It’s really … indecent for two people to kill a prostitute!

June 1, 2024

"Your nephew is not sensible, please ask Big Brother for help!" Hu cried
"Sister in law … I’m the eldest brother to say you can you think about what this is? Why do you have to … force people to commit suicide in such a good marriage? There is a saying that a man with a good wife does not suffer from sudden misfortune. Would it be today without that? " Su Wen hates iron not to produce.
Several nephews hugged each other when they were children. What has this become now?
"I was wrong, big brother. Please help them." Hu kowtowed to her son and her life!
"Get up, I’ll inquire after the end. If you can save me, you won’t sit idly by. You don’t have to do this." Su Wen sighed.
"Thank you, big brother!" Hu cried
"Where do you … live now?" Su Wendao
"To tell you the truth, eldest brother and sister-in-law we … have no place to live." This year, our business plummeted, and Su Yi neglected his studies and gambled.
Ho’s sisters have mastered a part of their wealth early, and even Su Mu can’t move easily.
"Just clean up a guest room and live first. It’s not necessary for the old lady to say, Third Brother, you should know," Su Wen said
"Yes, listen to the eldest brother." Su Mu did not know that he had met his first mother. I still don’t know about it. This is not the time for impulsive things.
Su Zhen and others sent Su Mufu away and came back, saying, "Do you want the Empress to say something about this father?"
"Naturally, I want to say that I’ll go to see the empress in person in the afternoon," Su Wen said.
Now Sue’s family … It’s Su Mian’s brother and sister who make the decision. Although he is an elder, he will have to back off in a few years. After Su Lin took over, Su Lin was the owner of Su’s family.
"I’m going there. Father, don’t blame yourself too much. It’s no wonder that father" Su Zhen said.
Su Wen smiled and looked at his son and nodded. "Father knows that you go. By the way, the day before yesterday, I heard from your mother that your daughter-in-law wanted to go back to the Zhang family. Don’t be too busy to accompany her back for a walk."
"Yes, it’s my fault. I’ll accompany her back when I know there is one these days." Chapter 918 of Su Zhen’s 918 is a disgrace.
"Outside the main palace, the uncle said he had something to see the Lord." Smoke came in
Su Mian is folding a paper crane. Hard paper is hard to find. She will dye pink paper before sitting at the table, fold it little by little, and fold it carefully.
"Are you? Then call uncle into the palace "Sue cotton didn’t look up light way.
"It’s the handmaiden who will be visible at noon." Smoke way
"Well, this is folded and taken to Che Er and Huang Er for hanging." Su Miandao
"The Lord and the pursuit are really heart-to-heart. The pursuit just sent us four temples and the little princess jade wind chimes." The green finch laughed.
"Hum to throw him to jade wind chimes! Show off his wealth? " Su Mian hummed, one is jade and the other is paper. Naturally, I know which one is valuable!
"The Lord is unhappy that it is best to make paper cranes by himself. How good is it to hang them together? Lord, don’t be unhappy. "Green finch is busy.
Su Mian snorted and said nothing.
Smoke covered her mouth and went out with a smile.
Yan Gui knew about it at lunch. After lunch, she smiled and went to see the children together.
Two children are kicking their legs and stretching their arms to play. Naturally, they don’t know when their parents come.
Su Mian hugged and teased each other for a while, and then she was sleepy for a while. When she turned around, she saw Yan Gui with a spoiled smile. She only looked at her occasionally.
Su Mian felt that her face was hot. "You see what prostitute gave birth to you and you still look at me!"
"Not cotton cotton to children? It is enough for me to have an Er Shou Er "Yan Gui Dao."
"Don’t say anything after you say this. How sad it is for the children to listen!" What kind of child doesn’t expect his parents to love him? It sounds like Zhen Hao is redundant.
"I mean if cotton, cotton, children and I are treasures, which one do you not love?" Yan GUI smiled and held a small vibration.