And Liu Yuan’s platinum level is close to the enemy.

June 17, 2024

Because he is comparable to platinum strength.
This strength is absolutely top in the whole sacred land.
If all goe well.
This time, Liu Yuan should be able to help Shuilu College get many benefits in the land.
At this time, Krolen looked at Liu Yuan and talked about things in this land.
"Professor Lu, I’ll tell you in detail about the sacred land."
"According to the information of the Alliance Department, generally, the sites of extraordinary forces like this are selected by the owners, so the danger of the secret realm is generally not as high as that of the conventional secret realm."
"But there are exceptions to everything. Due to various factors, these secrets are likely to deviate from the original intention of establishment and lead to some unknown dangers."
"Although Professor Lu’s strength is very good, I hope you will be as careful as possible after entering the secret land to avoid mistakes due to carelessness."
"According to our data, the test of the secret realm of the holy light should be the exclusive ability of the church of the holy light-the holy light."
"The holy light attribute is an extraordinary ability that the alliance has not yet touched."
We don’t know what it is for the time being, but from the name, this ability should be positive.
"Be careful, Professor Lu. Your strength should not be too big a problem."
Liu Yuan nodded his head when he heard this.
At this time, because no one has entered the sacred land yet.
As a result, people still don’t know what the specific situation is.
Everything you see is just a paper talk.
Everyone can infer what may happen in the realm of light through past experience in the realm of light.
Lu Yuan looked at Clarence and thought for a moment, then said, "Professor Clarence, who will be in the secret realm this time?"
Clarence held out his hand and a list appeared in his hand with a burst of light.
"Because this time the secret realm should be the secret realm of the assessment type, we will arrange many students to enter this secret realm."
"On the list, 50 silver sophomores and 10 gold juniors are the same exchange students as you, Catherine."
"After all, most of the outstanding archery of the Elves can play a big role."
"And we arranged for that one junior to be a gold star."
"Although their strength is not as strong as that of Professor Lu, there is absolutely no problem in dealing with the general gold level."
"After all, judging from the scale of this land, it is not easy to find the key to the land in a short time if fewer people are sent."
"But there is one thing I want to focus on, Professor Yilu, that is, there is not an intersection in general."
"We are not sure whether the sacred realm of the eye has appeared in our water deer domain."
"If his secret passage also appears in the Alliance Department, that’s fine."
"But if it is outside the alliance, Professor Lu, it may not be as simple as the enemy in the secret land when you go in this time."
"According to the situation in previous years, this possibility is not small, because there are usually multiple intersections in the secret land. After all, it is impossible for a force to select talents in one place."
I heard that there is probably another intersection of his secret realm.
Liu Yuan’s expression became more serious.
If it’s really a secret intersection.
That means that there will be others who will enter this secret realm besides Shuilu College.
Then something unexpected may happen then.
At the same time Liu Yuan suddenly thought of one thing.
"Professor Lauren, is there a water deer college student in the sacred land this time? Why not inform him of the college? "
Crow was about to explain when Su Mengkou was around Liu Yuan.
"Xiao Lu, this is why you are not familiar with the secret land."
"His secret realm is different because the secret realm is usually very short."
"And they may only take 3-5 days from appearance to end."
"At this point, it is very difficult to get all the people from the five colleges together."
"After all, when the five colleges were established, except for the Royal College of the Capital, the remaining four were at the border of the distribution alliance."
Therefore, generally speaking, whenever there is a secret realm, it is recently that the college sends people to explore this secret realm.
After hearing these, Liu Yuan also turned white.
They didn’t inform him of the college.
Because when his college sent someone over,
At present, this secret passage may have been closed.
And no one can guarantee when this secret situation will appear.
Therefore, it is necessary for him to find a way to get this secret key when he first appears.