At this time, Chen Sanjin dared not tease the girl, Hua Hudie, the queen. He dared to do so more than he bargained for.

June 14, 2024

He is fighting crazily against a plate of prawns, which is delicious. Although it is inedible, I can always eat with it.
After hearing Chen Jianguo’s words, Chen Sanjin let go of the shrimp and said, "It is best to have a two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartment if you are married now. Parents have come and have a place to live. Two bedrooms are less than 203,000 bedrooms, and it is estimated that 330,000 may not be able to get a decoration. It will cost 20,000 to 30,000.
Old classmates, if you want to buy it, I’ll give you a 10% discount, and there are models in Europe and America, so you can save the decoration, but I can give you so many discounts. "
I heard that Wang Haidong said on reflection, "Business talks about how I am also a businessman. Classmates return business to business. It is also good to say that it is not bad, but 200,000 to 300,000 Chen Jianguo can’t afford it, and everyone is not optimistic about you. It is unrealistic to expect it to buy a house.
But I think this stone is good. Now I’ll give you two choices. One is that I’ll give 300 thousand just to buy a three-bedroom apartment, and you sell me this jadeite stone.
Another well, if you want to come, you won’t choose it, that is, you bet on whether this stone is out of Cui and call yourself to see. "
These words surprised everyone, even though Chen Sanjin and Chen Sanjin, who had been fighting prawns, had always been quiet. The blue fox looked at Wang Haidong inexplicably.
Chapter 43 Gambling stone charm
Do you have money to burn? This matter is a few thoughts of Blue Fox and them.
Obviously, Blue Fox, a few rich second-generation people, won’t give 300,000 yuan to rest assured. Any car is also millions. You are embarrassed to say hello to others if you have hundreds of thousands of cars.
And the rest of the students who are still fighting for the house think that Wang Haidong is too rich. What’s the big deal about being rich? Anyway, it’s strange for everyone to see Wang Haidong’s eyes
At this time, Chen Jianguo woke up from the shock and said, "Haidong, you are not making fun of me."
With this 300 thousand words, he can get married, and this guy Chen Sanjin also said to give him a model, which saved even the decoration. Of course, it was a luxurious decoration. Anyway, it was decorated regardless of work
But this thing came too suddenly. Suddenly, by this time, Chen Jianguo also felt that Wang Haidong was fooling him.
Wang Haidong walked over to look at the stone in his hand and then at everyone before he said to Chen Jianguo, "Do you think I will fool you in front of so many classmates?
I told you to bet on a stone, and that’s the end of a bet. If you have the courage to cut this stone, then maybe you can get more wealth. Of course, it’s also possible to draw water in a bamboo basket. No, it depends on how you bet on money or stone. "
After hearing Wang Haidong’s promise, Chen Jianguo immediately said categorically, "Of course, I chose money. If there is nothing after this stone is cut, then I will have nothing to get married. Haidong, when can you give me money?"
When it comes to the last sentence, Chen Jianguo is still a little embarrassed
Wang Haidong said very nobly, "Blue Fox, give me a credit card machine in your hotel."
Naturally, I brought the credit card machine to a so-called five-star hotel. Of course, there will be such a thing as a credit card machine, and it will be a direct transfer. Chen Jianguo won’t believe this until Wang Haidong transfers the money to him.
300,000 is not a small sum. I didn’t expect Wang Haidong to transfer the money without blinking an eye.
At this time, some students are whispering. It seems that this guy Wang Haidong really made money.
Wang Haidong won the initiative again, which made come very unhappy. To tell the truth, at most, he spent two months on this small sum of money, but he didn’t expect Wang Haidong to be able to buy a stone with 300 thousand.
Although he has a few friends who play with jade, he doesn’t even know what the result is when he buys a piece of jade for 300 thousand, and it seems that those poor people worship Wang Haidong very much at this time
300,000 seems to be someone who doesn’t have it, but Chen Jianguo, this guy’s family, has five stone heads and four pieces have not come out. Can the last piece of jade come out at this time? Who can know? Although Lin Feng is rich, he doesn’t want to spend money.
Come up and clap your hands and say, "Haidong is so enterprising. When you are our monitor, you are the most enterprising in our class. No one thought that after so many years, you still have such a temper, but is it worth buying a stone for 300 thousand?"
It’s easy to say if you really have classmate friendship, but if you want to show off your money, you shouldn’t do it at this time. We are all old classmates. Do you have two money for this? I have money and I didn’t show off my money. "
After saying these words, those working-class students really changed their eyes a lot. Although they don’t have much money, they always don’t want to be looked down upon by others.
Wang Haidong said as cool as a cucumber, "I said that when I talk about business, since I want to care about my classmates’ friendship, I also want to make money and lose money by myself. Which businessman will do it? What is the emphasis on gambling stones is gambling words."
I also asked Jianguo whether to choose stone or money. Now he has chosen stone. I will give him the money. This stone is mine. I bet there is jade in it. If there is jade that can exceed 300,000, then I will cut it up. If it is less than 300,000 or there is no jade, it will be lost.
Hell and paradise is this knife. Betting stones is a game for the brave. It is not to say that there are dozens of jadeite stones and millions of jadeite stones.
It depends on whether you have the courage to gamble on your wealth. If you go up, you will be broke, so it is not without suicide.
Hehe, you may not necessarily move these words. Everyone always sees the outcome of the tens of millions of gambling games too much. At that moment, the mood is to cut the stone. It is definitely not. "
People don’t know whether gambling on stones is tense or not. Even Tang Xiaoling didn’t take part in gambling on stones seriously, but they can understand from Wang Haidong’s words that the critical situation is definitely not borne by ordinary people.
Wang Haidong laughed and said, "What are you doing this time? Few people go to bet on stones. It’s not ordinary people playing things."
At this time, everyone finally realized how difficult it is for Wang Haidong to decide to spend this 300,000 yuan
Chen Sanjin said at this time, "Haidong, you spent 300,000 yuan without considering whether you can get it back. If you can’t get it back, you will lose a lot."