Tang Jun’s own possession of this special gas is familiar to the "five elements of qi", but his possession of the five elements of qi is a fusion, while each of the five old men in front of him has a five elements of gas, but their possession of the five elements of qi reveals a mysterious atmosphere, which is much more horrible than having a five elements of gas.

June 21, 2024

All of a sudden, the five scents merged with each other, and then the figures of the five old men overlapped. After a while, the five old men disappeared together, and the five scents merged, and the "five elements of qi" seemed to disappear slowly?
"Master, let your spirit read that five elements of qi fusion. This is a golden opportunity."
When I heard the nine-color fire unicorn calling Tang Jun in my mind, I immediately called Najie. The spirit rushed over and wrapped the horse, and the five elements of qi would disappear. Then he recalled the spirit and returned to my mind.
Tang Jun felt like a thunder exploded in his mind, and a horrible thought quickly rushed into his mind, and then a force was more powerful than energy, regardless of whether he could accept it or not.
Tang Jun screamed that a whole person died of pain and fell from the "magic spirit" to the ground.
The six semi-saints who followed the boy were overjoyed when they saw the boy fall inexplicably, and immediately commanded the "embroidery needle" to shoot the boy on the ground.
However, when they commanded the "embroidery needle" to kill the teenager, a horrible smell was released from the teenager, which surprised them and immediately commanded the embroidery needle to turn around and shoot back.
Six and a half saints exclaimed almost simultaneously! The horrible smell released from the juvenile body is that several semi-saints feel their souls tremble constantly. The release from the juvenile body is no longer an air of divine power, but an immortal spirit. Anyone who reaches the level of "saint" is immortal spirit and immortal spirit.
Reaching the saint level can be said to be thoroughly remoulded, and it is not comparable to ordinary people!
Tang Jun passed out in pain, but his body was more powerful than the six-qi fusion body. However, after his body was circulated once, he woke up. At this time, his body not only disappeared the pain, but also inexplicably gained a powerful ability. His body was full of fairy spirits, and even his body’s spiritual thoughts became powerful. Every fairy thought was an incarnation of him. It was simply lifelike!
"Master, you have temporarily acquired the ability of’ Saint’, and this mysterious solution will not last long. If you want to really break through to the level of’ Saint’, you must seize the six old men’s six-color Excalibur, and if you want to get out of here alive, you must also solve those old men as soon as possible or we will all die in it."
Jiucai Huoqilin saw that the teenager finally succeeded in getting the ability of "saint" and immediately woke him up. Now they are facing six horrible semi-saints. Once the teenager lost the ability of "saint", the three of them will be ruined today.
Tang Jun nodded immediately and stared at the "embroidery needle". Now he can’t show mercy to the six old men in front of him. They just savagely pursued him, which is obviously cruel to kill him. You can kill your enemies and never have compassion, otherwise he will face death in the end!
With the ability of "saint" and the great magical power of tearing and shrinking into inches, the speed is even faster! Tang Jun just stepped out and stepped on the embroidery needle in the distance.
With the young man stepping on the whole ground, the embroidery needle suddenly cracked and was hiding. The six and a half saints naturally knew that the "saint" master was horrible. When they saw the young man stepping on the ground, they immediately mobilized the embroidery needle to drill into the ground and escape.
"Want to go"
Tang Jun drank a foot and stepped somewhere in front. Suddenly another explosion sounded, and the small peaks around him collapsed and shot the embroidery needle from the ground.
At this time, the six half-saints who hid the embroidery needle were all pale and angry! They just walk out, and the whole world is a natural enemy, Megatron! Now, six people jointly control an extremely artifact, and they are still being hunted down by a teenager with their bare hands? If it goes out, their reputation will be destroyed once!
But in front of him, the teenager has reached the level of "saint" and his body is still a terrorist weapon. They have a way to fight against it. Even the six old men have lost the chance to escape. They have no resistance except to avoid being beaten.
What should we do? Are the six of them just waiting to die?
Thought of here, the six of them looked at each other, their faces all showing Chennai color and nodded!
Now the six of them can cast out three ancient ancestors to a set of escape solution tactic-"ancient blood dun tactic" is likely to escape from birth and make teenagers can’t find their trace Chapter six hundred and thirty-two Ascending to the holy land.
Six semi-saints released one-fifth of their blood to suspend in front of them while mobilizing embroidery needles to escape the young people’s pursuit. Then they let these precious blood departments condense together to form a "blood net" and wrapped them in six people. Then the six of them read a mysterious tactic in their mouths and took back their Excalibur.
Seeing a horrible lotus flower flash across Tang Jun, I was surprised to find that the six semi-saints with "embroidery needles" have completely lost their breath and I don’t know where they have escaped.
"They escaped, or with their six old men working together, it is impossible for you to kill their roots. You won’t be able to get the’ saint’ temporarily for more than an hour at most. If they don’t escape, it’s still unknown who will die in the end. Master, go and find the’ Goddess Dew’! "
Hearing the words of the nine-color fire unicorn, Tang Jun ordered a head and immediately released the immortal thoughts. Sure enough, the precious "Goddess Dew" was in a cave deep in the ninth floor underground.
Tang Jun immediately went underground to drill for a moment, and then he came to the entrance of a abode of fairies and immortals, with the words "Goddess Cave" suspended in gold.
When he broke into the fairy cave and came to a lotus pond, he couldn’t help but feel a little silly when he saw a stunning statue of a fairy standing in the middle of the lotus pond. In front of him, the goddess looks exactly like the exquisite fairy, which is very strange?
The goddess is as white as jade, holding a jade bottle in each hand. These two jade bottles are just facing the eyes of the goddess. Is this "goddess dew" just the tears flowing from the eyes of the goddess in front of her?