Yang Ye nodded his head and couldn’t help sighing that he should be much older than Xiahou Chaojun. It’s because the Lord of the Red Domain didn’t make it clear what the holy family couldn’t even know a little about this floating Yang Ye.

June 22, 2024

"Ha ha, let’s go." Floating life looked at Yang Ye and smiled. "Let’s go find Xiahou Chaojun and them."
Talking, the floating life has slowly floated up from the ground, and Yang night’s advice has flown in the direction of the wooden house where Nan Rong Huan and Xiahou Chaojun and others are located.
And after a pause, Yang night followed closely.
Flying with the holy family, I turned my head to look around and looked worried. Yang Yeshen asked, "How much did Xiahou Chaojun tell you about the ghost family?"
"ah? Didn’t say much, "said Yang Ye with a self-deprecating smile." Hehe, I am also a ghost family, but I know little about my ancestor who made me. "
Smiling for a while, he asked, "Then you should know that you are a descendant of the ghost clan hidden blade and the protoss red refining?"
Floating life is an understatement, but like a thunder, Yang’s ear explodes at night.
How would he know?
"Ha ha, you are surprised, I know?" Floating life looked at Yang night and continued to say with a smile, "It is true that not many people in the whole domain know about this matter, but they don’t know that the ghost clan perished because of the evil clan war, and if they know about this matter, they will recognize it as the Lord’s birth of the protoss and destroy it, thus completely eradicating the ghost clan."
Yang night heard a quiver in his heart and couldn’t help turning his head to look at the floating life while flying. He looked at the floating life with a face of relief and thought about what he said just now. Yang night felt more and more that there must be something hidden in this holy family floating life.
"No doubt can’t guess" Floating life gently smiled and once again came to light Yang night’s mind.
"If you have something to say, just say it." Yang Ye was annoyed and looked straight ahead, and the flight speed was also accelerated unconsciously. "There are many things in front of me, and I am not in the mood to play charades!"
On how to speed up Yang Ye’s anger, Yang Ye kept abreast with him, but Yang Ye didn’t see any traces of his powerful accelerated behavior.
What the hell does he want? Angry at the same time, Yang night doubts in my heart are getting stronger and stronger.
"You and hidden blade are very similar! Red Bi don’t worry, I will tell you if you want to know or not. "My ear suddenly becomes low and full of sounds."
Yang night one leng twist a head to look at the side flying floating a golden hair fluttering back face smile has disappeared instead of a dignified and serious face.
At this time, the wooden courtyard has appeared in front of us.
"Is it here?" Floating life asked
Yang night nodded and looked at the floating life, waiting or expecting what he would say.
Floating life glanced at the wooden yard and suddenly slowed down and landed straight.
Yang night one leng followed by floating also fell to my heart some strange feeling.
On the ground, Yang night steadily approached Fusheng and asked strangely, "What happened to Fusheng’s predecessors?"
Floating life looks forward and smiles. "It seems that the Lord of the Black Domain really brought a lot of people to this."
"why?" Yang night nervous.
Floating life raises my hand and refers to the wooden courtyard looming in front. "There are several black domain monks hiding around to observe the movement." He said and slowly withdrew his hand. "But Xiahou Chaojun seems to have not found it."
"Master Friar of the Black Domain?" Yang night a surprised, "is the smoke family gone with the wind in Hunan? Or is the evil spirit mourning you? "
"Ha ha, so the black domain owner brought them both?" A shallow floating life suddenly smiled and shook his head gently and said, "It’s not that strong. Maybe it’s a few Yin shrimp."
"Yin?" Yang night curious moment thought this name sounds a bit attractive.
"Let’s go. It’s not far. The two of us walked slowly." Floating life smiled and waved to Yang Yeyi. He had taken the lead in taking a leisurely step forward and said while walking, "Just walk over this road and clean up those little Yin shrimps."
Yang night without hesitation also stepped to chase the floating life and asked softly, "You just wanted to tell me about the floating life predecessors …"
Floating life took a quick look at Yang night and turned to look at the front. There is no hurry to go shopping, but the tone is low. "I have told you for too long, and I have never said so many words to anyone. Hehe, where do you start? Well, let’s start with the holy family. "
"Real holy clan and ghost clan domain is equal to disappear" Floating eyes dim will look at the front light said "holy clan race also left a few have four or five? Two or three? Hehe, I don’t know, but only the holy race is hidden. Maybe the domain may be a certain race that even I can’t find myself. "
Yang night didn’t dare to talk. After all, this is a very sad topic.
"The holy family owes this to the protoss today." The floating life smiled gently. "You know that the red domain is in charge of the universe, and the overlapping, extending, connecting and interleaving of several large and small domains rule everything."
"Rule everything …" Yang night light repeating some absence.
"Yes, all the domains have become places where some races compete for prestige and hegemony." The floating life said that his eyes were somewhat erratic, as if he saw something more distant than in the past. "At that time, the holy family and the protoss domain were in charge of all the quiet and conscientious management of the universe. What’s wrong with this? But the protoss don’t think so. "
"Protoss? That’s not a red test … "Yang night asked slightly surprised/awkward.
"Hehe, it’s the red devil protoss, and now it’s in charge of all the protoss in the domain." Floating life smiled gently and looked calm as if to tell a story of its own. "At that time, the protoss leader was the protoss in the domain. Do you know?"
Yang night shook his head. He had never heard of the protoss. The only thing he knew was that the protoss was red-tempered, and the current Lord was also a protoss.
"To put it simply, Sihao’s despicable means provoked the holy family’s death, which led to the division. Hehehehehe. At that time, we were all too simple. We never thought that the protoss would do such a despicable thing." Floating life continued and finally showed a trace of pain from the eyes.
"So it’s protoss …" Yang night was surprised by the fact that he didn’t expect the high protoss in the cognitive domain to be like this.
"Yes, while our holy family is divided, Si Hao led the senior monks of the protoss to destroy our holy families one by one." Hatred flashed in the eyes of the floating life. "Their purpose is to rule the domain and rule the universe. I will always remember Si Hao’s arrogant smile and what he said when he forced us to go the wrong way. He said,’ There are protoss in the domain, there are many races in the clan, but the ruler can have a rule in the hands of one race.’ Hehe, that’s it. The domain of the holy family has disappeared, and the protoss ruled everything."
"Is that so?" Yang night some surprised god opened a mouth and then gently nodded resentment way "first to dominate the desire to rule and destroy the holy family the whole race! Then, in order to save the so-called face, it destroyed the whole ghost race! This protoss … how to match this word! "
A faint smile is a little bleak. "Ha ha, that’s the way things are, and so is everything. Is it a good god to be in charge of everything?" Is a good car necessarily a good person? "
"That …" Yang Ye hesitated for a while and asked, "Since the holy family was killed so badly, why didn’t you call up the healthy holy family and take revenge on the protoss sihao?"
Floating dazed a nai shook his head "holy race race to is competitive and we have a few lucky call up how to revenge? Even if I want to, I can’t find those people who are determined to hide and live a stable life. Besides, the protoss ruled the domain so powerful that we can respond … "
"So, the elder of the floating life has a heart for revenge?" Listen to the meaning of floating words Yang Yexing excited way
Floating life didn’t answer, but even slowed down and turned to look at Yang Ye for a few seconds before paying close attention and saying, "Red Bi, you know who your opponent is this time, right?"