June 25, 2024

How shocking this scene is! Han Yiqing is stunned. How is that possible? How can Leng Ruixi do something with such a big visual impact!
No, no! How can this kind of thing be exclusive! You should take photos with your mobile phone!
Let him bully her! Let him bully her! If you bully her again, this photo will threaten her! When she thought of this, she wanted to get her mobile phone, but when she turned around, she froze …
Cold housekeeper also hid to one side, took out his mobile phone, clicked it, took a photo immediately, looked at the mobile phone and kept snickering …
Leng Ruixi, Leng Ruixi, how many people do you usually have a grudge with? Even the cold housekeeper has set you up!
At this time, the cold housekeeper seemed to feel that someone was looking at him and it was Yi Qing. When he made a gesture, Han Yiqing immediately understood!
It turns out that the cold housekeeper came up with all this!
A bottle suddenly appeared in front of her, and she looked up at her blue eyes and "drink"
I really didn’t expect this iceberg to do such a thing!
Han Yiqing keeps comforting herself that it’s okay. She’s not ashamed to drink this iceberg! No shame!
"Leng Ruixi, can you go and get me a dress?"
Chapter 91 Taking pictures
Next to the cold housekeeper said, "master, you’d better go!" I don’t know where to put Miss Yi Qing’s clothes … "
It’s so obvious that Leng Ruixi is not white. That’s silly!
When he didn’t wait for the building to make sure that his figure completely disappeared from her sight, Han Yiqing immediately greeted the cold housekeeper, "Come here!"
Cold housekeeper naturally knows what it is and immediately gathers up with a mobile phone …
"Look, Miss Yi Qing!" He showed her the picture like a treasure. The face is tall and tall, and the bottle in his hand is completely opposite. There are two kinds of temperament!
I have to say that Leng Ruixi feels like holding a bottle … I can’t say how happy I am!
The cold housekeeper smiled and said, "If you show it to others, you won’t believe this is a young master!" This is all a drag on Miss Yi Qing! Otherwise, they really can’t see the young master for a generation, and they will have such a side!
Han Yiqing eyebrows consciousness replied, "this photo is hidden! Can’t show it to others! "
If you show it to others, it will be miserable sometime! It’s strange that I don’t kill you according to Leng Ruixi’s nature! What a disgrace it is!
The cold housekeeper was surprised and said, "Miss Yi Qing, you are not so protective of the young master!" It’s silly not to make good use of such a good opportunity!
"Who protects him! Think about it. If he finds out we’ve done this to him, do you think we’ll see the sun again? !”
The answer is definitely not!
You must never do anything so risky!
The rustling sound of the building came to Han Yiqing directly pushing the cold housekeeper "hide it quickly!" Give it to me then! " You can read such a good thing before going to bed at night! Entertainment, entertainment, body and mind! But this kind of thing must not let Leng Ruixi know!
Leng Ruixi has gone upstairs with a small sweater. She walked over and watched him go to act as if nothing had happened.
Leng Ruixi always felt that her smile was a little strange and even her eyes were a little wrong. There must be something keeping from him!
Han Yiqing!’
"yes!" She realized that she had lifted her pig’s trotters and wondered, "What do you want me to do?"
"I’m calling you." He said calmly, and it was this calm tone that made her suddenly feel broken …
Leng Ruixi won’t take you to play like this!
"Don’t you have anything to tell me?" He asked, still cutting steak in his hand, and his gestures smelled noble …
Damn it! You can eat so elegantly! What the hell is he trying to do? !
"ah? ! What do I have to tell you? ! Hehehe … No! " She looked at the cold housekeeper from the corner of her eye. Who knows that the cold housekeeper is more calm than her? She looked as if this matter had nothing to do with him …
Ha! Sure enough, ginger is still spicy! I can be so calm!
"Are you sure?"
The cold sound made her back suddenly cold. Did he find something? ! But no! They didn’t say anything!
"I am sure! Very sure! "
You can’t scare yourself! She really didn’t do anything
After he didn’t speak and ate well, he was ready to go out.
"LengRuiXi where are you going? !”
Chapter 9 Believe it or not, I hit you!
Just about to leave, the person suddenly stopped, and the sound was still cold. "What’s up?"