"LengRuiXi when can you narcissism to this point? ! When did I say I’d die with you? !”

June 6, 2024

"When I went to the undersea palace"
"That’s because I don’t know whether you are my fiance or not. If you are, I must bring you back. ! What about the princess? !”
"So if I’m not the king, then you’ll throw me away?"
This question ….. is really too sharp, because no matter what, she will never leave him! She can’t do such a thing …
Seeing her pause, he turned white and evoked a smile. "I bet because I’m sure."
This completely made Han Yiqing stunned. She looked at him and asked, "Leng Ruixi, let me ask you something … do you want to marry me home so much? !”
"You say you literally catch a woman in the street than I have a figure and appearance! But why did you hang my tree! What’s more, we really didn’t know anything about the engagement at the beginning … "He still has his pursuit of happiness! What is it that they are both bound by the engagement? !
"Do you really want to know?"
Han Yiqing froze. Of course, she wanted to know! So she nodded in confusion and looked at him with expectation. "I really want to know!" "
"Because … I think it’s good to marry a woman who is the same to me, and you are my princess. It’s good that I don’t spend my effort to find a delivery door."
His meaning is already very obvious! Then it’s this generation. He just doesn’t want to get married! But there is no way to just grab a woman and get married! But because she is his princess, and then he saves trouble and then he wants to marry her? !
Ha ha ha ….. So it’s that simple! She’s finally white! So she crawled up to him and said, "Leng Ruixi, do you really think so?"
"Well," he nodded. Han Yiqing was really excited when he nodded, and then he was very happy to say, "In that case, I will help you find a woman! Leng Ruixi, do you prefer to be fat or thin or just right? ! Do you prefer a gentle personality or a grumpy personality or a good wife and mother? !”
Leng Ruixi’s face is already very gloomy. Someone still hasn’t found it. Continue to say, "I think …"
"Don’t pick it!" He suddenly buckled her shoulder and ordered, "You’re the only one!"
Chapter 5 No one is born to be a wife.
"Well … I really want to ask what is me!" God, there are so many women. Why is it her? ! Why is she Han Yiqing? !
It’s not fair!
"LengRuiXi didn’t you always abandon me! A girl like me is the last person to be a wife! "
Leng Ruixi raised his eyebrows to fight back. "No one is born to be a wife. It takes a little training!"
"…" Han Yiqing really don’t want to say anything when he hears this answer! How can there be such a man! How could she meet such a man!
Her mouth kept twitching. "Do you want to train me later? !”
He was in favor of nodding his head. "I really had this idea."
Ah ah ah ah! She’s not going to be his target! Maybe then come up with some abnormal tricks to deal with her!
She can’t bear it! By … At this time Han Yiqing has made a decision …
* * * * Mo and Liang Yue start * * * * *
"Princess, please send me this blanket to the king!" The maid said to her, this is obviously …
"You send the past! I’m not going to his place! Not on the way! " She turned down her maid without mercy, and she was about to cry …
Han Yiqing one leng asked "why are you crying! I didn’t do anything. !” She didn’t yell at her. Why did she act like she was being bullied? She is really not white …
"Princess, I really didn’t … but I really didn’t dare to go near the king …" She would shudder at the thought of the king, not to mention sending him a blanket when he was sleeping!
This point is hitting the gun! Such a thing! They don’t have the guts to do …
Han Yiqing has a headache. They don’t want to do anything. Why do they want her? ! Won’t she be attacked if she goes? !
"Princess …" The maid looked at her with a miserable expression. Han Yiqing didn’t know what to do!
"Good good! Give me the blanket! " She took the blanket and went to that place …
Leng Ruixi lay on the swing with her hands resting on her head and her long eyelashes motionless, reflecting a shadow. Han Yiqing had hardly seen him so quiet, especially when the sun hit him so quiet.
When she gently covered him with a blanket, she suddenly woke up on the swing and grabbed her with one hand. When Han Yiqing reacted, she was facing those blue eyes …
Her heart suddenly stagnated at this time …
Why did he wake up! Really! At least get some sleep!
Two people line of sight so dry looking at who didn’t speak at this time Han Yiqing suddenly broke the silence "LengRuiXi you put your hand? It hurts to be pinched by you. "
Hearing her say this, Leng Ruixi raised his eyebrows and looked at her. "Why are you here?"
Han Yiqing directly white his one eye "LengRuiXi I really don’t know what’s wrong with you? Maids are afraid to come near you! Seeing me is like touching a straw. Give me the blanket directly! Let me send it to you! "