Maybe he turned his back on the sky, maybe he turned his back on the only thing that made him feel warm and neat!

June 26, 2024

But there must always be everything in life
Now he can do is his last face to Hector even jinse for a peace!
For him, it is no longer his control!
Su Ling’s eyes were focused on setting the lonely cheeks of Hector even’s love songs. After a long silence, Su Ling’s lips gave a faint sigh. She turned around and looked at the grassland in front of her. The night was not a bit melancholy and asked, "Love songs, have you ever thought that she ever watched you show me mercy?" !”
Of course, she doesn’t feel wronged, but she refutes Hector even’s love songs with facts!
In the past five years, even if Helian Jinse had once repented, neither she nor she would have come this far!
Now it’s too late!
No matter who, even if Huang Lao personally comes forward, she will change her final decision!
"Su Ling …"
Even the love song looked at the sight and made him miss five years. Long ago, he knew that there was no result, but he still indulged himself in mud!
Yes, he thinks that after today, maybe they will be strangers soon!
"Second brother, you still … say what to kill her quickly! Kill her for me! "
This is the second watch! Today, after updating Chapter 41, even the soul of Jinse died in the West!
"Second brother, you still … say what to kill her quickly! Kill her for me! "
At that time, Hector even Jinse struggled almost crazily and looked at Hector even’s love songs.
Especially when she is in such a mess, even the doubt of love songs gives her hope of survival!
Suddenly, I heard Hector even Jinse shouting about Hector even’s love song, staring at her for the first time in her life with a cold attitude and saying, "Jinse, shut up!"
Words fall international Hector even love songs will turn their attention to Su Ling deep eye socket with a dim "Su Ling please! This time in the future … "
"Do you know how ironic you are now?" Even the love song words didn’t finish, and Chu Yi didn’t shut up!
Just two side jade su looked at him with a sneer. Even if it is worth letting go, they will do so many things and wave!
At this time, Chu Yi’s light ridicule made the eyes of Hector even love songs change, but he never moved Su Ling’s cheek line of sight!
I will definitely look at her as if I were asking for an answer!
The night is hazy and equally cold.
In particular, the air by the stream is blowing slowly with the night breeze, messing up the hair and dazzling the clothes!
This scene Su Ling didn’t blink at the love song of Hector even for a moment. Although she didn’t say anything, the temperature of phoenix eyes gradually receded, but it showed her disappointed attitude towards the love song of Hector even!
A little while later, Hector even Jinse has been suffering from bone erosion!
There is a faint sigh by the quiet brook!
After a long silence, Su Ling sighed with a sigh, and her lips hung with a Gherardini radian. "Love song, what are you going to do if I have to kill her?"
Su Ling’s remarks unexpectedly let Hector even love songs breathe suddenly.
It seems that he never thought that he would confront Su Ling one day!
Even if this is the last thing he wants to happen!
Hector even love song brow dyed a bit sad light cough half hanging eyes seems to be self-deprecating said "Su Ling really want to do this? !”
Eye Su Ling seems to have expressed her attitude, which makes the apex of Hector’s love song more difficult to control colic.
The last thing he wants to do in his life is Su Ling!
The choice between the left and the right is the most difficult time. He still chose to protect the tribe against his will!
It’s true that he knows that he can’t get the answer he deserves, but sometimes it’s more difficult to choose than to face it!
"Love songs, you should know that if I don’t kill her, then I will die in the future!
You know better than anyone that you can’t do it all the time, right? "
Although Su Ling’s attitude is very calm, the cold meaning leaked from her tone still makes Chu Yi and Yu Su and others look askance!
Until now, even if Chu Yi looked down on the people who love Hector even worse, Su Ling once met him sincerely!
It’s a pity that you have to lose one before you choose to become everyone!
Now they are even love songs, and they choose to turn their backs on one side, but they are obedient!
The only thing that Su Lingfa accepts is that Hector even loves songs to ask her to let Hector even Jinse go!