"It’s really a good opportunity to explore the Phantom of the Opera, but it’s best to pay attention to the discretion." Harley said as he quit the CD-ROM drive and twitched his mouth for a few times.

June 18, 2024

"To put it simply, you see that the Zerg are impenetrable. Even if we want to stir up a hornet’s nest, we don’t have the chance!" Lin momo shook his head and felt that this suggestion was very unreliable.
"Hey hey, I’m in charge of making suggestions. The captain can ask Yu Tianxing for help. Didn’t the mirror teacher leave a few pieces of powerful equipment when salvaging the sunken ship? It’s up to the captain to act like a wolf. "Harley smiled and then fell asleep in a spacious big bed.
Lin momo left his pie mouth and felt a pang of pain. He said, "There are only a few pieces of mirror division equipment in total. When I escaped from Luanxing Port, Lin Qingya lost a piece of efficacy. It seems a little early to take it out at all times. Do you want to join in?"
Think for a moment. Lin momo gritted his teeth and went back to his residence to open the chamber of secrets. Since it is "reluctant to set up a wolf", he has a chance.
"Idiot, what I expect from you is better than not going to the pond, but staying honest! After the scene is out, "Lin momo highly effective and turned to walk without giving Connor the opportunity to make up his mind.
Fat people? Little star bootlegging intuition is very accurate to feel Lin momo is not like a joke to fly and hug the captain’s nose with a tear and a pleading, "Can’t I go?" Ask for a beautiful place to set up a grave for us after death. "
Lin momo really lost to this guy. It is because of the danger in front of him that Connor needs to exercise. Some people are more likely to survive in dangerous environments, and Kang Pang is just such a person.
The captain, of course, will try to figure out the characteristics of each crew member. Lin momo knows that Connor is lazy on the surface, but when it comes to escape, the Phantom of the Opera is out because he is slippery enough, cunning enough and poisonous enough. If he sends Cui Hetang, he won’t be relieved to be fat, just winning.
Connor pouted and said, "You can’t go, boss. You can’t be stingy with the equipment you have collected over the years. Just give me 30 or 50 pieces that are barely enough."
"Go on this one, don’t pull down." Lin momo knocked Connor hard on the head. You know, there are only a hundred pieces of equipment in the secret room, and it’s really a loss for him to say it.
Fat dizzy back yi tooth wry smile "boss rest assured to go through fire and water to complete the first item you gave"
Lin momo nodded and said, "That’s more like it. Remember that the mirror teacher can keep the gold foil for two hours, and even if the Zerg notices it, they can take the opportunity to create an illusion and slip away. In addition, I will give you a thorough understanding. Once you have a problem, I will immediately ask Yu’s predecessors to do it. If the captain has to do everything himself, you guys will become a burden sooner or later."
After saying his word, Lin momo put the gold foil into Connor’s hand and decided to test the crew one by one from today. Without pressure, they would not be high. In the future, they must be cruel
The Phantom of the Opera quietly sailed to the planet to unload a shadow and left again. The shadow was shaking for a long time before it moved forward through the faint light.
Fat while flying, muttering, "If people are unlucky, they will be stuffed with cold water! Where’s the dead wood? Why don’t you jump out and I’ll argue? That zerg raged on the battlefield for dozens of kilometers. Connor hasn’t married yet and doesn’t want to die! "
"Hey, what are you talking about? Can you speak louder? " The scream in the incarnate son’s com pierced Connor’s eardrum, which was 100% intentional.
"My mother mia! Scared the hell out of me. Please, miss incarnate son, don’t attract zerg. "Connor hurriedly covered his com and looked left and right, but he didn’t dare to close the frequency. God knows how the silent and cunning constant wave tree people would tidy up him.
"Come on, Fiona Fang, five thousand kilometers ahead. No zerg. Hey, what are you dawdling about? Gold foil consumes all the time, and when it dissipates, you will be exposed on the spot. "Charming son keeps bossing around, although it is a little noisy, but it means that he is very afraid of an accident outside fat."
"I know it’s fast." Connor’s feet bumped against each other and suddenly generated a copious momentum towards the planet, smashing the past adventures of the wormhole.
One minute, I skipped Connor and went to the Zerg Furong battlefield with trepidation. After a few minutes, I suddenly laughed. "Ha ha ha, I didn’t expect this gold foil to be so tube that the Zerg couldn’t see me."
While Connor was jumping for joy, there was a strange cricket head in his life. The Zerg turned his head and glanced at it. He was immediately scared out of his wits.
The cricket head flew away suspicious, and Connor never dared to expect anything. He thought, "The low-level zerg is easy to deal with, but the high-level zerg seems to be aware of it. Let’s finish it quickly. After returning from here, how do you say that there are 50 units of crystal refining rewards? This is a real benefit. Don’t be white."
Connor took out two water pills from the temporary equipment. Momo Lin didn’t have time to make this kind of ammunition. Usually, it was made by Sasha, and the number of water pills was running out, which achieved the expected effect and brought antimatter to the sky.
The first ten fluorine Kong Lung wants to force the Zerg to retreat. They are suddenly violently blasted. The tiny penetration force into the body makes them very uncomfortable.
"Ow!" A fluorine dragon leans out and crushes the Zerg in a wider range. However, the violent blasting one after another completely angered ten big guys.
The zerg’s strategy to treat ten fluorine dragons is to encircle and not attack. Every year, Sun Zhen will be cut off as much as possible. It is very likely that the larger foe will break out and ten fluorine dragons will come out to fight. It is also a formality to explain to thousands of Sun that they are too lazy to fight for their own lives. However, today, a spoiler is different. This person is the phantom of the plague.
Volume 4 Rise! Break the quartet Chapter 223 Dragon Cave
"Wow, it’s so cool. These ten fluorine dragons are really not covers." Connor curled up behind a huge rock and looked at the life emblem in his hand and marveled.
The emblem instrument belongs to the Zerg, and the dense little blue dots are falling into pieces. It belongs to the ten dragon erythema, but it is getting brighter and brighter. It is a good thing that Connor slipped quickly or had to sink in.
Connor said with a bad smile, "Well played! Is it finished? You can’t come here for nothing. I heard Pei Tou say that the young dragon cub is a good thing. It will take more than an hour for this gold foil to lose its efficacy. Can it come back to Baoshan? How wear also have to get a ticket "
Everyone has greed. Connor’s greed is the same as his body. He will never sneak into ten huge dragon caves with small gold foil mirror protection, hoping to gain something.
Connor had not yet flown to the mouth of the cave before he suddenly pulled up a body, which leaned on the ground and looked up, almost without seeing the edge, scaring the fat out of my wits
"My primitive ancestors, what is so terrible? How can there be fluorine dragons in the cave? " Connor cried in his heart while "thumped" to ten meters away and slipped into the rock seam like fudge, shivering into a ball.
"Ow …"
The newly-emerged fluorine dragon must be a dragon statue in the wormhole. As soon as it appeared, the zerg cried and dispersed to form a spiral encirclement ten kilometers away. Seeing the large-scale insect clouds constantly twisting, it was a great potential to "cover the top with dark clouds"
Connor stared at the emblem of life, slapped himself in the face, and cursed in his heart, "Idiot, I’m a real idiot. What am I going to drill here after I finish?" It’ s completely over. In ancient times, it’ s called greed. The snake swallows like greed and kills people! "
The new dragon is five kilometers long, and Momo Lin meets the zerg who is 100 meters long. Compared with this big guy, it is insignificant.
The giant fluorine dragon rolled up its body and looked around without sensing that there was a human fat dwelling not far away.
Connor kept lamented "smelly vegetable bug! Why don’t you stay here? You’d better kill those bugs! What kind of hero is Pan Dongkou? "
At this time, the insect clouds were shrouded and pressed step by step, and many satellites poured more large-scale insect tides. The sun suddenly appeared on the horizon in the distance, and the black waterfall was clearly seen. The war was on the verge.
Connor pulled out the defensive equipment that had been treasured for many years one by one with tears in his eyes, regardless of whether there was energy interference with each other or not, and set it up in the crevice of the rock at a very fast speed to look good.
After the appearance of Zun Fu Long, the Zerg seemed to be very excited. Clouds of worms tangled together. After the low-level zerg headed the high-level zerg, bring up the rear accumulated a few minutes of insect potential, and then it was overwhelming.
"Ow …"
The spiritual shock wave spread around Connor, covering his head and crawling, just roared and defeated the outermost pieces of defense equipment. "The power carried by the top super-order war beast is really unreasonable to measure."
The dragon zerg fought together, and the blue oil oleic acid was blown out of the fluorine dragon mouth. This vast land suddenly set off a storm.
The acid gushed for ten kilometers, and the wave zerg broke up in an instant and rushed to the vicinity. The zerg corroded until there was no residue left, and at the same time, a large number of harmful gases were diffused near the mouth of the dragon cave.
Connor blanched, and the acid kept expanding the cracks in the rock, and then set up defensive equipment, which was damaged layer by layer, so quickly that there was no chance to react. At this time, the enchanting voice sounded in the headphones. "Are you fat?" Why don’t you come back? "
"Sister-in-law meowed I ran to the dragon arctic cave! Now the cabbage worm is spraying acid, and my current position is very dangerous. "Connor’s tears are falling off his hands and feet, and he is weak."
Lin momo suddenly switched to the wave frequency and said, "Give you some life-saving equipment as often as possible, and make it come back slowly to fill up the acid for you. Just neutralize the bitter tree and pick bitter tea to deal with you."
"Bitter tea? Well, I hid a lot! " Connor rummaged through it quickly and took out a dozen pieces of equipment.
According to the product, the equipment is also good or bad. When the Phantom of the Opera was salvaging the sunken ship in the white hole, many pieces were found. Later, Lin momo got a glove and a metal mirror from Lin Qingya. It can be said that every crew member has a relatively good piece of equipment, but Connor is special.
Fat is a small amount of equipment in the trash can. His hands are broken and not lost to others. When he came to Jack Mirage, he had a chance to change equipment, but he didn’t do it. He carefully thought that if he was in trouble one day, he could get a lot of blue gold by casually pulling out a piece of equipment. What is so good equipment? When the time comes, I can’t bear to suffer.
No, Connor’s mind is full of acid, and the last few pieces of defense equipment will be submerged in the crowd. Fat quickly took out a lot of bitter tea from a silver ring according to Lin momo’s instructions.
Plumes of smoke rose, and the acidity of the acid really dropped. At least it was blocked by the energy passport.
To be honest, this acid is very overbearing, even if it is energy defense, it will help. A little bitter tea can get through the immediate crisis. Connor can’t help but admire the pharmacist’s ability
"Call the boss, I’m all right," Connor said, collapsing. He wiped his sleeve with sweat and felt that he was on the verge of death for a spin.
Hear the reply Lin momo laughed "I said Connor! You have a lot of nerve! Dare to go to the cave of the dragon cave to pick food and eat it. It seems that more will be arranged for you to do. "