This enchantment is frightening. Although it seems ordinary, it is better than it contains strong energy, and this energy seems to be different from ordinary energy. It is a kind of energy that is beyond natural vitality.

June 20, 2024

It’s not hard to see how weird and powerful this enchantment is in combination with all kinds of nature.
Naturally, she still doesn’t know that this is the enchantment formed by Ye Han with the help of the stele of Xingyuan. This enchantment contains two kinds of energy, namely, inflammation and cold, which is the real reason why Ye Han can feel the cold energy before.
Now this enchantment is obviously integrated with a strong inflammatory energy, which makes this enchantment have inflammatory energy and cold energy, and this enchantment has only become so powerful.
The combination of inflammation and cold is the best solution of slight cold. Since ancient times, the two kinds of energy will repel each other, but what we see today is so different.
All this is due to Ye Han’s arrangement of enchantment, but the energy body of Xingyuan stone tablet contains both inflammation and cold, so the enchantment can absorb both inflammation and cold.
And the person who responded to the inflammation and cold is naturally the inflammation and cold jade flute. Before the inflammation and cold jade flute, Ye Han could play a cold force in his hands, but now he can play both forces. Now the jade flute naturally formed a blending trend of inflammation and cold for the enchantment.
It is a pity that Ye Han, the disposal man, can see this scene. If not, then perhaps the most surprising thing now is not slight cold but Ye Han himself.
After all, slight cold doesn’t know much about Xingyuan, and the relative incomprehension is relatively rare, but Ye Han is different. He knows Xingyuan Miao well, although he knows that Yan Han and Er Qi are not incompatible, but he has failed to exert these two forces on his own.
Originally, he also expected that these two forces could do what they want, but it was just an illusion. He knew that the possibility of success was extremely slim, and it was impossible to do it unless he could cultivate both the vitality of inflammation and cold at the same time.
However, now this situation of inflammation and cold blending has been put in front of him, which makes him not lose heart?
Maybe that hidden deep desire to pursue will instantly occupy his body and mind? After all, this is the goal he has been pursuing. Although he has not yet achieved his goal, he has seen little hope.
Although he is not sure that he can exert the power of compatibility between inflammation and cold, after all, everything in front of him proves that his idea is true in this world.
In this case, he naturally has the pursuit and the idea of imposing this power on himself!
"Well, I understand that the enchantment is strong enough to resist the suppression of icebergs so that we can protect ourselves from being buried by icebergs!"
Seeing this scene, slight cold suddenly felt lang in her heart. Although she is still not sure that this enchantment can protect herself, after all, she heard this from her mother, and she naturally fully believed it.
Even if you don’t want to believe in yourself and this enchantment, you should believe in your mother!
Perhaps when Yukine was a slight cold sister, Xiao Han had already had a consciousness in his heart, and it was natural that he should listen to his sister’s words no matter what.
How can I be obedient if I don’t believe it? Why don’t you listen to others at will? What if the other person wants to die by himself?
It’s very sincere to be able to listen to people before you fully believe them!
"Don’t worry, you won’t die. I believe he will take good care of you!"
Yukine nodded his head without his words, and then he turned his body and stopped looking at slight cold.
Slight cold looked at my heart and couldn’t help feeling sour. Is my mother going to leave me? Just that conversation, that turn, is about to be a farewell forever?
"Mother, can’t you stay because of the cold?"
I feel a little sour when I think that my mother has really been together for less than an hour. I finally found my mother, so I can meet her once.
"Cold son, please forgive my mother for not working hard for thousands of years. I dare not ask for more luxury. I am very satisfied that your father can live in this jade flute!"
Yukine smiled and still didn’t look back. His back was slightly shivering with slight cold.
"Well, then, Han Er respects his mother’s choice!"
Hearing his mother’s words, Xiao Han felt a sudden loss in his heart, and he failed to recover all this after all. It may be that he is lucky that his parents are living in Ye Hanyu’s flute, so it is not a parental departure if he wants Ye Han’s side.
On the contrary, being with Ye Han can not only satisfy her emotional needs, but also satisfy her self-interest, which is often accompanied by her parents. She feels very satisfied.
"Boom …"
At this moment, the loud noise repeatedly interrupted the slight cold thinking. The earth trembled from then on, and the loud noise seemed to pierce people’s ears. It seemed that you could still feel the buzzing in your ears. The earth trembled more seriously in an instant, and the giant lang suddenly became louder and louder, just like all the millions of days of thunder landed [88] [close call]
A burst of loud noise resounded through a very secret world deep in the ice forest in the far north of heaven and earth, and instantly vanished. A cloud-like energy body appeared blue and yellow, crashing from the ground!
The sound is extremely loud, and the energy wave instantly blows up the ice forest, and the icicles of the ice Lin Bing tree can’t bear the impact of this strong energy wave, and the dust is instantly broken and scattered everywhere!
In an instant, the whole mainland seems to be shaking. Deep in the ice forest, the earth is full of cracks. The depth of cracks is invisible. The bottom is thick and full of hot breath, which radiates from the cracks and melts the surrounding ice and snow.
"Alas, this is a good ice forest view, but I didn’t think it would become like this now!"
The dead energy body of the cloud suddenly bloomed with a gorgeous light, in which a figure was slowly falling and a strange sound came out at the same time.
When the light falls to the ground, it can be seen that a slightly stout body appears at first sight, or it can be seen clearly that this figure is not a human body, but two people are entangled together, which creates an illusion of a human body.
If you look closely, you may be able to see more clearly. These two figures are actually a man and a woman. The man looks slightly handsome and dressed in blue, while the woman is wrapped in white and can’t see clearly because she is in the arms of the man.
It’s not hard to guess from her exquisite visible back, but a beautiful person can guess a thing or two even if she can’t look at her body. It’s not hard to know that the person in his arms must be a beautiful person, otherwise he would not be so satisfied.
But what does he think of the beauty of a woman in his arms? Otherwise, at the moment, he is looking around. Where is he still in charge of the girl in his arms? Maybe the surrounding scenery is the place that really attracts his attention, not the girl in his arms.
If others see or can’t help cursing this person, it’s really enviable, jealous and hateful to appreciate the exterior without knowing how to enjoy it!
It turned out that this young man was the moment when Ye Hanbing Mountain collapsed. He suddenly woke up from a lethargy and felt that the situation was urgent. This didn’t care about men and women. Don’t take the slight cold into the aura of jade flute protection and try to drive the jade flute to the side.