These experts are too hun eggs. It’s true if it’s not me, but they just won’t give me an appraisal and won’t let me sell it. "

June 23, 2024

Wang Haidong said seriously, "It’s not that I won’t let you sell it, but that I won’t let you sell it to foreigners at this time. These are two different concepts. First, they have to safeguard their prestige, and if these bronzes are orderly, it’s better to say that there is evidence to prove what A Gong Ding has been unearthed, and most of the experts and scholars who study A Gong Ding are masters. Think about which of these experts and professors are not these big teachers. They are always unable to overthrow their teachers’ research."
Therefore, they dare not deny that A Gong Ding is such an orderly thing, but to be honest, although it was unearthed before liberation, no experts and masters have studied it and water knows whether it is fake or not. Even if it is carbon fourteen, I can prove that it is a fake when the tripod is in hun Autumn. "
Wang Haidong said these words to make Liang Man Cang a little confused. If you want to make him understand what carbon fourteen is, how much he still knows? It’s not just scientific appraisal opinions. Antique age is familiar to Liang Mancang who often reads newspapers.
Moreover, he himself used to be an insider in the antique trade. Although he was just commemorating an apprentice, he came out of the trade after all, but his antique knowledge really didn’t have any sense of modernization. He really didn’t know much about some antique fake methods before liberation.
For example, Wang Haidong said that your scientific appraisal method proves that the antique is true, and I also have the means to prove that it is fake, which makes Liang Man Cang more surprised.
Liang Mancang suspected hu and said, "Didn’t you say that scientific appraisal is impossible to overthrow? That is how to determine that this is false. If even scientific appraisal can be overturned, then who will go to the appraisal at this time is not as good as a middleman in our countryside? "
Liang Mancang said that rural people are generally well-informed and prestigious people.
For example, there is an old piece of furniture to be sold to the West Village in the East Village, but people in the East Village and the West Village are not very familiar with it. No one can trust anyone. Then it is necessary to find a middleman. After the buyer and the seller become jia, giving the middleman a little benefit is equivalent to what becomes in the antique shop. But one of them is to ensure that there is nothing wrong with what the seller sells. The other is to ensure that the buyer can’t default and give money no matter what.
Liang Mancang, when he heard this thing, he was not in charge of our rural people, and scientific appraisal was not beautiful.
At this time, Wang Haidong walked over and said, "This matter is not as simple as you said. I can’t overthrow the scientific appraisal. I’m not a fairy. Scientific appraisal is rigorous. Although there are mistakes, there are fewer mistakes, but it is precisely because of the rigorous scientific appraisal that one is one, one is two, and the other is two. How do you pay attention to the process and the result?
Therefore, even if the fake bronze ware is identified by a certain scientific identification method, for example, if the bronze tripod body is really hun autumn period, but the handwriting is added at the back, it will not be so easy to identify the fake bronze ware, and if you do carbon fourteen identification, then at this time, that is, take a sample of the tripod body, and absolutely no one dares to take a sample. "
After thousands of years of corrosion, the tripod characters may not be clear. Generally speaking, historians are reluctant to move tripod characters. Even ordinary antique dealers know that a bronze tripod face should be more valuable if it has characters. It used to be a 10 thousand ocean, but now it is estimated that it is at least 100 thousand yuan.
Anyway, it’s relatively easy to find a bronze tripod in the autumn period of hun, but if you find something with words or hua patterns, it may not be an easy task at this time.
Therefore, at this time, some people will look for bronzes without words and hua patterns, which may not necessarily be bronze ding. Anyway, if ancient bronzes were made with words and hua patterns, the price of this bronze ware would be worth a hundred times immediately.
This is not an alarmist in Wang Haidong. The actual antique market is flooded. A considerable part of bronzes with hua patterns and characters are fake. For example, bronzes such as bronze cranes and square pots in imitation museums are fake. If this imitation is less than kung fu, some bronzes are just fabrications. People with a little expert knowledge will know that they are fake.
Wang Haidong once saw a bronze mask that was said to have been worn by Jing Ke, the general of Yan State. It is said that Jing Ke gave it to him before this guy stabbed the king of Qin. Isn’t this bullshit? Let’s not say that the bronze mask is a cultural relic of Sanxingdui. Generally, the eyes are directly protruding outward. What are the suspected aliens in Yan State and Sanxingdui? Even if there are such bronzes at this time, Yan people have really seen the alien nng come out, so it is not possible.
Even if Taidan is an idiot, I know that he wants someone to get rid of Qin Huang, the boss of the hun Autumn Period. This news is to be kept absolutely confidential. He found Jing Ke and gave him a general position. Is he too idle to be afraid that Qin Huang, the boss of Qin, doesn’t know that he wants to stab the king of Qin with Jing Ke?
Anyway, this is a fiction that is not reliable at all, and the comparison of grades is the last one, that is, holding the real bronze ware at that time, regardless of what the tripod cup was, and a little hua pattern or words came out of the nng anyway, then it would be a national treasure at this time.
Go to Panjiayuan and have a look. This so-called national treasure is definitely not one or two. If it is a national treasure, then the country will send someone to take it back long ago, and it will still be able to leave Panjiayuan all day long.
Anyway, Liang Man Cang is very confused now. He didn’t expect that the puppet has reached such a peak. He was able to find out the scientific leakage dng, so he quickly said,’ Do you think this bronze tripod of mine is made in this way? If so, it won’t be very valuable.’
Liang Mancang is always worried that his antiques are not real, and he doesn’t know how many people he has found with photos, but none of them are reliable. At this time, he is afraid to show them the real bronzes. In case he is replaced or meets an immortal, it will be in trouble.
Anyway, Liang Man Cang is quite confident about his antiques, that is, he met Wang Haidong, and after various investigations, he decided that Wang Haidong was a good guy, so this is the time to bring this thing here and have a look.
If Wang Haidong is not so sure about this thing, then at this time, he thinks that there is no way to carry out this antique exchange plan
Anyway, Wang Haidong was the first honest dealer to tell him that this bronze ware was a precious antique dealer, which was much better than other antique dealers.
And at this time, Wang Haidong also said that some antique shops are actually destroying those brick houses and animals with the devil take the hindmost. If you don’t safeguard the interests of your own circle, it will be truly destroyed with the devil take the hindmost. At this time, no matter how Liang Mancang is very admired by Wang Haidong.
Shao Wang Haidong is very willing to help himself, and he is the kind of person who has the means and ability to help himself solve his difficulties with real money. This is always much more noble than what experts teach, and Liang Man Cang has not seen any benefits Wang Haidong has given him so far.
Chapter one hundred Identification
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "There should be no problem in this way. Anyway, I decided that there is no problem. The face writing and bronze tripod body should be an era. There is no problem, and there is no such thing as making real bronzes with patterns and words in antique shops before liberation.
Because the profit was not high enough, there would not have been such a person in the industry at that time. At that time, we should be careful about porcelain calligraphy and painting. There were still many fakes in these two aspects, and there should be no problem with your bronze tripod.
It’s a little difficult to sell it for money, let alone foreigners. Even people in China, Hong Kong, Macao and even Taiwan Province can’t buy this bronze tripod. If you sell it to them, you will have to go in and take a lawsuit. "
This is a strange hidden rule of antique trading. On the one hand, those experts will not admit that some bronzes are real when they are killed. You didn’t accept it, but I just won’t admit it. Besides, I admit that you sold the money, and I can’t get a penny.
Therefore, both academic and economic reasons have led these experts to be unwilling to admit that some antiques of the people are true. One more thing is that even if I don’t admit that your antiques are true, if you dare to take this bronze to a foreign country at this time, then it will be a si cultural relic at this time. I don’t admit that it is big, but at best it is doubtful and I didn’t say that you are fake.
It’s impossible to go out with this thing, that is, our ancestor Cong doesn’t know which genius made it, so I doubt that I won’t admit it is true, but I will never let you sell it outside.
After Liang Mancang got a positive reply, he said with some satisfaction, "Since it is true, there is no problem. Real gold is not afraid of fire. Anyway, I am not afraid of others gossiping."
This is a simple idea of farmers, that is, I mean I don’t do anything wrong and I’m not afraid of ghosts calling the door. But in this market economy era, you believe that you are real gold and not afraid of fire, and there is nothing to turn antiques into money. This is a problem that must be carefully considered.
What is said about digging an old house and selling goods is that the information is not equal. For example, digging an old house, a porcelain old house, that is, hundreds of thousands of pieces are at the top, but if it is not buried by a digging old house, thousands of vases will change hands, which is why the owner of the old house doesn’t know the market and how much his antiques can be worth in the antique shop. At this time, those people in the antique shop earn this money.
Not to mention Liang Mancang, these farmers, who know even less news, and don’t know how to turn antiques into big money. It seems to them that it is quite a big thing to calculate money.
But they don’t know that their antiques can be counted by the auction, but Liang Mancang is such a simple view. If my things are true, there is no problem.
Wang Haidong, however, is very familiar with the things in the antique shop. He seriously said, "Uncle Liang, you can’t see that your things are true in this way, but you can’t sell any money in your hands. You want to change the face of your village and let those dolls have schools to learn. There is no problem, but if you want to change the whole backward face of your village, it will take a certain amount of money, which is more difficult than turning the bronze tripod in your hand into money."
Wang Haidong dialed Jin Pang and said, "What is Mr. Jin busy with? Of course, I have something for you. If you come to me sometime, I have a good thing here that I believe you can be interested in."
Wang Haidong said, "Do you know how to deal with those experts and professors? It’s not that they can solve the problem as soon as they go to court and smash the glass. What you need to do at this time is to find some helpers, and what do these experts mean most? Only when there are tangible interests can they be impressed. Say, if you give them 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, isn’t it easy to ask them for an appraisal certificate? Don’t say that you are a real thing. Even if your bronze ware is a fake, there is no problem in coming up with a real identification certificate at this time, but are you willing to take out 30,000 to 50,000 yuan for identification? "
To tell the truth, Liang Man Cang has some money, but he won’t move it casually. Liang Mancang has already arranged it, and he said without hesitation, "It’s impossible, let alone 350 thousand or 350 thousand. It’s impossible for me to come to the river city this time. I paid for the ticket myself."