"I’m not Xin Bei, my name is Ya Ziling, and I’m An Xin Bei … Guardian Elf Rose." Ya Ziling weakly spit out a sentence, "Master Xin Bei, I really don’t like Gu Linxuan. Ziling did something wrong. I hope Master Xin Bei won’t worry, otherwise you will be upset."

May 29, 2024

"Purple spirit you don’t say, ok? I was wrong. "An Xinbei shook his head desperately, and a string of tears pattered away.
"Gu Linxuan, if you don’t take good care of Xin Bei later, I won’t let you go." Yaziling gave Gu Linxuan a bad warning.
"I’m sorry that Xin Bei Zi Ling Fa will protect you any more." Her beautiful light gray pupil closed her mouth forever and she smiled for the first time in her life (Mo Xing, well, I confess that I wrote this play badly. I wonder if anyone can forgive me? )
—————————————————————— Ziling Confessions ☆—————————————————
I am a fairy from rosa multiflora. I was born to protect the little princess An Xinbei of Huadu. She is really beautiful, just like a fairy.
According to the rules of the guardian elves, the guardian elves are not allowed to have emotional protection, and the guardian must be safe and happy. It is necessary to make the guardian not be harmed at all, but I can predict the future of the guardian but I don’t know my future. In this way, I watched her safely for 16 years, and when she was 17 years old, the prophecy told me that Xinbei would have a big disaster, but she would eventually spend it safely, so I was not at ease.
Looking at her and Gu Linxuan is a little sweet. She doesn’t need me anymore. She has to be guarded by another person. I don’t know that I have feelings since then. I am a little scared.
Later, the king of all animals wanted to marry Xin Bei, and then she was unhappy and simply didn’t eat anything. I felt sorry for her, but I couldn’t find a way.
She suspects that I designed to break her up and told Gu Linxuan that I like Gu Linxuan. It’s hard for me to explain that I don’t know what love is because I hate my roots because of love. I mean you, not him!
In the end, Shiying tried to kill her, and I blocked the sword for her. I think this is my destiny. I was destined to give birth to her and die. (ps Shiying loves Yaziling, but when Shiying asked her name, she didn’t call Yaziling Yaziling. The name An Xinbei helped her choose it. She said that she was An Xinbei … the guardian elf rose.) [Mo Xing, I know that I failed in writing, but I really can’t write this drama. Besides, it’s hard to write a K if I write too many words]
——————————————————— ★ Back to reality ☆——————————————————————————
"How about Princess Bingxuan?" The president of that drama club carefully sound out her reaction.
"eh?" Ice Xuan return to absolute being "not bad, just modify it later", she said lazily.
"So Princess Bingxuan agreed to perform?" The president of the drama club was surprised and happy.
"Well, what do you want me to play?" It’s rare for Bing Xuan to perform a school drama. You know, she even refused international blockbusters before.
"That Princess Bingxuan plays the role of Ziling Night Shadow Wang Shiying, Su Yu Wang plays Gu Linxuan, Yuan Qing plays An Xinbei, and then I will find someone to play him in the supporting role?" The president of the drama club asked for their opinions.
"Can" ice xuan said first.
"Well," Mu Yeying muttered to herself reluctantly, "Why should Bing Xuan and I play a pair of bad karma mandarin ducks? It’s really uncomfortable
"Er, I’ll try." Yuan Qing reluctantly sighed. How to play such a confused girl! And let Ziling die.
"I agree" Su Yu took Yuan Qing’s hand without hesitation.
"That’s great, thank you, princess kings." The president of the drama club was so excited and ecstatic at this time that he didn’t expect the princess kings to be difficult to get close to at ordinary times. Now it seems that there is no root, especially Princess Bing Xuan is not indifferent at all.
"Well, you can go. I’ll give it to you after the play is revised." Mu Yeying waved his hand to let him go
"Oh oh" drama club president just want to leave was stopped by ice xuan.
"Wait, when is the rehearsal?" Bing Xuan asked him
"How long will it take the princess kings to perform skillfully?" He considered the words to ask
"Less than a week." Bing Xuan’s understatement surprised the president. "Less than a week?" When he received the dangerous eyes of others, he immediately changed his tune to "I … I know, so be it." As soon as the voice fell, he disappeared.
In the next week, everyone rehearsed nervously and tried to do their best when performing formally.
"Shadow elder brother, are you tired? Have a drink. "On this day, when they finished rehearsing, Xu Qingling ran to wipe his forehead sweat and handed him the water by the way.
"Thank you" Mu Yeying raised a shallow radian at her mouth.
"You’re welcome" Xu Qingling’s eyes are filled with heart.
Yuan Qing and Su Yu looked at the two of them and looked at each other. They both saw it in their eyes, but what should the three of them do? Now there is another Ye Yan, and things have become more complicated.
Bing Xuan saw this scene, but she didn’t say anything. She walked out of the performance room alone and walked to the school gate.
"Hey, Bing Xuan, why are you waiting for us?" Yi Lin didn’t see the ice Xuan walked out of the distance and was anxious to recover.
"Alas, it seems that I can’t chase it." Yi Lin looked at the ice Xuan and sighed. Suddenly there was a whirlwind blowing next to her. After the wind stopped, she didn’t see clearly that the man was bathing in the night shadow just now.
"Did he go after Bing Xuan?" Yi Lin cocked his head and asked them to look very puzzled.
Xu Qingling bowed her head and her heart was full of lost shadows. Brother, I can’t compare with Zuo Bingxuan, can I? If she fails or betrays you, will you put your heart on me?
….. People are dead to her. How can there be such a dull person like her! Is this still the former An Yilin?
"Okay, okay, let’s go, wife." Mu Han dragged Yi Lin away from the scene and let them go to Ying and Bing Xuan. It’s better to deal with emotional affairs by themselves.
"Aye aye, what are you doing? Don’t drag me away! " Yi Lin protested with strong dissatisfaction (Mo Xing, why don’t you protest? Can’t beat him? Yi Lin, I didn’t beat him! Desert Star: Oh, that’s how you feel about him. Yi Lin blushes and stutters. Who … Who feels about him? Mo xing, well, everyone knows)
What is wrong with me? Walking down the street, Bing Xuan asked herself if she was really jealous of walking so fast without waiting for others. No, this isn’t me. Has the night shadow really changed me a lot, including being jealous? Is this good or bad for me? Will I just lose my sensitivity and alertness? As she walked, she thought about it and didn’t notice a car coming towards her at a high speed.
"Peng" She hit the car and flew out along a parabola. She laughed at herself, and it turned out that she was not alert at all. It was getting noisy around her. She fainted when she heard an anxious sound from Mu Yeying.
The words spit out by the crowd of "idiot" girls in black are as cold as those floating out of hell.
She felt as if she had been asleep for a long time. When she woke up, there was no sound around her. She gently moved her eyelids and slowly opened them.
It’s the hospital again. She smelled the disinfectant in the air and looked at the bedside, showing lack of sleep. Everyone felt a little guilty that they had been in the hospital more recently, which caused everyone to take care of themselves. Was it because I was never in the hospital before?
"Bing Xuan, are you all right?" Yi Lin was the first to gather together her head.
"I have nothing to worry about. How long have I been sleeping?" Ice Xuan pulled a corner of his mouth and motioned for them to rest assured.