As this swallow grows up day by day, a girl’s beautiful song can often be heard in Hong Yegu, which makes many people who have been repaired can’t help but stop and listen, and they have a desire to accept disciples and have courtship.

July 10, 2024

Gal door around swallow son what happened day by day more and more gradually became a beautiful said in the fix true world.
I heard that Liu Yunyang said, "According to you, this swallow of Hong Yegu must be very beautiful. There are many relatives and friends. Now she is ten years old. Have you ever chosen the right person? And those disciples who know the identity of Yan Nanfei and his wife must dare to accept them. They are all important people. Do you know who succeeded in the end? "
Laughing at the sea, I said, "I know this swallow is beautiful and rare, but it is said that she naively chose many men but didn’t choose any of them. I think you might as well give it a try this time. It’s not certain that she will see you when you go to those disciples. Naturally, they are famous people in the field of repairing the truth. Anyone who is stupid enough to teach others how to fix the truth will say that this swallow finally worshipped two masters, one is li mountain’s mother and the other is Nanhai Xianweng."
Liu Yunyang said, "I can tell by their names that these two people are not simple. Unfortunately, I have never heard of either of them. Can you tell me what you didn’t know when you went to Hong Yegu this time?"
Laugh at the sea mysterious smile whispered "businessman nature is to do business, maybe I return the door? Well, then you will know that don’t ask any more questions now. "
Liu Yunyang said, "Since you don’t want to talk about it, forget it. Now you’d better talk about two things."
Laugh at the sea and say with smile, "Well, I’ll talk about the other two things first, and then I’ll tell you the purpose of my trip when I get to Hong Yegu late. It’s not good for you to talk nonsense and reveal the secret at this moment."
Tianfeng Castle, located in the middle of Youtong Tianhe in Jinsha River, was built 150 years ago. At that time, Tianfeng Old Man, the owner of the Castle, was one of the seven scattered immortals in the fix-up world-Nanhai Xianweng and li mountain’s mother.
It is said that the old man Tianfeng built this castle because he calculated that there is a dragon vein longan in Tongtian River, which is located in the current Tianfeng Castle.
With the help of dragon spirit, future generations can accelerate the progress of cultivation and have the opportunity to enter the realm of otherness and eventually become immortals.
In this way, you can live forever.
Nowadays, the owner of Tianfeng Castle is Tianfeng Old Man, who is called Tianfeng Crazy Sword Lan Ruolong, and is a famous swordsman in the realm of the fix-true.
Tianfeng Kuangjian has a daughter, Blue Butterfly, who was married to Sirius Ye Changfeng and Blue Feiyu in Mobei ten years ago. Sixty-six out of twenty this year is the heir to Tianfeng Castle. She once failed to get married in Hong Yegu and now she is alone.
Tianfengbao is located in the southwest, which is a famous sect in the field of Xiuzhen. Its younger brothers are all over the southwest, and it is the most powerful Xiuzhen sect in the whole southwest.
The wind, wind, sword and tactic are changeable, and the power of ghosts and gods is unpredictable, which is the multiplication tactic that several people dream of seeking.
Every year, there are countless people who visit the master, and the overall strength ranks among the top ten in the whole day.
In addition, Tianfengbao has made a lot of contributions to the peace of the southwest because of its geographical location, which just blocks the throat of thousands of evil spirits in the ice field.
After listening to Xiao Canghai’s narrative, Liu Yunyang was puzzled and asked, "Since this Tianfengbao is so famous and creative, and it is also one of the seven scattered immortals in the realm of repairing the truth, why haven’t they been included in the Four Wonders of Heaven?"
Laughing at the sea and laughing, "This is mainly because the history of Tianfengbao is too short, understand? As far as I know, Tianfengbao is not included in the Four Wonders, except that the history is too short, it is also a reason that they pursue strength over everything. "
Liu Yunyang, with his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, asked, "I don’t quite understand what you mean."
Laughing at the sea, the so-called "fix the true world" refers to a world composed of a group of special people who are exploring the mysteries of heaven and earth and pursuing immortality.
At first, it was a small and relatively secret area, but over time, those magical magic formulas were gradually mastered by some evil people, who gained strength from them, and then they had a desire and fell into evil.
In pursuit of that mysterious force, people all over the world have joined some sects to cultivate the truth, and now the whole human world has become a monk who can be seen flying around anytime and anywhere.
There will naturally be differentiation when there are many people, so good and evil will be produced.
Some people have made people peaceful, and the people are stable, advocating the elimination of demons and helping the poor. These people have become the embodiment of justice and represent the right path in the eyes of the people.
Compared with those who follow their own selfish desires, fools are defined as evil along with those who kill and set fires.
Today, Tianfengbao’s strength mostly comes from those who pursue strength and desire, and that Tiansijue’s self-cultivation, cultivation, longevity and exploration of mysteries have different views, so although they are strong in strength and reputation, they are not invincible. "
The fourth chapter cloud theory
LiuYunYang after hearing some corrupt way "the world really have that kind of pursuit of the mysteries of heaven and earth around the interests of people fix true master? I’m afraid it’s all the same, and it’s not necessarily a good thing. "
Laughing at Liu Yunyang for a while, the sea suddenly asked, "Do you have any prejudice against Tiansi?"
LiuYunYang mind a shock to avoid his eyes cool way "everyone has some secrets is not humane, don’t you also have a lot of things to hide from the world? In that case, you must ask more questions? "
Laughing at the sea nodded, "You’re right. Everyone has something hidden in their hearts. That’s normal. Since you don’t want to answer this question, forget it. Let’s talk about it in the fairyland."
A mysterious place in the cloud fairyland.
Some people say that it is a special place with floating clouds, while others say that it is a valley in the depths of Mount Sumi, surrounded by clouds and flowers all year round, which is a beautiful place.
Which statement is true from the investigation, because knowing that people never know that people ask is also a waste of time.
It is said that there are immortals living in the fairyland of floating clouds. For nine days all year round, the mysterious sound permeates the rainbow, and the birds hover and fly, which is the most magical place in the world.
In the cloud fairyland, it was only a hundred years ago that the fix-true world was never recorded in it before.
As far as people know, those things in the fairyland of floating clouds are all some films that catch the wind. No one can answer for sure whether it is true or not, right or wrong.
The only thing that is recognized by everyone is that there is a three-color exotic flower in this fairyland that can emit blue, blue and purple light every full moon night.
This point was spoken by Long Tengyun, the owner of Aoyue Mountain Villa, many years ago, so no one dared to doubt it and it became the only thing that people could be sure of.
In addition, it is said that the fairyland of floating clouds was created by Liu Tiandao, the most mysterious fairy in the fix-true world.
This fairyland is a real fairyland that he spent his whole life creating, where there is no hatred, sickness, death and suffering, and heaven and earth can share the mountains and rivers.
Of course, this is a little mysterious, but no one knows whether it is true or false. After all, it is said that there are only four people who can reach the realm of immortals in the fix-true world since ancient times
In addition to Liu Tiandao, among the three people, there was the Buddha of the year-the proud moon honour person said that heaven and earth are two immortals.
Glancing at Liu Yunyang beside him, he smiled at the sea and said, "Have you thought of anything to ask after listening to it now?"
Liu Yunyang said indifferently, "I am really curious in some places, but I also feel that there are unreasonable places to ask. As you just said, this cloud wonderland is mysterious and people are extremely rare, so if you want to go there, you must know where it is. Now that you know what it is, the inference in the description just now has made me listen to it for a long time. What is the place of this cloud wonderland?"
Laughing at the sea, I laughed. "I knew you would ask this question. It’s really simple. I don’t know what Liuyun Wonderland really knows. All I know is that although I can’t find the way there, I will be picked up by passers-by. Do you understand?"
Liu Yunyang one leng didn’t seem to think he would answer like this.
Looking at him, Liu Yunyang couldn’t guess whether his words were true or not, but this so-called businessman in Liu Yunyang’s heart was by no means a simple person.
He hides many secrets that no one knows. Otherwise, how can his employer be a famous figure these days?
Put away your distractions. Liu Yunyang said, "I find it hard to believe your answer, but as I said before, since you don’t want to tell the truth, I don’t want to force you to ask another question. I hope you can answer it truthfully."
Laughing at the sea, he put away his serious expression and smiled. "If you have anything, just ask and I can answer you. I will answer you naturally. If some questions are not yet due, I can reserve them for the time being and tell you when the time comes."
Liu Yunyang sank, "Well, I can hear that this sentence is true. My question is, did you make money in your business trip?"