Three years later, the first place in Zhouyi’s martial arts Dacheng killer base officially became a killer. The killer base executive entered the killer base with him, and there were 1000 people left in the end.

June 19, 2024

And Bater finished second from the killer base.
After Zhouyi became a killer, there was another nickname in the international killer world, Guolongren. Of course, his external name was still Yi Lee.
If Zhouyi executes it, it will never fail. Soon, the word "Guolong" has become an invincible name in the killer world.
Of course, Zhouyi won’t kill koo indiscriminately, but he found out who the killer base arranged for him to kill, and there was no mercy in the nature of black eating and black eating. Anyway, these people are damn it, and killing them is not evil
Zhouyi was frequently sent by the killer base to execute because of his outstanding performance. Zhouyi became the red man and trump card of the killer base, and many others were afraid to take orders. Zhouyi always followed suit.
It took half a year for Zhouyi to kill 30 people and become the first killer gang in the world. Of course, no one knows his name. The killer world knows that this is a Chinese named Oriental Dragon.
China’s’ Brotherhood’ continued to expand. Zhou Chi and Chen Hu unified all mafia gangs except the Northeast Mafia. The Northeast Gang dared to confront the’ Brotherhood’ because they won the support of the Yamaguchi group.
The Brothers League and the Northeast Gangyakou Formation fought many bloody battles in the northeast.
After the expiration of three years, Master Xiaoqing, a school sister from Chen Hu, also came to Hangzhou from the sea to join the’ Brothers Alliance’ and became the pillar of the Women’s Hall. She fought in the underworld like Chen Hu.
After Zhou Yicheng became the first person in the world killer gang, he finally had the opportunity to get close to the boss behind the killer base.
The master around the boss behind the killer base is like a cloud, so Zhouyi showed a series of assassination activities. Only by getting rid of outsiders can he succeed in killing the boss of the killer base.
So Zhouyi assassinated those masters and died mysteriously one by one. No one found out how they died and no one knew who killed them.
So the owner of the killer base fell into a panic.
In the end, the owner of the killer base had to transfer the most powerful Zhouyi and Bater to protect him.
The owner of the killer base came to install it himself, but he didn’t think that Zhouyi was going to kill others.
Before Zhouyi tried to kill the boss behind the killer base, he took great risks and told Bater that Bater’s strength was not far from him. It was not a problem for him to deal with Bater alone, but if he had to deal with other killers at the same time, his chances of success would not be great.
Bater first stopped Zhouyi from killing the boss of the killer base. Later, Zhouyi told Bater his identity and asked Bater to help him kill the boss behind the killer base.
At this time, Zhouyi has found out that the boss of this killer base is actually a Chinese. He and Lin Haifeng, the head of Guoan, are enemies. If they want to see Guoan, they will kill them directly.
Bater thought twice after knowing that Zhouyi was contributed by the state, so he decided to help Zhouyi.
Soon the killer base, the boss behind the scenes, was killed by Zhouyi and successfully bombed the headquarters.
The root of this case was solved by the local police in Thailand. It was reported that there was a fierce conflict between the headquarters of the killer. Finally, someone detonated the scheduled bombing site, and some people were lucky.
Things calmed down, but a week later, Zhouyi left Thailand with Bater and stepped on the plane home intact.
After returning to China, Zhouyi led a group of brothers and confidantes to continue to enter the unified underworld cause. His king returned, and his killer’s strange deeds made his opponents invincible. A year later, the Yamaguchi group was driven out of the Northeast by the’ Brothers Alliance’ and killed several stubborn northeast gang members.
However, Zhouyi and the Yamaguchi group have a blood feud. He took Zhou Chi and the headquarters of Dongdu Yamaguchi group in Bater, Chen Hu, and killed a river of blood, killing the Yamaguchi group boss’ Masami Kikuchi’ and disintegrating the Yamaguchi group.
From then on, the name of Zhouyi shocked the underworld in the world. Together, Zhouyi was simply ignorant, and some mafia gangs in China all joined Zhouyi.
Zhouyi introduced the huge task of regularizing the underworld
After that, Zhouyi and Masato, the first master, held a contest in Tokyo for about one or two years.
After several years of hard work, defeating Masato will kill Masato’s brother Kobayashi, who was also ten years old. After his master was killed by Zhouyi, he took revenge on Zhouyi and was killed by Zhouyi, and a new generation of martial arts genius died.
In order to avenge Masato, the fighters organized the assassination of Zhouyi when he left Tokyo, but none of them succeeded. Those killers were killed by Zhouyi one by one.
Zhouyi let out malicious words. If there is any assassination again, he will directly kill all the Yamaguchi group and martial arts people.
From then on, gangsters and martial arts festivals dared not take any action against Zhouyi.
After returning home, Zhouyi unified the underworld and reached its peak, and there were many beauties around him, which also envied several people.