyes open, and it is best to pay blood sacrifice after careful training. This will help the monks and never betray them.
In a sense, the value of these two soul-eating shadow tiger cubs is not worse than that of the ghost, and even better than that of the ghost. Because there are some things like the ghost, there are also some monks who practice ghost-bending tactics and evil ways, and the soul-eating shadow tiger, which are extremely pet cubs, can be used by monks.
"Let’s make a blood sacrifice first, so as to save people’s envy." Lei proposed that he would like to keep these two shadow tiger cubs by himself, but this idea also passed away, unless willy didn’t want to continue to mix in the ghost cave and betray his legacy. It was really good for him that she took the lead in finding the cubs, but she still called willy to leave together. What if she didn’t have Ding Wanyan here, even if she met a hundred miles of clouds playing shadow tiger? The real combat effectiveness of both sides is mostly equal and thunderous, but slightly worse.