Yang night also froze and asked himself the same question. What the fuck am I talking about?

June 7, 2024

It’s true that Yang night didn’t come to think so much at that moment, and I wanted to find an excuse for them to find it, so that they could not doubt it. He really didn’t come to think about what was already chaotic and about to break out, but now that he had said it, he could just make it up.
So Yang Ye tried to calm down with a face of anger to hide his nervous eyes and walked from the door to the room and said calmly, "I said she was my mother."
While talking, Yang Ye has found a pair of heartbroken hands in front of Yun Xin, Ru Yan and others, burning Yun Xin and Xi Shi and others. "It’s outrageous of you to attack so many people indiscriminately without asking the ins and outs. Do you know who she is?" Yang said at night, returning your hand and pointing to the blue demon to cut "I I really don’t know how to say it."
While talking, Yang Ye looked miserable and embarrassed, kneeling with his head down and his right hand clenched on his forehead. At this point, his brain quickly thought about it like a circus, and then he suddenly got up and sighed. "Well, although you wash your dirty linen in public, you are all Yang family members, which will not cause you to misunderstand me. Let me be honest. She was my father’s confidante many years ago, and she was the cousin of Mu Taoyuan, the grandfather of the Mu family who died."
Yang Ye recalled that he looked up at the distance. "It was a golden autumn season. My father Mu Taoyuan and his cousin went on an outing together. During that trip, because my father was young and Mu Cousin was a lonely couple who couldn’t resist the loneliness in autumn, a couple of ordinary men and women finally had a super-friendship. My father borrowed money from Mu Cousin after he lost playing cards, and then my father evaded debts. In this way, the two gradually became attached to each other and settled down for life. But later, a series of misfortunes led to this.
Yang Ye said with eyes full of regret, and slowly swept over every face such as Yun Xin, Xi Shi, Zheng Dan, Xiao Xiao, Ru Yan, gentle, etc. He continued to say with deep affection, "Master Mu Taoyuan died at a stroke of a finger for 20 years, and my father died. I was trying to revive his old man’s house, but I don’t know how much hope there is, and at this time, the Mu family mutated, and the master Mu Mingfeng died unexpectedly, so this Mu cousin, my father’s early confidante, and my mother found me. She told me the fact that I
Yang Yemeng turned around and pointed to the unconscious little girl in bed. "It turned out that when this supernumerary mother and my father, Romeo and Zhu Yingtai, were separated by family pressure 20 years ago, my supernumerary mother was pregnant with my father’s flesh and blood, that is, her half-sister who I had never met but was connected by blood."
Once again, I turned to Yang Ye and spread my hands to all my wives. "You said that one of such a great father society with a conscience like me and such a just social elite could sit idly by and ignore this situation? And! " Speaking of this, Yang Yemeng turned and walked quickly to Muyangzheng and pulled Muyangzheng back. "Besides, I, a supernumerary little mother, have to pull my half-sister and take care of him!" Yang Ye said, pushing Mu Yangzheng to the wives. "Is it easy for her to take care of her nephew with congenital mental retardation?"
Speaking of which, Yang Ye was silent for a while and shook his head slowly and said, "For twenty years, no matter how hard, tired, painful and wronged, my supernumerary mother has never contacted our Yang family once, but today she came to me. I know I can understand how much courage and pressure she took to step into my Yang family."
Had said Yang night suddenly became angry and quickly paced back and forth in front of all the wives, and suddenly pointed to Uniform Xin and others and said, "And it is such a great mother that such a great woman should be surrounded by you to blame and abuse you. Can you live up to me?" Is it worthy of my father’s spirit? Is it worthy of your own conscience? Worthy of …? "
Yang night said that I was so angry that Muyangzheng tugged at Yang night sleeve and said, "Big brother, I …"
Yang night quickly turned and interrupted MuYang seriously "Xiao Zheng, don’t be afraid to have me, and none of them dare to bully you"
In addition to the faint breath of the little girl in a coma, everyone in the room is stunned by the blue demon chop or the wooden expression is low. Anyway, it’s too lazy to say anything.
A long time even Xin spoke first. "Old … husband, I don’t know. I really don’t know. Oh, it’s all my fault. I’m sorry." He said, bypassing Yang night and walking a few steps to the front of Lan Yao’s chop, and asked softly, "You are really Yang Bobo …"
Blue demon chop slowly looked up at Yang night. Yang night horse stared at her nervously. Blue demon chop looked back and still had no expression. Slowly bowed his head again or didn’t talk.
As soon as Yun Xin felt uncomfortable, she said excitedly with a slight cry, "Auntie is not a sister. I really don’t know. Oh, it’s all my fault. I apologized to you. I apologized to you, okay?"
Behind him, Xi Shi, Zheng Dan, tenderness, xiaoxiao and Ruyan also gathered around to apologize and comfort.
Yang night secretly turned around and shouted at a person’s corner and couldn’t help laughing. I had already enjoyed the flowers in my heart, but I heard the excitement of the orchid demon chop behind me. "Sister, I’m sorry. I really didn’t know you were … Oh, what a surprise. If you and Yang Bobo … then you should also … Sister! How do you maintain it? What brand of makeup do you have? Do you make facial masks? Which store? "
Yang night listening to the body almost fell down, quickly turned around and walked over to pull all the wives and said, "Okay, okay, it’s good to know the mistake. You all go out first. My little mother just came to need a rest. When I get settled, I’ll find you and explain it to you in detail."
Six women were pushed to the door by Yang Ye, and while they were walking, they twisted their heads and talked at Lan Yao’s chop until they were pushed out of the door by Yang Ye one by one, holding their shoulders, and finally they were sent out of the room by Yang Ye with a left arm and a right arm around their shoulders. When Xiao Xiao went out, they turned their heads and blinked at Yang Ye’s novel "Acting really like" and Xiao Xiao squeezed their eyes. "I have seen this kind of thing several times."
Said the close as yan deeply pressure bass said, "a long time ago the gentleman also installed a virgin with me?" Say that finish two women smiled at one another and looked back at Yang night at the same time, twist a head and went out quickly.
Yang night at that time, the heart was cold, and wait for a while still looked at Yang night before the door and said, "Eldest brother, is it true? Lie! "
Yang night was almost desperate. Even I saw it. I smiled and nodded. I stretched my thumb. "High! It is really high! "
Yang night nai smiled and had the strength to say to you, "You go to the little mother’s room to see how she is, and I’ll go there later."
He nodded his head and smiled at the house agent and turned out of the door.
Yang night door dejectedly walked towards the room in the past, MuYang was greeted by a surprised look at Yang night and asked, "Big brother, am I really her nephew? It turns out that the fairy sister is my relative. "
Yang night spent a wrinkly eyebrow, his lips trembled violently, and Muyangzheng held her arms and cried, "Xiaozheng, you still admit my acting skills."
Just then, the chair over there has been sitting with its head bowed and said nothing. The blue demon chop slowly raised its head and said, "Come here with a red dagger."
Yang night hesitated for a moment. Mu Yang was walking past and approached Lan Yao to cut. He was about to speak when he suddenly found that the chair was in a state of mind, but it was already late. Lan Yao cut had jumped to his side while Yang night was in a trance. He raised his finger and gently clicked his neck.
Yang night suddenly felt the body touched the high pressure, and the needle was generally numb, and then the body was tender, and the legs were soft and kneeling to the ground.
Blue demon cut squat body expressionless staring at Yang night low said "mom? Am I old? "
Yang night was soft and hung his head and struggled to say, "No, Sister Lan was treated in special circumstances. I was also forced to lie in good faith."
"Goodwill?" Lan Yao took one look at Yang Ye and his fingers touched his neck quickly and gently.
This Yang night completely lost strength and collapsed on his back, feeling sore all over his muscles like being twisted into a twist.
Blue demon cut up and left Yang night commanding "call me old? Die! " Say that finish turned away.
Yang’s continuous high-pressure torture in the lonely night has made him want to cry, foaming at the mouth, and his body is still shaking and ups and downs.
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When I came to Bai Jingjing’s room, Bai Jingjing was already asleep. Carefully, the door rushed to Yang night and made a light gesture and then waved.
Yang Ye came into the room and looked at the bed and fell asleep. Bai Jingjing sighed silently in his heart. Many times, Yang Ye would sigh like this in the face of Bai Jingjing. It is conceivable that such a woman is unwilling to be pushed around by one of her closest relatives to hurt others.
Yang Ye took out the second half page of White Sea Evil and gave it to Lu Zhong, who found it from Mu Mingfeng’s bedroom. Although it may not only be important to Bai Jingjing’s current Chinese magic, according to Lu Zhong, it may be possible to find a way to break it.
"Eldest brother, where did you get the land?" A surprise took the page and said in a low voice
"Ha ha, don’t worry about it. Just save mom." Yang Yeqing replied.
I looked down for a few times and looked up a little disappointed at Yang Ye. "Eldest brothers are all pages and don’t seem to be."
Yang Ye nodded. "I know you can see if you can cure my mother first." I said, reaching out and touching my head. "I have to go out once. You should take good care of my mother when I go out. If anything happens to my mother, my father may collapse. After all, they are an old married couple. If there is no affection, my father will not be so careless. My mother will not suffer so much without hurting my father."
Some moved to look at Yang night and nodded again. "Well, eldest brother, I know." He hesitated and approached Yang night and asked again, "Eldest brother, why didn’t South elder brother come back with you? Aren’t you going to see the domain owner together? "
Yang Ye smiled. "You still care about him?" Laughing a little shyly, Yang Ye bowed his head and said, "Okay, okay, you can rest assured that Nan Rong Magic is okay. He is different."
"Oh, who are the two girls who came with you?" I asked again, "You also made up such a big set of lies to lie to sister Xiaoxiao and them."
Yang night gave a wry smile, "I don’t lie, but I can’t imagine what will happen to them." I bowed my head and hesitated, looked up again and said, "You mustn’t tell anyone about me and Nan Rong’s magical identity, and I have to ask you one thing."
After a pause, I smiled gently. "Why don’t you believe me? I won’t talk about it, big brother. What is it? "