Yi shook his head like dizziness and said reluctantly, "I’m fine. What did you see from your angle just now?"

June 19, 2024

Gu Ming said what he had seen, looked up at it, but was surprised. "Why is that mirror gone?"
Just say that finish see yi pointed to his head and still a pair of want to cry.
"ah? What’s going on in your head? "
"I ran in without knowing where I was, and now my brain is like a light bulb. I can’t figure out the cause of the incident at the moment. Tell you, I want to think about it quietly. Will you go back first?"
"That … elder brother yi, you should be careful." Guming trembles and finally agrees.
Easy to send her out of the pagoda and return to the virtual environment, her expression suddenly became dignified, and she sat cross-legged at the altar and closed her eyes.
All parts of the body are calm, but the plough palace is a rough sea of blood. The mirror is deadlocked and irrelevant. The red and white colors in the blood mirror are intertwined.
Dragon now also belongs to the blood dragon faucet, which rises out of the sea and raises its neck and makes a loud roar. A pair of dragon eyes are angry and open, and hot flames are sprayed from time to time to attack the dry mirror.
The number of blood spirits seems to have been frightened by the suppression department’s hiding at the bottom of the sea. Blood guards and white water make waves on the sea.
The extremely irregular rotation speed of the dry mirror makes it difficult for the mind to distinguish the light emitted, like a number of colorful dazzling.
It is neither dazzling nor weak, but gentle. The milky light is semi-transparent and full of a holy and pure breath, as if it has reached an extreme.
Now it’s easy to regret not falling, and the previous guesses were all wrong. The dry mirror is not regardless of the blood of the highest day palace and Tianlong, but suddenly finds the right time to escape into it.
How could he have thought that the dry mirror, a physical substance, could also escape into the brain? It was a subversion of the concept of fixing truth.
To say that Crimson Lotus Jian, a magic weapon made of gold and iron, can be easily accepted. After all, this is a special practice, and several martyrs went to the front to find out this collar.
And the dry mirror Crimson Lotus sword is two concepts unless it is a pure energy body.
Yi can’t figure out the dry mirror substance, but this guess is probably true. I don’t think about it except this explanation.
Nowadays, Ganyang Mirror seems to be trying to wipe out the sea of blood and Tianlong will try his best to drive him out of the body.
God’s reading the root method works, and whenever it is close, it will be dissolved, and the true qi will be blocked by the mirror light, which is just like taking root in the brain.
"The highest plough palace is the product of uniting the highest plough solution. Later, it was directly triggered by the blood of the sea, which robbed the thunder and killed it. Then it camped in Tianlong. This time, the dry mirror escaped to destroy them. Shouldn’t this highest plough palace be formed? It’s an outrage, an accident, a series of accidents … "
Yi Yue thinks more and more angry, and his fingers are shaking. How can you cultivate Yuan Shen in this state?
At this time, it is easy to hate myself. At the beginning, greed made so many foreign objects. Without them, I don’t know how much I would have stopped.
He also hated the secret book for remembering so many magical powers and spells that he couldn’t finish learning until now he didn’t have a master. They were all common but not proficient.
Nowadays, all kinds of things are made by greed in my heart, which adds a few troubles for no reason.
Moreover, the plough palace is a mess, and the vibration and roar are easily upset like thunder, so calm down.
When you are in a hurry, it is like driving the dry mirror out of the body. The more you think about it, the more annoying it is. There is no countermeasure. The altar is turning around like a cat on hot bricks.
In a different way of thinking, imagination is easy to understand, and the eyes are bright. "I can’t drive the dry mirror but I can drive the blood sea!" Pour it out and don’t believe it’s still in the body. "
Do it at the thought of it, and immediately bring up the blood-out-of-body mirror without stopping it, and slightly reduce the shining range
The green curtain and the sea of blood became the mysterious curtain, and it flew out of the body and immediately turned against it.
Xuan muddy god curtain suddenly spread into a blood fog shape and covered the altar firmly, and then there was a burst of crazy shaking, and several blood spirits reappeared, one by one with a hideous color, which was easy to lose.
At the same time, a bloodthirsty desire rises from the heart, and it is easy for eyes to gradually spread out tiny bloodshot hearts.
He hurriedly pinched the tactic to control it, but the mysterious curtain seemed to be out of control. Can the spirit pinch or not put that mysterious connection as if it were cut off by a force?
Easy emotions are violent, like there is an evil fire burning desire, and the brain struggles left and right, stamping hard and rushing out of the virtual environment.
There are two people sitting in a cave two meters apart.
The light emitted by a fist bead at the top of the cave is hazy and abnormal, and the whole hole is filled with a kind of evil breath, so it is so quiet that breathing can hardly be heard.
A person is covered with a thick layer of lotus flower, and there is a blood-red bead in front of him with his mouth hanging flush 3.
Every time he breathes, the bead turns round and round, and the speed gradually accelerates and absorbs the aura around him.
And the same is true of the young man beside him, but he persisted for a moment, looking strange, frowning and grinding his teeth as if thinking about something
Soon his breathing became heavy and disordered. Next to him, the man slowly closed his work and revealed his true face, but it was The Hunger Hou Huan.
"Aren’t you afraid of being possessed at this time?" Hou Huan said with a reprimanding tone
The young man’s eyes are bloodshot, like a mortal who hasn’t slept for days and nights, with a mania.
He clenched his fist and shook his head at Hou Huan’s way: "Teacher … teacher … it’s so uncomfortable …"
"Don’t move …" Hou Huan frowned and grabbed his wrist and touched the pulse door, then his face was rain or shine, and his left finger was frequently pinched like a count on fingers.
Moments later, the young man’s face was ferocious, and he broke away from Hou Huan’s arm and ran to the door of the cave to push it.
There are two guards outside the door, and when they see it, people quickly bow down and say "Little Master"