Renee Doyle immediately changed color.

June 20, 2024

She tried to withdraw her hand, but she couldn’t come
Several long sharp black tubes pierced her hand from the virtual appearance and fixed her in place, and then moved a fraction.
Eldest brother cold way
"The law of fate gave birth to three goddesses, and today I erased their original fate wings-the last replacement."
An illusory figure beside him gradually solidified with the appearance.
-Renee Doyle
Another Renee Doyle!
But this Renee Doyle looks more beautiful, pure and simple, with a natural color of compassion.
A sound comes.
"What is this?"
Boss raised eyebrows and saw Gu Qingshan coming out in a white mist.
He finished the punch and returned to the frozen world again.
A seal made entirely of limestone lay quietly in his hand.
The boss looked at the seal and said, "Did you get the fifth seal?"
"Well, all six pieces of debris have been blown out by me and scattered in the virtual turbulence."
"Now there is the sixth seal-by the way, what did you tell me about the sixth seal?" Gu Qingshan asked
"History is unaffected, and the original process has been maintained. Everything happens in the original order," the boss said.
He pointed to the virtual shadow of Renee Doyle beside him and said, "I’m just about to finish this step."
The Renee Doyle nodded and smiled at Gu Qingshan.
"Who’s this?" Gu Qingshan asked with fuels.
"She’s the real Renee Doyle who was born with the Double Tree of Destiny," the boss said.
"How do you know her?" Gu Qingshan asked
"I’ve always known her. When I saw her when I was very young, she was able to communicate with me privately over her body and tell me everything, but I didn’t have a chance to help her regain control of her body until today," the boss said.
The boss disdains to tell any lies about such things.
That’s what it really is
Gu Qingshan nodded silently.
….. so everything makes sense.
Every time the boss talks to Renee Doyle, he is either deliberately acting or communicating with the real Renee Doyle.
In fact, what he really likes is not the three goddesses of fate, but the birth of the double tree of fate, the girl Renee Doyle.
"She … I did too much, and many difficult times were spent with me quietly, and I deceived the two fates and pretended not to know."
The boss said quietly
Renee doll virtual shadow gently looked at him and gently shook his head and said a words.
Gu Qingshan couldn’t hear this sentence, but he listened carefully.
Boss shook his head and said, "Don’t talk about whether Crotto or Atropos are manipulated by doomsday. I won’t keep them."
"The real destiny girl, the only thing I care about in this era is Renee Doyle."
"I will release my last strength to help you regain your body!"
Chapter five hundred and ten Real her
Atropos occupied Renee Doyle’s body and was stuck in many black pipes and moved by body method.
"No, I’m the three goddesses of fate. You can’t kill me!"
She shouted in despair
Fate terminated armor. Her body kept showing, trying to offset the black pipe stab, but it didn’t work.
Boss held out his hand and made a gesture.
The poor Milky Way appeared behind him again, spinning around him like a hurricane.
Atropos called to an abrupt end and fell into a coma.
The gods shed tears, and the fate ended. The armor was unloaded from her body and gently floated aside.
The boss stared at the side shadow deeply.
-the real Renee Doyle
"I have stripped her of her strength and can no longer control your body. You can go," he said seriously
Renee Doyle nodded and said something to the boss.
The boss smiled gently and explained, "As I said before, whether it’s doomsday or destiny, power, artifacts, or your body’s mastery of talent will disappear completely, and you will be like a baby again."
Renee Doyle bowed their heads and thought for a moment and smiled at the boss Zhan Yan.
She flew towards her original body.
When she returned to her body, the boss made another gesture.
The star whirled around like a gorgeous star storm.
With the boss’s gesture, these starlight departments merged into Renee Doyle’s eyebrows and formed a star with a bright and bright light.
This star shines on Renee Doyle and three virtual shadows emerge.
-the three sisters of fate, Crotto, Lachise and Atropos.
Renee Doyle opened her eyes and looked at the three fates.