Mu Ninglang Lin Yu came together, and two people stood side by side. Although Lin Yu was not as tall as Mu Ninglang, the whole body temperament seemed to be the same as that of the prince Mu Ninglang.

June 9, 2024

Even people like Fu Yu seem that Lin Yu’s little appearance is much better than Mu Ninglang’s, okay?
"Lord Lin, is this a time to delay?" Mu Ninglang asked.
However, Lin Yu didn’t have this idea. She flew to Mu Ninglang with an eye knife and waved her sleeve and said, "Come to the hall."
When she arrived, everyone’s face changed again, and some people could not help sighing that Lin Yuyi was bold. She invited not her Shuntianfu people but punishments!
This person Xu Yan is particularly familiar with.
Honest and frank is the hardest-tempered person in the punishments department-Chai Bufan!
Don’t ask why a name is so domineering, because he is as domineering as his name. He has been an old man for dozens of years, and he can’t be more accurate in examining corpses!
Besides the autopsy collar, his best place is his temper. honest and frank is meticulous in autopsy, and the result is what he says.
Xu Yan is both happy and angry about this genus, except that he leads him, and he is annoyed with his hard bear-like temper. I didn’t expect Lin Yu to dare to take risks this time and let him come and test it. Chapter 375 Give me a dozen wind and oil spirits.
Does she have something on her?
"Chai Tuo, please help me to examine this corpse. Officials and adults who want to know the truth depend on you." Lin Yu politely asked Chai Bufan.
Chai Bufan is already a 50-year-old man. It goes without saying that the test results have never been wrong. I think he won’t let Lin Yu down this time!
Tang Jinfeng thinks more about what autopsy results Lin Yu wants.
It’s definitely not just about checking the death of Xia Yan, is it?
Mu Ninglang’s sharp eyes looked at Tang Jinfeng’s fist in Tang Jinfeng’s sleeve and thought about Lin Yufang’s dribs and drabs. She caught Zhou Aotian and brought Mei Niang and other witnesses to verify what?
What can Xia Yan’s body detect?
That’s right Lin Yufang just asked Xia Ran Mei Niang’s contract.
What does the contract say?
During Tang Jinfeng’s contemplation period, Lin Yu has sent someone to pull up a white cloth around the body to cover it, allowing Chai Bufan to examine Xia Dyed’s body alone.
"Shit!" Tang Jinfeng whispered, he looked at Mu Ninglang, but Mu Ninglang focused on Lin Yushen and didn’t receive his eyes.
But even if Mu Ninglang saw his eyes, he couldn’t come at the moment.
When the white cloth around him was removed, Chai’s extraordinary figure was revealed, but his face was old but not self-effacing
Lin Yu immediately asked him, "Has the firewood been tested clearly?"
Chai Bufan knelt down and replied, "The adults have checked clearly."
Lin Yu has a well-thought-out plan. She turned to one side, and she and Mu Ninglang smiled at him in the line of sight. That smile was almost confusing, but her eyes were cold and Mu Ninglang’s heart jumped fiercely.
This look …
He is too familiar!
He seemed to see Lin Yushen overlapping Xin Yao shadow!
Exactly the same!
It’s like Xin Yao punishing him and making him lose his self-control completely.
He can resist all foreign hostility, but he can resist Xin Yao alone …
Xin Yao is his weakness and the softest place in his heart.
He Xin Yao is dead and he will never be afraid of people again.
Can face the present Lin Yu …
He will have feelings for Xin Yao …
This is not the first time!
"Officer Chai Tuo asked you if Xia Ran was still a virgin?"
Chai Bufan replied, "This woman is no longer in the body, and she suffered a strong sexual injury before her death. Although the body has obviously been changed, the cause of death is not clear, but it is covered up by the adult’s question."
Full of uproar-
There was a crowd outside the hall, and the people felt a little sick and nauseous, but Chai Bufan didn’t hide anything when he announced the results to everyone. It was a calm face to the truth
Autumn dye knelt aside, even though Lin Yu told her that she would be in class for an autopsy, I’m afraid it would offend Xia Dye Rao. She was mentally prepared to hear the fact that Xia Dye was infringed again, and her heart still felt intense pain.
Gently wipe away the tears in the corner of your eyes, and straighten your back to face the crowd.
Lin Yu restrained her eyes and looked at her condescendingly. "Did you really sign a contract with Xia Dye? Do you know that perjury should be sentenced? "
Mei Niang has been eclipsed by Lin Yu’s coercion. She bit her lip and didn’t dare to look at people. "But this is me. She made a contract, but I don’t know that she is not a virgin anymore. She is herself …"
"Come on! Call me! " Lin Yu turned around and threw a red chip without saying anything.
A black chip is ten boards, and a red chip is thirty boards.
Lin Yuhong raised money and threw it to the ground. Immediately, a catcher came to hold Mei Niang and Mei Niang Zhang shouted that the wronged board had not hit her, and she was already screaming.