Although the heavy rain poured down the cliff, we couldn’t see clearly, but Weiyuan people still jumped one after another to blink and the cliff disappeared.

June 18, 2024

"Go after you and go home." It should be dawn, but the clouds and light are still dim.
Glancing at the sky, Yan Liang sighed, "You go home and deal with the wound. If you die here, I’ll have to share a big sin."
Wei Yuan’s smile in the rain looks like a sunny day. Slowly lift it without injury. My hand blocked Yan Liang’s head. "I will leave a will before I die to tell everyone that I am dead and you are not. It is not the dereliction of duty of the famous Yan Catcher, but my short life."
Raised his eyes Yan Liang looked at the hand that blocked his head. "It’s better to be like this."
Brush his hand and walk out of the tree in a cool way. The rain is a little smaller than just now, but the body is still like taking a bath, but it is very uncomfortable to have clothes to stick to.
Turn back to the emperor’s capital. At this time, the gate has been closed. Many people gather here to hold a black oil-paper umbrella and look at it from a distance as if it were black mushrooms.
"Come back? Did you find Xiao Li? " Liu Tianzhao walked with an umbrella and took an umbrella a few steps to pass Yan Liang the umbrella in his hand.
"Jumped off the cliff Weiyuan,,,, Weijun Wang people went after it. I wonder if they can catch up with it." Her problem of calling people by their first names casually really needs to be changed
"It’s really bad. It can make him escape. Last night, those people in the wall were all dead. Xiao Li’s master was one enemy and ten was very bad." The imperial army lost some money. Now Qin Kang is waiting for training.
"Of course, I escaped from my hand again and couldn’t catch him." Holding up the umbrella, Yan Liang secretly gritted his teeth and thought of Xiaoli, and her fingers itched.
"Really? Osteotomy is much more powerful than imagination. "This kind of kung fu means that I didn’t expect someone in this world to be so powerful."
"Go home and the king of Weijun will solve it himself." The punishments can no longer be mixed up because it makes trouble for punishments.
LiuTianZhao looked at her face "really no matter? Last night, he grabbed my horse in a hurry and ran to Qingyuan. Where’s my horse? That’s my horse, not a lot of money from punishments. "
"I can’t lose the green garden" coldly swept his one eye and walked towards the gate.
Because Weiyuan wants to solve the problem himself, the people at the entrance of the gathering city are all scattered. Yan Liang has gone back to the house and Yu Bo has cooked hot soup waiting for her.
New moon was also woken up in the middle of the night and slept, but when it was dawn, Yan Liang didn’t come back. Just wait for her in the hall directly.
"The teacher elder sister you come back! Alas, what should I do if my clothes are all wet? Why don’t you go change first? " Quickly meet a didn’t yan cool high, he looked up slightly looked at her eyes wide open.
Glancing at him, Yan Liang went over to the main seat and paused, then turned and trotted over.
"The teacher elder sister that WeiJun king ok? Listen to Yu Bo said that he was injured. "Looking at Yan Liang or wet hair, Shuo hesitated whether he should bring a towel."
"Not dead" simply answers Yan’s cold face expression
"Oh" nodded and looked at her eyes carefully.
"Miss, give you a towel to wipe the hot soup. You can change clothes and have some soup when it’s ready." Huber came over with a towel and said.
New moon looked at Huber’s towel and shook his head secretly. It seems that he will never see it.
"Thank you, Yu Bo" took the towel and wiped away the water on her face. Her feet had gathered a pool of rain, all of which came from clothes.
"Miss, did you catch the assassin who assassinated the king of Weijun?" Yu Bo is also very worried, and he quickly pricked up his ears to listen.
"Didn’t run away" Xiaoli
"It’s a pity that it seems that martial arts are superb." Uncle sighed. When he was alive, he often fought with martial arts and sometimes came back with injuries.
"Yubo, go get the ointment for removing blood stasis." Her ankle is really uncomfortable.
"Ah" Yu Bo immediately turned to get the new moon and looked down at Yan Liang’s feet.
"Sister, your injured ankle hasn’t healed yet?" It’s been several days. It seems that she was badly hurt at first, but she didn’t see any discomfort when she walked.
"It’s time. You’re not going to call the roll?" It was completely dawn, although it was raining, everything was clear.
"Oh, I forgot. Don’t forget to apply medicine when I’m gone, senior sister." I said that I thought it was nonsense and walked out of the hall quickly.
Looking at that little bump running out of the gate, Yan Liang snorted. Finally, it was a bit of progress. 63. Hesitation.
Xiaoli turned back and stabbed Weiyuan. Wei Tiankuo already knew, and he also opened his eyes and closed his eyes. Weiyuan handled him by himself as if he didn’t know.
He Xiao Li pays attention to the fact that he also knows that his ambition and courage are dangerous and profitable, and he is hard to come forward, but Wei Yuan can completely ignore him.
Yan Liang went to the elder brother Zou Qitai, the master of punishments, and said that his feet needed rest, so he went back to the house to rest.
She really needs rest. If she doesn’t walk for a day, her ankle will heal.
However, she didn’t rest for more than two hours before the noise broke the silence of the house.
"I said yan cool your feet for so many days not good you won’t say with me? Don’t talk until you can’t hold on. You are really made of iron. "Holding the medicine cabinet, Ningxiaoyue quickly walked into the room and saw at a glance that Yan Liang, who was leaning against the bed, had known her for so many years, and the number of times she lay in bed in broad daylight was counted with one hand.
It’s not like doctors always pretend to be doctors.
"Oh, you are too ugly to look down on me, aren’t you? Although I deal with corpses every day, it’s also a human being. I know what to hurt and what medicine to take. Hum, I know better than those old people in too many hospitals. "Ning Xiaoyue, wearing a red dress, sat down beside Yan Liang.