Mr. Jiang caught a flash of hatred in Lin Yu’s eyes. He cut off this sentence with a smile. "I heard earlier that Miss Lin was unwell and came to visit today."

June 16, 2024

Lin Yu tugged at the corners of her mouth. "Please miss me."
Lin Yu looked at Mr. Jiang and always felt that this man was deeper and more unpredictable than Jun Chen. Just now, the sentence "Let her wait in peace" came from him. Chapter 394: She annoyed me and made her take a leash.
"Miss Lin, why don’t you go into the temple and have a rest?" Ling Yan interjected when he was clever.
It seems that I am used to seeing Lin Yu’s tall and straight appearance, and suddenly changing the palace dress looks a bit awkward.
Lin Yu herself was not satisfied, especially when Mrs. Jiang looked at her eyes and fell on her body.
But it’s not long before she comes, and I want her to come alone more.
Ling Yan ran several times in a hurry. Lin Yu couldn’t help but grabbed her and asked, "What’s so scary?"
Ling Yan hesitated to look at the Chiang couple’s eyes. When Mrs. Jiang saw Ling Yan’s hard look, she said to Lin Yudao, "When my husband entered the temple, I vaguely saw the queen’s ceremonial coming to the Qing Palace. I think it was difficult for her father-in-law."
Lin Yu’s eyes jumped again when she heard the word queen, but she couldn’t see any look on her face. She asked Ling Yan, "When will the emperor come back?"
"This ….." Ling Yan wiped his forehead sweat "Huang He Zheng is busy …"
"So you can’t come back for a while?" Lin Yu pick your eyebrows way
"Yes" Ling Yan suddenly felt that Lin Yu was a little strange. I didn’t expect her to say "Go and tell the queen not to let her go back and stay. Don’t be so noisy."
Ling Yan’s embarrassed face seemed to say, Miss Lin, is it good that you are so arrogant?
Mrs. Jiang looked at Lin Yu with a silk surprise in her eyes. "I am afraid that such a reply will annoy the queen."
Ling Yan thanked Mrs. Jiang for taking off her clothes. It is certain that if she replied to the queen as Lin Yu did, she wouldn’t give up if she annoyed the queen!
Lin Yu scoffed, "Really?"
Will the queen be annoyed?
I’m really afraid she won’t be annoyed!
"What did Yan Gonggong tell me when I lived in the Qing Palace?" Lin Yuduan took a cup of tea, and the tea cover stirred the leaves in the tea bowl, and a pair of beautiful eyes looked around and shone brightly.
Ling Yan is a little uncertain about Lin Yu’s temperament. She carefully replied, "The emperor told Miss Lin that you should not be a little negligent when you live in the Qing Palace."
Lin Yu took a sip of tea and looked at Lingyan Ling Yan with a smile in her eyes. She didn’t dare to let people neglect Lin Yu!
All kinds of things are done according to Lin Yu’s meaning except that you can’t go out to work in the Qing Dynasty.
However, Lin Yu, who is easy to get along with, doesn’t want this or that, but eats, sleeps, sleeps and plays every day, and then chats with her, so she has no special requirements.
Today’s manner is …
"Ling Yanhuang said that I would live here without any worries, right?" Lin Yu suddenly asked questions that really startled Ling Yan.
LingYan a fiercely busy replied "is the emperor so commanded"
"Then you just go back to the queen. She bothers me and bothers her dog belt."
"Dog leash?" Ling Yan was dumbfounded.
"Miss Lin, what is a … leash?" Mrs Jiang also don’t understand to Lin Yuwang.
"Just stay where you are cool!" Lin Yu unceremoniously replied
It doesn’t mean to die. She’s polite enough!
Ling Yan took several breaths and silently gave a thumbs-up sign.
But it is impossible for her to go back to the queen like this. She listened to Lin Yu and she should convey it to the queen.
Mrs. Jiang looked at Yan’s father-in-law’s eyes and looked a little worried. She seemed to advise Lin Yu that "Miss Lin wants this harem to behave like this, even if the posterior approach is difficult."
Mr. and Mrs. Jiang’s palace has always been honored by distinguished guests. It is also a respect for Lin Yu that they can wake Lin Yu.