"You can massage whatever you want, but you can press which part of my body and I will feel comfortable." Yan Shaoqiu, however, is a veteran in love. He immediately said flirtatiously with the eyes of No.3 Alishan girl.

May 30, 2024

Yan Shaoqiu teased No.3 Alishan girl, but she didn’t respond. She continued to help Yan Shaoqiu massage her head.
Many people’s massage industry is an improper industry, otherwise it is an informal massage industry, which is the lowest level. In the real massage industry, massage girls are all buskers and don’t sell themselves. They massage a clock for you, at least those who do massage in special industries need ten times as much money as a clock. These Alishan girls in Baiyun Entertainment Club are senior masseurs who are buskers and don’t sell themselves.
After massaging the head, it is the massage hand No.3 Alishan girl. When Sandy jade hand gave it to Yan Shaoqiu, Yan Shaoqiu couldn’t help it. He grabbed the girl’s hand and teased, "Why are your hands so soft and comfortable to touch?"
"Please respect yourself, sir. I’m here to give you a massage, not something special." No.3 Alishan girl blushed, but she said firmly
"Yo, you’re shy. You’re really pure. You’re a girl from Alishan, Taiwan Province. It’s not the first time I’ve come here for a massage. Besides, it’s just that. It’s not too much to touch your little hand. I won’t eat you."
When I heard this No.3 Alishan girl say that he wanted to respect himself, Yan Shaoqiu smiled and said that he was even less self-respecting and teased this girl.
Jiang Yuhe is a massage table not far from Yan Shaoqiu. He can hear Yan Shaoqiu clearly. He knows that this Yan Shaoshao must be the No.3 Alishan girl. Jiang Yuhe is still very honest at this time. It’s not that he is indifferent but Yan Shaoqiu. He doesn’t have the guts to flirt with women here.
Yan Shaoqiu doesn’t have an unfair woman in his eyes, and so does the fact. He has the impression that if he is a woman, whether she is an intellectual lady or a dignified white-collar pure college student, she can find ways to soak up foreign girls in Chapter 4.
Chapter 4 milli-detection
It is precisely because he is invincible in picking up girls that he has always regarded women as playthings. No matter how beautiful a girl is, he will feel awed and abandon it after playing for a week. Yan Shaoqiu is a girl who has been seen by all kinds of women. He is still ten years old, and it should not be a difficult thing for him to hook up with her.
Massage is a special industry, although there are formal and informal points, but whether it is formal massage or informal massage, the massage women are almost all beautiful girls, even if the regular massage technicians are touched by the guests, it is not a matter of taking advantage of the jokes. After all, how many men who come to massage are not hormonal?
After hearing Yan Shaoqiu say this, No.3 Alishan girl has nothing to say. Continue to help Yan Shaoqiu massage.
Yan Shaoqiu was in the massage room with Jiang Yuhe. At this time, a white Ferrari came outside the Baiyun Entertainment Club. It was after receiving Jing Ge’s words that he came to Zhouyi.
Jingge meets Zhouyi at the door. Although he is a character now, he still thinks of himself as the younger brother of Zhouyi as before, because he knows that all he has now is given by Zhouyi. Without Zhouyi, he would not be today.
This is the so-called death of a confidant. Zhouyi discovered Jingge Jingge will naturally follow Zhouyi to the front.
"Where is that guy Yan Shaoqiu?"
As soon as Zhouyi saw Jing Ge, he asked him to come here so late this evening, Yan Shaoqiu, or he wouldn’t have made a trip in person to let Li Hao make that mistake. He was out picking up girls.
"Eldest brother, I do things you can rest assured that Yan Shaoqiu and Jiang Yuhe, his minions, have gone to the massage room for massage. They ordered two Alishan girls. That Yan Shaoqiu still has some urgent colors to flirt with massage technicians. This little ten has not known that this has become our sphere of influence."
Jing Ge replied
"Then take me to the monitoring room now. I have to confirm whether this guy is Yan Shaoqiu or not. If you mistake someone for me, I can work in vain tonight," Zhou Yi said.
So Jingge and Zhouyi came to the monitoring room, the massage room and the situation monitoring room. But from Yan Shaoqiu’s smirked expression, he must have continued to flirt with No.3 Alishan girl.
"Boss, this guy is Yan Shaoqiu, right?"
Jingge asked Zhouyidao
"Yes, this guy is the cousin Yan Shaoqiu of the new Wang of the West Lake. You haven’t seen Yan Shaoqiu before, but you recognized this guy at a glance with your own search data. This is a beautiful thing to do." Zhou Yixiao said to Jing Ge and praised Jing Ge.
"Eldest brother, you said that knowing yourself and knowing yourself can win every battle, so I paid special attention to these guys Yan Shaoqiu and Yan Shaogu. Their photos are deeply imprinted on my mind. I can recognize them at a glance when I get to them."
Jing Ge got praise from Zhouyi and laughed.
"Yan Shaoqiu, this guy is not the thing, but he encouraged Yan Shaogu to send someone to kill me. He really took my warning as a sentence. We were all very busy some time ago and didn’t have time to deal with this small one. This time, he delivered the door himself. I will teach him a lesson. I want this guy to know that my Zhouyi speech is absolutely not nonsense. He will pay a painful price for violating my warning."
Yan Shaoqiu, the monitor screen of Zhouyi, said that when Yan Shaoqiu retaliated against Mu Hongdou, Zhouyi let him go, which was a severe warning. He didn’t expect this guy to find Yan Shaogu for revenge because he was unrepentant. This time, Zhouyi will not let this guy go.
"Boss, do you want to catch him now?"
Jing Ge asked
"Don’t arrest him yet, let him be happy. When he is happiest, we will go to him and make him understand what it means to go from heaven to hell."
Zhouyi narrowed his eyes and said