"Oh?" Domain master one leng raised my hand and moved the red sunglasses a little bit. Looking at Nanrong Magic, I looked back at Xiupo in amazement.

May 31, 2024

Xiu Shiva’s face also has doubts. She nodded and took a step forward to see Nan Rong’s illusion and asked, "Is there a person who is more powerful than you and Red Bi? He challenged you? Have you been in contact? "
Nan Rong-Huan and Yang Ye were stunned for a whole night and asked, "Do you know both the old lady and the domain owner?"
Mrs. Yang Lao took a look back at the domain owner and said, "Has he already taken action? This treacherous fellow! "
Mrs. Yang’s face is ugly, too, but she’s worried that it’s getting weirder and weirder when she looks at Yang’s night. She stares at Mrs. Yang and asks word for word, "Old lady, tell me what’s going on?"
In the previous step, the domain master gently helped Xiupo to look at Yang Ye Nanrong and said softly, "Red Bi, you misunderstood me this time. You and the night raid may have contacted me, but Xiupo and I didn’t have an area but went to another area to negotiate."
"Negotiation? !” Yang night and south glory magic mouth with surprise way
The domain master took one look at Xiupo Xiupo and nodded at Yang Ye Nanrong and said, "Listen to me at night. There are three domain masters in charge of the region-the black domain master, the white domain master and the red domain master in front of you. Hehe, to be honest, the domain master will also have friction and contradiction. The domain master and I will negotiate with the black domain master. He has been making some insidious tricks to undermine the order under the jurisdiction of our red domain master …"
Words don’t say that finish has been interrupted by Yang night "black domain master? What tricks did he play? Destroying order includes me and Nan Rong-huan? "
"Don’t worry about hearing me out at night," Mrs. Yang nodded and continued. "Like you, there have been more and more problems in the jurisdiction of the red domain recently. We suspect that the black domain owner instructed him to repair the official position, but … the black domain owner and the big domain owner are very good, which is very bad for our red domain owner. Because the red domain owner reflected to the big domain owner and ignored it, the red domain owner went to the black domain main area negotiation."
Mrs. Yang Lao said that the domain master suddenly interrupted with a hint of indignation. "I didn’t expect you to be in danger because I negotiated with the black domain master. He promised me not to destroy my jurisdiction again, but I didn’t expect him to go back on his word when I went to talk to him …"
"That is to say, those people who appear in our school are not our people, but the main door of the black domain?" Yang night Yin face asked.
"It’s very possible." The domain master nodded. "The black domain master has a lot of practitioners and strong ability. I guess he has sent it to me to manage all kinds of damage, but to you and the night attack. It’s likely that the black domain master knew that what happened to my two practitioners. After all, the two of you were there …" Speaking of this domain master suddenly paused and then changed the subject. "The red dagger attacked you at night because of my mistake, so that I could see that you were both well."
South glory magic whisper a front looked up and said, "domain Lord you said that the black domain Lord sent XiuShi to us that is to deal with me and red Bi what will hurt our family? Make a lot of things without facing us directly! "
The domain master smiled slightly and his eyes became serious. "Hehe, this is not a game, it is a war. There is nothing on the surface of several domain masters, but the black domain masters always suppress us. In the eyes of the black domain masters, it is just a chess game. I have been a black domain major and a white domain major has been killed by the black domain major."
Yang Ye and Nan Rong’s auditory hallucinations are getting more and more intense. Yang Ye involuntarily clenched his left hand and the back of his hand. He was very excited when he looked at the south illusion. His expression seemed to be full of surprises and felt the long-lost swelling behind the red seal.
The two men were so excited that their eyes were so excited that they couldn’t speak and couldn’t make a corresponding reaction-
To complete Yuan Shikai’s return to independence after he ascended the throne, one after another, there were crises and dangers. It happened that Yang Ye and Nan Huan were trapped in isolation and assistance in a sinister situation.
Then Mu Mingfeng surfaced, which shocked the two of them and made them feel unprecedented frustration. The Hunger, the highest-practiced sorcery in the mouth, made Yang Ye and Nan Huan lose their strength even though they hated their guts.
Then Zhang Wenyu’s unexpected exposure made Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan feel desperate. If Mu Ming’s wind gave them the courage to fight to the death, Zhang Wenyu’s strength made the two monks, the ghost clan and the bone clan, completely fall into a hopeless situation.
The two of them clearly know that even a desperate battle for Zhang Wenyu is a moth to the fire and a gladiator to block the car.
All kinds of situations have plunged into darkness, and the Yang night and the south illusion, including the Yang family and the South family, have seemed to be alive at all.
However, in this case, the hope of turning the corner broke through the red print reaction shrouded in despair, and Yang Ye and Nan Huan were ecstatic at the call of the domain master. The kind of rescue and overjoyed was something that no one had experienced before and could not feel.
There is no doubt that Yang Ye and Nan Huan’s major in mental domain are the best hope. At present, all kinds of troubles around them can only be solved by the domain owner.
"What’s the matter with you? What happened to Chiyin? " The sound of cymbals broke the silence caused by this excitement. Then where are you going to change? "
Yang night huanguo to god to south magic smiled a slowly heavy nodded his head.
South magic face also laughed, stretched out his arms and hugged Yang Yeneng and the domain leader, which meant too much rescue, hope, ability, fighting and revenge …
"South Magic, do you know what I think?" Yang Ye also hugged Nan Huanli and patted him on the back. "It’s time for Mu Mingfeng to die!"
"What the hell are you talking about?" I don’t know why, but I’m also a little excited. "Is Big Brother stronger to deal with Mu Mingfeng?"
Yang Ye and Nan Huan-fen looked at each other and smiled. Nan Rong-huan gave Yang Ye a push. "I’m not content when you surpass me so much," Yang Ye said. "You’d better control your physical evil. If you mutate, I won’t go easy on you!"
Yang Ye slightly stunned and understood Nan Huan’s eyes, smiled and knew that he was trying to earn a face in front of him, so he nodded and said, "Okay, Nan Huan, I know that you just didn’t try your best and I don’t know your strength?" He quickly glanced at one side. "Even if I have evil energy, it may not exceed your absolute strength!"
South magic tacit understanding to look at the Yang night expression is curled his mouth very confident nodded.
"Ya Nan Ge didn’t expect you to be so powerful!"
South magic outfit calm smile looked at growing suddenly frowning slightly said doubtfully, "growing I’m really worried about Yang night now body into the evil can there be any repetition? What changes have caused him? "
Dazed for a while, he slowly shook his head and said, "I don’t think so. I said that the eldest brother didn’t change his blood, but it was witchcraft ability after all."
South magic twist a head to look at the Yang night Yang night also nodded. South magic turned around and looked at it and said, "Can the so-called good and evil be completely compatible with each other?" You must study this problem clearly and see what you find in those pages of Jianan Classical? "
Yang night a listen to the in the mind also sank a south magic worry unreasonable Yang night again remind of the Zhang Wenyu said to him from red to black that sentence since this witchcraft is professor Zhang Wenyu to MuMingFeng that Zhang Wenyu must control a lot of …
"Well, I will definitely find out." I nodded seriously and turned around to go and asked, "So where are you two?"