At this time, Du Yun finally woke up from the shock and quickly pulled the door. "If it was someone else, I might not let them in, but if you two want to come to my door, you can always open it."

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Of course, these two girls were none other than the family fire dance and the family Jiao Jiao.
After the two girls were brought into the room and arranged for them to sit down, Du Yun smiled and asked, "Now you two can talk." What are you doing here? "
"We received you know that Gran City has a crisis and rushed to send experts to rescue the results. When we arrived, the battle was over. I heard that Violet was injured and you took Violet to the elf forest to heal. We were afraid that you were prepared for a crisis and went to give you a hand! But when I first got here, I received a child.when someone in the family told me that a teenager with a purple gold card came to stay in the hotel, less than ten purple gold cards were issued by the entire mainland Hector family, and you were the only one at this age, so I knew you had come here after listening to the man’s description. "
"Then how do you know that I killed those masters in the town of the Vatican? As far as I know, there was no clue." Du Yun asked, looking at the two men in confusion
"Hey, hey, although you burned the whole yard with a torch, we stayed in the former God’s hiding place for such a long time. Although the scene was seriously damaged by you and there were several kinds of flames blocked by him, I carefully sensed the Ziyan Shenhuo, but you can rest assured that those smells have been hidden by me. Those light Vatican people will definitely not find out that it will be you who killed them."
Du Yun finally breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the fire dance. He saw Richardson staring at the fire dance and Jiao Jiao Du Yun in surprise, and then he smiled and said, "Richardson, I’d like you to meet these two families, the Helian family fire dance and the Moon family Jiao Jiao, the most powerful business family in the mainland."
Fire Dance and Jiao Jiao are talking to Du Yun, but his eyes are constantly looking at Richardson. I don’t know if they are under the illusion that they have a blood reaction since they approached this room, but that kind of induction has not come from Du Yun. Both of them are very strange about this. Now I hear Du Yun’s introduction and gather around Du Yun and ask, "Who is he? How can he and I have a blood reaction?"
"Ha ha, you think about what kind of people will have blood induction!" Du Yun looked at the confused fire dance and said with a smile.
"Blood induction … isn’t he …" Jiao Jiao looked at Du Yun with some uncertainty. After seeing Du Yun nod, he was overjoyed. "A very important reason for our coming here is to tell you that we have searched carefully for this period of time, but we haven’t found any news about the descendants of Xuanwu family in the family of four great beasts. It seems that sometimes it is not always easy to handle affairs with many people."
A few people in the fire dance are more impatient to see that the family of the four great beasts have gathered together and said with a smile; "Since everyone is here, when shall we start?"
"set out? Where to go? " Although Richardson has been staying in the room talking with three people, he has not listened to a word, but he has no idea what the three people are talking about!
Seeing Richardson wondering, Du Yun smiled awkwardly and said, "I’ll tell you something in a few days, but now that the fire dance and the moon are here, I’ll just say it before."
"I don’t want to hide anything from you, but I didn’t tell you the truth when the time was not right. You are a descendant of Xuanwu family in the original Casa Empire, and the three of us are Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku family and your Xuanwu family. At this time, the four beast families gathered at the right time to complete the move to save the mainland." Richardson said with a sigh in Du Yun’s shock.
"Four big god beast family! The family of the four great beasts … save the mainland … Richardson seems to accept this fact at the root, and keeps saying the same sentence: No, I’m not from the family of the four great beasts. We can’t live in a mountain village in the Xiaoqinglan Empire. You must be mistaken! I’m leaving first! " Richard said that he was going out, but Jiao Jiao flashed and stopped the door!
"If you hadn’t known such a secret to the descendants of Xuanwu family, how could we have let you leave?" Jiao Jiao coldly looked at Richardson’s crazy surge of immortal power, which meant that he would start work if he didn’t agree with a word.
See the tension Du Yun quickly stopped two people glanced at Richard Chapter four hundred and seventy-six Persuasion.
He glanced at Richardson gently. "You are a descendant of the four great beasts family. There is no doubt that you can avoid it. I guessed it when you appeared scales, but I was not sure. Now it seems that my guess is correct. I didn’t tell you about it at that time because I was afraid that you could accept it. It seems that I was not very wise at that time!"
Richardson took a deep breath and diffused out, and the immortal power slowly came back and took a look. Du Yun said with some reluctance; "Du Yun, it seems that it’s time for us to break up. I want my parents, wife and children to take revenge on him." After that, Richardson walked to the door again
Du Yun made a color to Jiao Jiao at the door, and then she let a road see that Jiao Jiao let herself go away from Richardson so easily. After a few seconds of hesitation, she strode to the door.
"Richardson, we won’t stop you today, but I hope you won’t choose to regret it today!" Du Yun looked at Richardson figure is about to disappear and said with a sigh.
Hearing Du Yun’s words, he hesitated slightly for a moment, then strode forward, and there was no trace of nostalgia behind him.
The three of them sighed as Richardson’s back slowly disappeared, and the atmosphere in the whole room became a little dull. Finally, the fire dance couldn’t stand the atmosphere here at first, and some people were worried. They asked, "Richardson doesn’t want to display the seal with us, and now the seal is tight and can support it for a month. Where can we find another descendant of Xuanwu family?"
"Hehe, you are not worried about the fire dance. I believe he will come back to join us soon." Du Yun said with a smile as Richardson’s back disappeared.
"What makes you think he will come back?" Jiao Jiao looked at a face of self-confidence Du Yun is also a bit strange and asked.
However, before Du Yun could answer, he heard the door and heard footsteps. Du Yun smiled. "I said he would come back. Look, he has come back now."
Jiao Jiao and Fire Dance, of course, also heard the footsteps, and they also secretly relieved in their hearts. The two of them have been worried that after Richardson left, the four beasts of Warcraft would condense so that the devil in the Mountain of Warcraft would break through the seal, and then the whole continent would be in crisis, but now Richardson should come back, so all the problems would be solved.
Richardson went into the room, sat back in his original position and sighed deeply. "What do you want me to do? I don’t have much time."
After Richardson sat down, Du Yun came up with a smile. "I knew you would come back. Don’t worry! When we finish what we should do, I will definitely help you kill your enemy, your parents, your wife and children. "After that, Du Yun patted Richardson on the shoulder." What should we do when we get back to Gran City? It is more complicated and we need to take a long-term view. "
"Well, this matter is related to the safety of the whole continent. We really need to be cautious, otherwise the whole continent will be in crisis." Jiao Jiao also nodded cautiously
Four people talked for a while, and it was already dawn, so they stopped resting. The fire dance directly made the man prepare a good carriage and planted several people in the direction of Grand City. Since the Vatican has made the ghost family work together to deal with the three families in Grand City, Du Yun is worried that he will deliver the message. No one believes that although the Vatican plot was discovered, they did not make any defense. Therefore, Du Yun insisted on the carriage traveling day and night and finally arrived in Grand City on the afternoon of the third day. Looking at the simple defense of the wall, Du Yun guessed that he was worried that he had indeed failed to pay attention to his detection of the news.
Some angry Du Yun rushed into the Grand City Hall without notice, but before he entered the door, he heard a fierce quarrel inside. Du Yun listened attentively and heard some atmosphere in Du Ping roar, "Listen to my maid Xiao Zi, saying that this is Du Yun risking his life to get information, but you don’t believe it. It’s outrageous."
"Du Guzhu, it’s not that we don’t believe it, but that the Vatican and our roots have no grudges and there is reason to deal with us together with the ghost family. Besides, our Li family has always had a very good relationship with the Vatican. I absolutely don’t believe they will deal with us. I firmly oppose driving the Vatican out of Gran City," said the elder Li Jiada in a cold tone.
"I don’t agree that this is the root of the contradiction between our family and the Vatican. They have no reason to deal with us." An elder of the Wanander family also objected
At this time, Li Guzhu said, "Du Guzhu is not that we don’t want to believe in Du Yun, but that this matter is of great importance. If we drive the forces of the Vatican out of Grand City, it will be tantamount to offending the Vatican. Then it is really possible for them to join forces with the ghost family to deal with our existing ghost family. Our situation is already very bad. If we add another Vatican, we will really have a way to go."
Looking at a person who doesn’t believe in himself, Du Ping sighed deeply and walked directly to the outside. When he first arrived at the door, he saw Du Yun, who was listening to the quarrel in the room. When Du Ping saw him, he also saw Du Ping. They looked at each other with a wry smile on their faces.
Du Yun quickly walked beside Du Ping light question and answer "Lord’s adult what’s going on what are you arguing about? It’ s so noisy! "
"Alas, it’s not the news that you detected back. I took him out and showed it to more than two people. None of them believed it." Du Ping sighed again and said some nai.
"No wonder I saw that the defense in the city was still as usual, let alone strengthened, even worse than when defending the ghost family." Du Yun murmured from the bottom of his heart
After thinking for a moment, Du Yun said, "Master, shall I go in and try and see if I can talk about them?"
Du Ping thought for a moment and then said, "It’s better if you try or you’ll never be reconciled, but you’d better not hope that those stubborn old people won’t believe what you say."
Du Yun nodded slightly and then strode into the hall. First, he gave a gift to the elders around him, and then he said quickly before the population could speak. "I have detected that the Holy See is about to unite with the ghost family to deal with us. This is what I heard from a cardinal archbishop of the Holy See. You must believe me and make the necessary preparations before, otherwise the ghost family will add more light to the Holy See and join us. Gran City will definitely lose, and Gran City will be really doomed."
"You really want to attack Grand City with the ghost family. These words are really heard by a cardinal archbishop of the Holy See." Li Guzhu solemnly asked about Du Yun Li Guzhu, who also dealt with him, knowing that Du Yunren would never lie easily. Therefore, Li Guzhu still believed in the news that he found out, but at this time, Li Guzhu was not the only one in charge of the family, and the elders opposed it. Even if he was a family, he could not ignore the opinions of most people. Now he saw Du Yun coming here specially and his face was full. Some angry Li Guzhu knew that things were definitely as he predicted. Du Yun detected the correct news. The Du Yun dialect was like a stone stirring up a thousand layers of lang. Before he finished speaking, those people around him scolded mercilessly. "You are a kid who didn’t have hair all together, so you thought about being a hero." "What do you know at an early age that our family and the Vatican are consuming now? There will be no such situation as you said."
"Xiao you, this is to sow discord and destroy our family and the Vatican."
Looking at after many discussions, no one still believes that he detected the news. Instead, he was pointed inside, which made his heart very uncomfortable. Du Yun forced to recognize the anger in his heart. It seems that the person next to him immediately shouted, "Do you believe it or not? If you don’t do a good job in defense, I won’t accompany you to die." After that, I strode toward the outside.
When Li Jiagu saw Du Yun leave, he finally realized the seriousness of the problem and hurried to grab Du Yun’s hand and solemnly said, "I asked you for the last time, but what you said was true?"
Du Yun looked at Li Guzhu and nodded solemnly. "I heard it with my own ears."
"Well, I’ll bet you the fate of the whole Grand City this time." See Li Guzhu come to the center of the conference hall and strike the table fiercely until the surface is calm before he says, "I decided to drive all the light Vatican forces out of Grand City. If the light Vatican blames you then, I will bear it alone."
Now that Li Guzhu’s adult has put the words to this point, the elders are not good at opposing it, and then they will go to carry out the orders of the householder’s adult to drive out all the forces in the Grand City of the Holy See. Seeing that Li Guzhu accepted his opinion, Du Yun was very excited in his heart and waited until he needed to arrange things to be handled, and then he would gather together again.
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