Yan Gui took a deep breath gently and hung up his smile. He looked at their mother, two chickens and ducks. Chapter 395 The end of the emperor was beyond me.

June 8, 2024

When a person regrets his life, his life is almost at the end.
Yanning is like this.
When he knew that his life was dying, the first thing he thought of was not to live like death, but to keep asking himself if he was wrong.
A mistake should not be poisoned by the mother to the father.
Two wrongs should not insist on this throne.
Three faults shouldn’t have been made by the prince.
But the so-called regret is that you realize that what you did wrong is irreparable.
Mother is still the throne and the prince … Also.
More than once, he felt that he was not a good emperor, but he was still with his father. He was also weak, and he could talk about how famous he was once, but he was not.
As soon as he got out of Anyang City that day, he spit out one mouthful blood in the imperial drive. He hid Napa, and no one knew it.
The truth in the real emperor does not follow the father, that is, Laojiu and the old twelve
When Laojiu first entered the palace, he had seen it and knew that he was injured by his mother.
Now think about what a vicious woman is. How can you have the heart to stab your child?
Part of Laojiu’s character is following his mother.
When I was a child, no matter whether he and Lao Si bullied him, he didn’t say anything. Once he had the strength, he knocked them over.
Look at the northwest iron drum now …
Yanning leaned on the couch and looked at the sunshine outside the window. She smiled and her heart was a mess.
Who knows what will happen after dayin? Father buried several hidden dangers when he died, and so did he.
Is it the prince or the fierce king? It seems that he has been destined to change people. How old is his second emperor? He is not a child prodigy. How can he hold on to foreign troubles?
Will Pei Hou support it? Obviously not, she will cultivate her strength, but he also gave it all.
The twelve brothers of Mu’s and Wan’s are all eyeing up one by one. Who will really work hard for his son?
Maybe someone will. Those civil servants at Yushitai.
But what’s the big deal?
Yanning felt old, but it was only two years since he succeeded to the throne.
"Somebody go to the ancestral temple," he called.
After the eunuch came in to wait on him to change clothes, he sat down and drove into the ancestral temple.
There have been 19 emperors’ portraits since the emperor of Dayin, and one of them came in and painted him. Would you rather be one? Where’s another one?
Dae-yin’s country has never had an emperor’s heir. Can his son persist until he leaves his descendants?
He approached the latest portrait, which was the late Emperor Kang Youdi.
Yan Ning, who is still smiling, suddenly wants to cry.
Kneeling in front of the portrait, I cried.
"Father, father … sorry for you, father …"