At this time, several security guards were dumbfounded at once, and they were able to give up an adult with one hand. What a skinny guy! Even if he is a little lighter, there is always a few hundred kilograms.

June 15, 2024

You can easily give up a hundred pounds of things with one hand. That kind of power is definitely not your own. A few security guards can provoke the security guard. There is still a vision, so several security guards suddenly stepped back.
At this time, the pencil necked pointed to the security room and said "there, there"
This guy is afraid that he will be strangled by Wang Haidong for a few seconds later, but Wang Haidong’s body will reach that kind of thick murder. A small gangster will be upgraded to a security guard. Of course, he knows what this murder represents. It is absolute strength and produces a devastating momentum.
It also means that the king is domineering.
Wang Haidong threw the pencil necked to the ground like a dead dog and rushed to the security room like a cheetah.
The door is locked, but how can this door resist Wang Haidong? Click one foot to abolish the lock, and the door of the security room is kicked immediately.
At this time, Wang Haidong watched several security guards surround Ruyan Liu, while the general security guard in Wu Dalang was still touching.
Ruyan Liu is like a lamb to be slaughtered at this time.
This Wu Dalang was about to be searched before, but I didn’t expect that someone suddenly kicked the door of the security room at this time
How could Wu Dalang not be angry? He opened his mouth and scolded, "You want to die, don’t you,,,,,"
But just then he glanced at a murderous young man and appeared at the door.
Chapter ninety Waste ya
Wang Haidong see this kind of situation anger from the heart evil to bravery edge gave birth to his kannika nimtragol, others dare to touch that is not dead? He stare big red eyes and grin at Wu Dalang and said, "You’re finished, you’re finished, you’re all finished."
There is a rubber stick hanging on the wall inside the security room. Wang Haidong grabbed a rubber stick and rushed in like a fierce tiger into the flock. At this time, Wu Dalang didn’t know that someone had come to find fault with the integrity supermarket. Isn’t this a waste for cats as escorts? Isn’t it fatal to earn money?
Wu Dalang greeted a "guys waste him"
Wang Haidong was the first to find a piece of Wu Dalang and smashed his face. Suddenly, five or six teeth flew out and the blood bloomed in the middle. Wu Dalang suddenly felt that his head was like a kv karaoke room, and the thrilling sound of Michael Jackson’s thriller made him feel very dizzy, and then there was a cry of killing pigs.
This hand immediately frightened his three security guards in the room. I’ve seen it before, but they’ve never seen it so hard. Just greet my head. What if it’s abolished?
Wang Haidong root didn’t give them thinking when flying two feet will block their two road security guards to kick to the table.
Then, without waiting for your feet to land, Wang Haidong drew a strange semi-circular trajectory with the rubber rod in his hand. First, Ruyan Liu’s left security shoulder was directly abolished
The security guard on the right just came to his senses and wanted to run, but how did Wang Haidong grab him when he gave him this? He stepped on his chest and put him on the ground. This guy sold the security room Wu Dalang and others, but the more he thought about it, the more wrong he was. Wang Haidong came over with murderous look. If something happened, he suddenly felt that something was going to happen, so he was the first to rush after Wang Haidong. But when he just arrived at the gate, the pencil necked immediately heard Wu Dalang’s screams of killing pigs. Come out and look up at the five security guards in the security room. The department has been abolished. Wu Dalang was beaten with his mouth full of blood and kept groaning in pain. At this time, Wang Haidong’s feet were still standing on a person.
The pencil necked shouted, turned around and ran away. The pencil necked was not a gentleman, but he was not stupid.
Ran to the office on the second floor, the pencil necked gasped and said, "Captain Gou is bad, captain Gou is bad, someone is coming to make trouble."
If the captain is five big three thick at first glance, it is a mixed person with less appearance, which can restrain the scene. If the captain was indeed a mixed person, he followed the boss and made a crusade to the west, and he also mixed out from the sword.
Later, the boss washed his hands. He got a job as the captain of the security team through the integrity supermarket, but after the captain, few thieves appeared in the integrity supermarket
The name of Mad Dog was also a big name. At this time, Captain Gou snorted, "Pay attention to your quality. How many times have I told you? Now we are regular troops, not guerrillas. What do you want customers to think of the image of our supermarket? Say which bastard dares to make trouble in my site."
The pencil necked paused for two breaths and said, "Captain, the stone has been knocked out by people, and Kun and others have also been turned over, which is worse than that in the park around the city."
Huancheng Park is a mad dog road, establishing its reputation. In World War I, a man was surrounded by his enemy, holding a brick in his hand, and just turned over the other five thugs. By the time the pencil necked and them arrived, the battle was over.
Worse than that? Captain Gou suddenly woke up, and he was afraid that the enemy would turn over.
I knocked out my little uncle’s teeth. This point is for her to think about who her enemies are and who will come to me.
At this time, Captain Gou calmed down. He is a mad dog, but he can be crazy when he is not careless. But if there are no seventy minds to estimate that the person who has been turned over for so many years is him, he is not a mad dog but a dead dog.
At this time, Captain Gou sat down again and said, "If you tell me what happened, if you dare to hide anything from me, go and catch it and throw it into the river to feed the king."
Pencil necked carefully told the story, and Captain Gou said angrily, "Bastard, I have already told Stone that there are girls in his sauna karaoke room who are looking for you."
But after all, it’s his little brother’s captain, even because of his wife. Besides, it’s impossible for him not to show up as the security captain after such a big thing.
However, after seeing the situation in the security room, Captain Gou immediately took a deep breath, malicious role, malicious role, but when he saw his little brother rolling on the rocks, Captain Gou suddenly became furious. He was also a bloody man.
At this time, the stone, the average person in Wu Dalang, saw his brother-in-law arrive and came to know that he was wailing for a fat pig. A carp jumped up and said, "Brother-in-law, this guy incredibly dares to commit murder and hurt people. You will tidy up him for me if he doesn’t squat for a few days in the whole number."
Although this stone is a little leaking when talking, Captain Gou probably understood the meaning.
When I saw the stone with a face of blood, I suddenly felt a little angry. "Pencil necked called Director Hong and said that there was trouble here. This brother, your hands are cruel enough to dare to make trouble in my site. Hum, if I don’t treat you well today, don’t be confused."
Wang Haidong snorted and said, "Hello, don’t you mean to say that I won’t even bring my own people or security guards when I make trouble? The whole rogue is not finished with me. I tell you that I’m not finished with you." Speaking of this, Wang Haidong suddenly grabbed the stone and pressed his right wrist to the desk, then slammed his face and suddenly broke his bones and broke his blood.
Stone, this guy’s whole face is twisted. If it is said that his screams just now are like killing a pig, then the screams this time are the most tragic sounds that the pig made before he died. Almost the entire third floor of Integrity Supermarket seems to have heard this horrible cry.
Captain Gou even said angrily, "It’s so small that if I don’t clean up you and my mad dog today, I’ll go home and farm."
Chapter ninety-nine Fighting
Blue Fox and Hua Hudie took a team of security guards to the Integrity Supermarket. The security guards of Nuremberg Hotel are obviously higher than the security guards of Sincere Supermarket by more than one grade. This can be seen from the quality of security guards and costume equipment. However, according to the British flag guard costume imitation in the cottage, let them sue you, and it is necessary for each security guard to configure rubber roller walkie-talkies. At this time, passers-by are talking about whether the security guards of Nuremberg Hotel should choose Integrity Supermarket. At this time, three luxury sports cars rushed to Chengxin Supermarket Square, and a Ferrari jumped to a 17-year-old girl. When a Bentley Continental G crunched, a young man with a head like a hen’s nest emerged, while the last Mercedes lk4 noodle man was serious, wearing a black Adidas sportswear and jeans, and his hair was just like a boy. However, after careful look, he realized that his face was dressed like an avatar, and the young man was actually a woman.
At this time, the girl jumped from Ferrari and rushed to Hua Hudie and said, "Is Sister Butterfly going to level this supermarket? I’ll find some people to come over. Haha, it depends on how the old man praises my mother, and I’ll give people peace."
Hua Hudie pity her head and touched it and said, "Girl, you don’t have to worry about this matter. Your fox brother didn’t bring people over. You just gave them a show with me. It’s a good thing that a supermarket dared to provoke Wang Haidong without a torch."
Obviously, Hua Hudie knows very well what kind of people in Wang Haidong are touching his kannika nimtragol. There is really no need to go to this supermarket. She called up some of her partners and just wanted to make a big deal out of it.