But now I can see that this broken waiter’s face is still stained with traces of burning ash after burning.

July 11, 2024

"I got this dress from a place."
Soros primly said, "That’s a real brave man. He spared no effort to protect his comrades-in-arms and protect them from death."
Soros has been fighting wits for a long time, and the man before him is not a schemer, but a strong man with simple strength and different skills.
This is also the real reason why the Pope asked Soros to come.
If it were another person, I’m afraid I can tell an exciting story based on all the clues so far.
But in Soros’s mouth, he stumbled and found these clothes, then got clues, and so on. Everything was almost according to the instructions.
But there is no doubt that Soros’s words are more credible to the different gods
That’s why.
The performance of the different gods is more impulsive than Soros expected.
He suddenly got up.
Avenue "what you said is true? Really … is there really a person who escaped from birth? "
At this moment, the different gods lost all their hearts.
Is he not the only one who escaped from the world?
And other people …
Who is it?
Is Wen Jun … or … just an ordinary people?
No, if you can sacrifice your life, you must also protect the identity of the person who escapes. The lowest identity must be Wen Ji Jun or God Lord.
At this moment, different gods rarely turn up in their minds.
A number of ideas emerged, and he rarely had a moment of wisdom.
Asked, "What do you mean by telling me all this?"
Soros primly said, "It’s very simple that our eyes were clear to you from the beginning, and we didn’t criticize you during this time … We can get along with each other from the beginning."
The different gods said coldly, "I don’t want to be with the murderer who killed our people."
Soros was angry and couldn’t help laughing.
At this moment, he found that this powerful enough before him can rival the different gods and minds, and there is still a bit of quarrelling and childishness.
You sent people to attack us, and we fought back and killed your people, but you can blame me for helping your relatives or not.
But it is this kind of thinking that makes Soros more eager to say that he …
That’s all right. Don’t worry about him being too scheming.
"Whoever kills is just a war. People are dead. Do you want to ignore the living because of the dead? I believe you should also know that our church is at odds with the royal family, and now the royal family Alice Lockhart is close to Limit OL, and Taiping Island is also where your compatriots are imprisoned. From this point of view, we are both natural allies. "
Soros said, "I can replace our crown and promise you that you can give your skills to us. We will help you find your people at all costs … Think about it. You seemed to have escaped from life in the eyes of your people at that time, that is to say, although he has escaped now, he is likely to be arrested at any time by the enemy, and his only hope is to have escaped from you."
The different gods lost their way, "but now I am trapped and can’t break free."
"We can let you out and teach you the power. You should know that if we help you find someone, it must be much more efficient than bumping into you like a fly."
Soros hinted, "You’d better think quickly that your compatriot may not have escaped from the world. Maybe he has fallen into the hands of another wave at the moment and is being tortured and controlled by them. He is earnestly looking forward to the arrival of reinforcements. Wouldn’t it be a surprise for him if you suddenly appeared beside him like a magic weapon and killed all the enemies around him?"
"Ok, I promise you!"
YiShenZun Avenue "But you have to let me out now. Similarly … you have to try your best to help me find my compatriots."
Soros said, "But to show sincerity, we need you to hand over your method of practicing complex skills first."
"Wow … human beings really have no credibility. If you think of others, you have no credibility."
Different gods sneer at a surprise.
That’s why their awakened ones will replace human beings, isn’t it?
"Okay, no problem!"
Soros suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, and then great joy flooded my heart.
This time …
The rise of the church is expected.
taiping island
Su Wei really didn’t expect the different gods to have reached an agreement with the church.
Or almost all of his notes have been hit by Wen Jijun and other leaders.
Different deities … The Six-step Alienation Division may be powerful to others, but it is worthless to him.
Even among the players, there are a few unique people who have broken through to the sixth stage.