Officer Xie Cun didn’t think things could be good after that jǐng officer went out! At that time, he said coldly, "I’ll wait on your mother first!" When he was talking, he kicked his foot in the man’s crotch. The man didn’t expect him to start work when he said it. He felt the pain in his crotch and immediately plopped down on the ground and curled up into shrimp.

June 17, 2024

Other Indonesian prisoners couldn’t help but be stunned. Next to the bald tattoo was a burly Indonesian.
Indonesians are generally short, but it does not rule out that there will be a few tall people. This person is obviously one of them, and this Indonesian looks darker than other Indonesians.
This man obviously befriended the man who was kicked down. At that time, when the tiger roared and rushed to the front, he wanted to punch the officer in the face, but his hands were handcuffed, which did not affect his hands. At that time, his body got up and fell back. When he turned his hands to the front of his face, he folded his wrist shed and raised his right hand. In his left hand, he directly got out of the cannon boxing frame. When he came out of the frame, his body made a twisting move to the right.
At the same time, when he took over, his face and legs were flat, and the kid stepped out and blocked the Indonesian knee with one foot. At this time, his right hand covered the Indonesian fist on his wrist, and his left elbow went in and carried it to the Indonesian right armpit. His hands were folded, and his two index fingers pointed to the Indonesian eyes, which seemed to be a key point.
Indonesians can’t help but blink.
At this moment, Xie Cunguan’s foot slipped down his leg and stepped directly into the Indonesian’s legs. At this time, his left elbow slid down the Indonesian’s right rib and stood up to show Dan’s arms, such as lapping the waves, and he played a chasing gun.
As soon as the bang rang, I heard that this man was so burly that he knocked the Indonesian to the ground.
Xie Cunguan’s shot turned over Dan’s teeth and teeth, and his hair seemed to explode at this moment. When his breath went out of his mouth and his throat, he gave a low-pitched sharp whistle, which made the whole cell seem to buzz.
The pursuit of wind cannon has knocked down a Xie Cun officer, and his feet have scurried to the third person.
This is a short and strong man. When they were knocked down in succession, he had a slight retreat, but Xie Cunguan suddenly appeared in front of him. He could give a roar and punch his right fist at Xie Cunguan, while his left fist was already on his face. Obviously, he came up with a combination boxing.
But Xie Cunguan’s body sank when he entered the attack distance, but it was a kind of Shanghai-minded monkey squat.
This monkey crouched upright, crouched in front of his legs, and his buttocks were almost sitting on the ground. His hands sank in pairs from his chest like an iron broom and fell directly from his chest to his front legs and fell directly to his knees. This sinking movement was mainly to prevent his legs from rising.
That’s how martial arts are unified. If you don’t win, you can lose first. This monkey squats to avoid the right side. The face is like the autumn wind sweeping the leaves and sweeping the legs of the opponent’s striker, so that the other side can’t start, and the whole body seems to be used to the compression spring. When it is pressed to the ground, it immediately bounces up, and both hands are as strong as an arch.
With fists, he directly rubs his stomach and sweeps his chest and hits his jaw. He directly throws a strong man up, draws an arc and falls to the ground, and then passes out directly.
Mind boxing, especially Shanghai Mind Boxing, is mainly about a situation, not some boxing methods. Finding the right way to play J and jīng’s clever mind boxing gives people a feeling of fighting poison with great vigour, just like Xie Cunguan’s fist just now, which is actually Shanghai Mind’s fist with four punches.
In the four hands, the horizontal fist is always after the monkey squats vertically. Many people are thinking about how to prevent and fight this fist if the other side calls. Many people think that the horizontal fist is a preemptive strike. Some people explain the sneak attack, but it is not the case.
The monkey has a tendency to shrink vertically, and when it shrinks, it can almost sit on the ground and climb the tip of the skill. This tendency is that the famous monkey squats like a monkey, and the horizontal fist is actually a bullet. This squat is in place, just like pulling a bullet and hitting it together.
The most healthy fist is on the ground. This monkey squats vertically and squats in place. Hitting people is just like playing. If you don’t step in place, you will definitely not be able to hit people.
Xie Cunguan’s three potentials put three people down in the whole cell. It was so quiet that even the sound of a needle falling could be heard. Those Indonesians were breathing and panting. These three people were the most powerful in the whole cell. They were instantly beaten by Xie Cunguan and lost their ability to resist, which naturally shocked everyone.
The first person can be said to be a sneak attack, but the second person and the third person are real efforts.
In the opposite cell, Chaney’s eyes were almost falling out. Only then did he know what kind of mistake he had made today and what kind of person he had provoked.
He believes that Xie Cunguan’s ability to kill himself at such a close distance during the day is just like playing.
Xie Cunguan didn’t say anything. He went straight to a corner of the cell and sat there. The three Indonesians immediately rolled and crawled to the other side.
There is no bed in this big cell. Everyone sits on the ground, but there is a circle of boards on the corner. The prisoners sit and lie down.
Xie Cunguan sat on the board, his eyes narrowed, and he didn’t dare to really fall asleep. After all, he had handcuffs on his hand, and if he was pressed to the ground, he would suffer a big loss.
He doesn’t think these Indonesian monkeys dare to kill themselves because they are masters.
But he must also sleep, otherwise people j and jīng god can’t stand it.
How to sleep is Ann? to be continued
Chapter 27 Fighting at midnight
Xie Cunguan doesn’t know how much Ronissa is willing to do his own thing {//friend}, but even if he is willing to contribute, Xie Cunguan estimates that he won’t be able to go out until the next day. The late plane will definitely be missed, and there was no refund just now.
It’s also a problem to spend the night here. As the saying goes, it’s better to tie a tiger than an ox. He’s not a powerful martial artist. It’s a skill. He’s not afraid of a group of people asking him to move, but he’s afraid of being entangled. Once he’s pushed to the ground by several people, he won’t be able to do anything important one day.
Some people may take The Gracie Family Jiu Jitsu as an example. People just want to drag people to the ground to fight, but that is limited to one-on-one technology, really one-to-many, not to mention dealing with pedestrians. That kind of ground technology can be a beating thing very often.
Although Xie Cunguan squinted, he always looked at the situation in the prison room.
Just now, those three people were helped and mopped by a group of people and sat in a relatively clean place. Some people were relatively indifferent and huddled in another corner. Some people were a little timid and shrinking in a small corner, which was also the closest to the toilet.
Obviously, a group of people who have just been knocked down by themselves in this cell are the top of the food chain and the most powerful in this cell; People who are relatively indifferent should be less likely to be bullied and belong to the middle of the food chain. They dare not provoke or love bullying. The people who are relatively timid are the lowest level in this cell. They are the bullied people, that is, the lowest level.
Everyone sitting near this corner has already left and squeezed into the relatively indifferent group.
Xie Cunguan sat silently opposite Chaney. He didn’t watch the drama, so he lay down and thought about his thoughts. He soon fell asleep and snored a lot. He was a generous man.
It was still early in the dark, and Xie Cunguan was sitting there with his hands handcuffed and there were people everywhere in the prison room who could not move, so he practiced the fetal breathing method that Chu Yanchi gave him. Now, when he controlled his breathing, he felt like a heart beating stronger and stronger in Dantian. Every time Dantian jumped up, the whole kidney area, Ming Gate and thigh would get hot.
This kind of heat is not the kind we usually feel, but a kind of heat permeated with chill.
And recently, Xie Cunguan gradually felt that when he turned over his family and tried to match the beating rhythm, his energy was particularly powerful, as if it were god’s help, but now his fetal interest can’t reach the degree he wants.