In fact, the number of people in the pike camp from the Xiliang headquarters led by his father is very small now. Those Xiliang soldiers have been distributed to the military ministries with the adaptation of Jingzhou Army several times, but what is this for Zhang Xiu and Zhang Quan’s father?

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After the pike camp, the Flying Bear Army, Shanyue Camp, Qingqi Camp and other ministries passed through the tower in turn. When Zhao Yun led a thousand Qingqi to appear, the tower suddenly gave a sigh of depression.
"PSST … these horses are from Liangzhou, right? Hey, look at the horses! " Although I have heard about riding a famous horse for a long time, many people have witnessed it for the first time today.
Next to someone whispered "isn’t it? If it weren’t for these magnificent steeds, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the armor of the soldiers. Besides, these men’s spears and halberds look quite heavy. I’m afraid this armor will weigh dozens of pounds? "
"I’m afraid it’s not very flexible with such heavy armor?" Looking at the well-protected soldiers, someone worried and asked
Immediately, there was a person who didn’t understand it. "Is it necessary for such fighters to collide with each other?" One can knock people out! Who can resist this if the army runs fast? No wonder Jiangdong pacified Qiang Bing in less than a year. It is really a blessing for Jingzhou! "
I don’t know who whispered in the corner, "Qiang Bing is strong, but this flower is really fierce …"
When the words were not finished, they were gently stopped by others. "Shh! What are you talking about? It’s not like Jingzhou can’t afford such an iron horse. Don’t you look at who’s standing in front of it? " When this man woke up, the talent realized that there were still a few outsiders in the tower at this time, so he quietly shrank his neck and never spoke again. I don’t know if those in front heard it. I hope not. But even if you hear it, you can see that a cavalry used to be so swaying. If it weren’t for blindness, you can see that Wang Lang and Wang Lei and others are certainly not blind. They are surprised or heavy, but their hearts are equally horrified …
☆, Chapter 9 View soldiers to gain momentum and have different thoughts.
Wang Langming, Wang Yanzi, Jingxing, a teacher of Tancheng in the East China Sea, was worshipped by Taiwei Yang Ci because of his knowledge of classics, and later by Xuzhou secretariat Tao Qianju, Mao Cai, when he was engaged in Jizhi Taishou, he was defeated by Sun Ce, and Cao Cao’s expedition to Jingzhou was intended to "watch the soldiers", but he did not expect that Liu Cong would be invited to the rostrum for military parade.
At the beginning, Sun Ce led the troops to sweep across Jiangdong, and Wang Lang once raised his troops to resist him. It seems that Sun Ce was already a tiger and wolf division, but who would have expected that Jiangdong would change hands less than a year after Sun Ce died? Wang Lang didn’t feel anything when the former Wen Pin and other departments passed through the city, but the visual impact of light riding was too strong. It was because Wang Lang also took the troops that he was shocked.
Although Wang Lang did not arrive in Xudu for a long time, he also had a certain understanding of Cao Cao’s military strength, especially after Yuan Shao’s Guandu War, although Cao Jun won, his strength also suffered considerable losses. Otherwise, Cao Cao would not have sent Wang Lang to Jingzhou.
For Liu cong and Cao Cao, we have never let our guard down. Even in Guandu War, some troops were left behind in the rear, and even the most urgent ones were not easily transferred to prevent Jingzhou troops.
Later, sending Coss to station troops in Yangcheng did not prevent Liu Bei and Liu Cong from attacking Xudu jointly. After Liu Bei crossed the river to Yuan Shao and Cao Cao, he paid more attention to Jingzhou.
Although the two sides have not yet torn their faces, they both know that there will be more violent conflicts sooner or later. It is the current situation that makes both sides dare not act rashly.
Wang Lang’s heart began to worry, and Wang Lei, the messenger, also felt a twinge of tightness.
Wang Lei, who was engaged in the rebellion in Yizhou last year, was very clear about the cause and process of the rebellion. When Jingzhou soldiers went to Shu to help Wang Lei, he didn’t feel anything wrong, but almost everyone in Yizhou recognized that it was only 3,000 troops, and he definitely wouldn’t have any other purpose. However, as Jingzhou troops grew stronger in the process of counterinsurgency, some people secretly became wary. Zhuge Liang acted cautiously and never revealed anything. These people were so suspicious that they never said anything to Liu Zhang.
After the rebellion was put down, Jingzhou soldiers wiped out the remnants of the rebels and occupied most of Badong County, which made Yizhou people object. Then Zhuge Liang gathered his troops and settled in Tunzha Wuxian County, but they could not pursue them hard again.
The name of this mission to Jingzhou is to thank Liu cong for sending troops to Sichuan to help. In fact, it is Wang Lei who strives to come to Jingzhou to see for himself. He thought to himself that if the Jingzhou army attacked Yizhou, even if there were mountains and rivers, it could be based on the moment. If it was attacked in Chengdu, the ending could be imagined. What should Wang Lei do in the face of such a strong enemy?
In addition to these two, Sun Gan, the special envoy of Liu Bei, was invited by Liu Cong.
Compared with Wang Lei of Wang Lang, Sun Gan is calm at this time, sometimes holding his beard and nodding slightly, and sometimes smiling at his mouth. It is better for Sun Gan to have powerful allies.
Since Liu Bei arrived in Qingzhou, he has been warmly received by Yuan Tan, which not only allocated several counties to station Liu Bei, but also allowed him to collect taxes and raise troops.
Liu Bei’s choice to go to Qingzhou, in addition to seeing Yuan Tan’s attitude, said that "Cang Ba and other old things can be secretly connected" is not to fool Lombardi into coming.
In Chuping and Xingping years, the local armed forces in the north began to master this kind of armed men, some of whom were aristocratic families, some were powerful and powerful; There are self-proclaimed generals who fight for territory, and there are forces attached to all parties. Among them, Cang Ba and others represent Qing Xu.
Cang Ba and others came from a lower social class and lived in a big family at that time. Their activities were different from those of Liu Cong, Cao Cao, Liu Bei and other ambitious people. After Tao Qian’s death, Cang Ba and other human resources were attached to the banner, trying to give birth to them. First, they helped Lu Bu, then Cao Cao, Cang Ba, and evil spirits. Wu Dun Licheng was the satrap, Sun Guan, Beihai was the satrap, Sun Kang was the satrap, Zhong Sunxian, and the two counties of Chengyang, where Sun Kang brothers were located, belonged to Qingzhou and Xuzhou.
In Guandu War, Cao Cao was in a difficult situation. Instead of taking advantage of the time to seek benefits for Cao Cao, Cang Ba continued to support Cao Cao. After the war, Cang Ba and Sun Guan and other generals also sent their younger brothers’ families to pledge their loyalty to Cao Cao.
For them, whoever is powerful will depend on him. This is the law of life for the weak in troubled times. Liu Bei has something in common with them. However, the biggest difference between Liu Bei and them is that Liu Bei is not limited to immediate interests. He wants to fight for the whole day!
At the beginning, Liu Bei, Cang Ba and others in Xuzhou and how much personal friendship they had only seen on some occasions at most, and when Lu Bu sought Xuzhou, Qing Xu’s strongmen chose to help Lu Bu get Liu Bei. However, now that Liu Bei is going to let bygones be bygones, these things will naturally not happen again.
However, it is not difficult to get the support of Cang Ba and others. When Guandu fought Cao Cao, it was so dangerous. Cang Ba and others never rebelled in dispatch troops. Now that Cao Cao has won, will the Qing Xu strongmen betray Cao Cao?
At this time, if you want to convince these guys who have milk and are girls, you must let them see that they have the strength to compete with Cao Cao. Otherwise, even if Liu Bei wears the aura of a kind elder, he will never win the loyalty of Cang Ba and others
So what about showing your strength? Liu Bei has a lot of experience in this respect!
Sun Gan’s trip to Jingzhou started from Qingzhou and went straight to Xiangyang via Xuzhou Danyang. On the way, he naturally met Cang Ba and others and talked about what was going on in the end. That is not humane.
However, it is clear that Liu Bei is now living in Qingzhou, but Yuan Tan is thick and has an ally of Liu Cong. Isn’t that strength?
When Sun Gan’s team started from Qingzhou, more than 50 people went to Xiangyang, and there were actually more than 200 people.
Riding alone caused a great impact on the guests of the tower, and then passing through the cannon camp from the city did not cause much surprise. Some people even "poof" laughed. Compared with Wei’s serious killing, riding mules, pulling horses and pulling carts, it was quite funny and messy. Although there were also people with deep minds who saw at a glance that those carts were neatly packed and tightly tied with belts and ropes, it was terrifying, but the thundercar was not assembled. Liu Cong did not seem to hear those slight commotions and low laughter. His waistcoat was full.
☆ Chapter 10 Agitate all parties to design skillfully
After the military parade, there was a martial arts performance. This martial arts venue was chosen around noon in the mountainous area outside the city. After the military parade, the ministries buried pots and cooked for a short rest, and then they moved directly to the northwest mountain.
The commander-in-chief of Liu Congshen’s army naturally wants to go to all parties. The guests are willing to follow the concept of arms, but they don’t want to go or force Wang Lang, Wang Lei and others to miss this opportunity. It was Sun Gan who said something quietly to his "attendants" and finally decided to go together.
Although the number of military forces participating in this autumn exercise is controlled by more than a thousand people, there are still 7 thousand troops in total. After the departure, the standard is like a sword and a cold, and the long queue rolls like the same dragon.
In this era, Xiangyang city is naturally not as big as later generations, but because there are many fertile fields outside the Han water conservancy city, it is already late autumn, and there is nothing in the field. However, the army is still marching along the road and has not trampled on the field.
Nowadays, the composition of Jingzhou Army is quite complicated, including Liu Cong’s army composed of refugees and landowners in Nanyang, and soldiers from Zhang Xiu’s army in Xiliang, as well as Lu Bu’s old army, Chen Gong’s old army in Jiangdong Mountain Yueying, Lv Meng and other jiangdong generals. In addition, it can be said that all the original Jingzhou armies have such an army mixed with soldiers from different regions and origins. How can it be integrated in the shortest time to make it forbidden to act like an armyman?
Apart from strengthening military discipline, the best way to avoid war at present is to conduct military exercises.
Unlike the simple array drill, Liu Cong arranged to conduct a series of simulated actual combat exercises such as offensive and defensive warfare, mountain warfare and step-riding confrontation for several days, and also evaluated the performance of each army in this exercise, and finally selected the winner for praise.
This kind of practical and confrontational exercise was used to by all the troops in Nanyang before, but it was still very new to many new soldiers in Jingzhou Army, and there were also many questions.
More than 30 miles outside the city is the mountain. After arriving at the predetermined position one after another, the ministries set up camp according to the wartime requirements. There are mountains, rivers, throats and others that continue to go deep into the mountains.
Because all the ministries didn’t carry the trench as required, the camp they set up looked very humble, but the watchtower, fence, antlers and horses were all available.
Of course, not all camps are the same. For example, the camps set up by Shanyue Camp will fully benefit from the fact that a row of village walls will be set up at the critical points of the terrain, which will cover the soldiers in the camp.
"Brother Cheng, it’s still good to dig a trench here, and if it’s not reinforced, it’s easy to be breached by the enemy’s strong forces, and our army will be divided into two sections immediately." Lv Meng arranged his own affairs and went to the camp to patrol around and solve the problems immediately after finding them.
When just a thought nods "what is said! It was an oversight. "
They did not return to Jiangdong to enter the 3rd Battalion after Wen Pin pacified Jiaozhou. Instead, Liu Congxin set up a bugle "fighting camp" to win over coach. A captain, Lv Meng, was in charge of more than 100 people. The hundred foot soldiers were also like the sword and shield soldiers, the main auxiliary spearmen and a small number of archers in the camp with more than 10 Qingqi scouts.
"It is more important to fight in the mountains unless it is defended by the director of our department." Lv Meng squinted at the heavy mountains and said thoughtfully, "General, choosing this place to practice martial arts is bound to have a purpose …"
Cheng Dang didn’t have as much thoughts as he did. "The general’s actions are naturally meaningful. Let’s just mind our own business!"
"Otherwise!" Lv Meng shook his head. "Wouldn’t it be better to know the general’s meaning as soon as possible and prepare as soon as possible than to come in a blur?" Now that the general will set his arms in the mountains, it seems that the next step is to fight Yizhou! "
"oh? That’s not necessarily so, is it? If you talk like this, it is possible to hit Hanzhong! " Cheng Dang said with a smile, "You have to go out of the mountain to hit those places, right?"
Lv Meng turned to see his one eye and said, "Hanzhong? Will never be to play in Hanzhong, if you don’t take the profit to collect Hanzhong first, even if it is occupied, it will be difficult to last … "
After listening to the drums beating in the Chinese military camp, Lu Meng’s face turned sour and nodded. "Please go to the Chinese military camp first to listen to the order!"
When Lv Meng arrived at the central military camp, most of the leaders of the big tents had already arrived at Lv Meng’s junior position and low military rank, so he could naturally accompany the last seat.
Just after the case of Liu Congshuai, the generals got up from the Hu bed and gave a "Hua" sound from the friction of the armor. Liu Conghuan looked around at the generals and said, "This military exercise is that our Jingzhou army has never had a scale before all the rules. At this time, it is necessary to say something. Maybe there are people who don’t understand that this military exercise is no longer organized? You should be aware of the fact that most battlefields do not specify encounters, ambushes, ambushes, etc. at will. Mountains, forests, hills and rivers can be battlefields everywhere! If it has not been rehearsed, what should I do? "
"The terrain here is very complicated. There are cliffs that can be defended according to risks, and rivers that pass through mountains, high forests, dense plains and hills. There are advantages for attack and defense, such as fighting, but you should all try your best!"
The generals generously promised Liu Cong a nod, "So I will wipe my eyes and see whether the attacker is sharp or the defender is tight!"
The crowd or rubbing their hands or confidence one hundred times out of the tent and then rushed back to the ministries separately.
Bretz walked out of the tent and took a deep breath with a slight coolness.
"This military exercise is bound to stir up the anxiety of all parties." Jia Xu said to Liu Cong in a low voice behind him. "I’m afraid my face changed when I saw Wang Lang, Wang Lei and others in the military parade. I’m very impressed with the combat power of Jingzhou Army. If they go back and make a little rendering, I’m afraid it will have some adverse effects on our future strategy."
Bretz nodded his head. He mused, "Our army has strong combat capability. Even if they don’t say anything, don’t others know?"? I hope that after this military exercise, Jingzhou will have a period of peaceful and stable development, and it will only take another year or two, but I hope it will be more chaotic outside during this period! Only in this way can we pull the bigger the gap between their strengths, and the more convenient it is for me! "
Jia Xu laughed a bit cold. "Liu Xuande is not chaotic in the north?"
"Sir, how can we light a fire in the north and then add fuel to the fire?" Although Liu cong has a strong ability to wrap Liu Bei in chaos, the current situation has long been very different from the original history. Wouldn’t Liu Beijian be betting on himself if he fell off the chain at any moment?