After all, the number of his and my projections is only 999, and now he has formed a stable projection of more than 150 people. If others know it, they will even surprise their fangs. After all, Qingwei has not delayed the repair at all because of touching him.

July 9, 2024

Feet seem to be slow, but the subtle figure soon disappeared from the ten continents.
After leaving the ten continents, the bondage and stability of the Avenue of Heaven and Earth are slightly clearer, and the movement is more comfortable. After constantly crossing a large and small universe, it is constantly approaching the Taiyin universe.
The lunar universe is special and clear. Considering that the floating palace is special, it is not convenient to come nearby. Moreover, it has not moved for many years. It is nothing to simply walk by yourself and see if there is a mind-destroying universe on the way.
After passing through a small world, I feel dark at the moment and come to a world crack, and not far ahead is the Taiyin Avenue that highlights the universe.
Qingwei came out directly towards the cosmic barrier with a lucky attitude, but as expected, it was blocked from the outside.
I took one look at my many magic weapons, took them out and put them aside. Seven fairy magic weapons shone directly here, and everything seemed like a fairyland.
This time, Qingwei tried to converge on its own breath, and then it passed through the cosmic barrier in a sluggish way. I can’t help but feel this world, and I can’t help but look forward to it.
"The lunar calendar shows this world, even if you don’t practice this kind of Tao, the legal person is in the fire, and the Sun Tao will be greatly restricted."
"If it weren’t for the coordinated operation of many avenues in the operation of heaven and earth, wouldn’t this world have to give up some principles?"
Since you can enter, it will be safer to act at that time.
Generally speaking, the two immortals are rarely able to meet and hinder them by carefully preparing their avatars and adding their own good strength.
Qingwei soon, except for the lunar universe, there is no hurry to explore itself in detail, but there are still a bunch of treasures lying outside
After coming out, Qingwei put away the seven magic weapons and prepared to go back after observing the neighboring world a little.
"Magic weapon can’t follow in, but you can prepare a few things, especially to cut the fairy flying knife …"
After I have an idea in my heart, I will disappear when I move my feet, but at this moment I feel a strange smell suddenly appearing in the gap of this world.
When qingwei perceives the moment of movement, she hides her figure and breath.
The heavens and the earth are so big that it is impossible to meet such a "narrow" world gap. I have to say that Qingwei will also be curious about each other and it is difficult to pay attention to it.
"Fairy … huh? Is it not a person or a demon? "
Soon people appeared in Qingwei’s eyes, but it was a middle-aged scribe with dark hair and a long beard in a white Confucian shirt. Junlang walked out with a half folding fan in his hand.
Qing Wei noticed that the eyes also looked at the direction of the lunar universe.
However, before I thought about it, I saw this person’s nose twitching as if smelling something. Soon, my eyes froze and my hands waved a folding fan to kill the cold wind, and the virtual turbulence swept towards Qingwei. With the surge of energy, generate collided and shattered all the qi activity.
Qing Wei didn’t expect that his own affairs would be discovered so soon, but he was surprised, but he didn’t panic. Behind him, the blue, red, yellow, white, black and five colors of divine light lit up and brazenly brushed out, and then he saw all kinds of chaos and disillusionment in front of him. At the same time, his eyes were bright and he looked directly at the man through the wall.
Although it’s not eye-catching, the insight from the wall can also be used to detect the evil phase!
"This is … samoyed? Black hair? No wonder the nose is so clever that it turned out to be a dog demon. "
On the other hand, seeing that Qingwei is so easy to break his own means, the man can’t help but be stunned. However, in his hand, he keeps folding fans, and a picture of the moon palace wonderland emerges. As the man waves, the gap here is transformed into a scene in the painting.
Qingwei was suddenly in a fairyland, and at the same time there were many impenetrable legal chains outside, which seemed to be bound.
Qing Wei’s mind turned quickly and understood the man’s intention
Now that there is here, it is obvious that the purpose should be the lunar universe.
Men obviously have the meaning of not getting their hands on others, so their hands are more sharp after the first temptation.
Samoyed’s strength is not weak, and the folding fan in his hand is also a rare magic weapon, so he has to deal with it seriously.
"Biyue Xianjun should not know that someone else has found this place … Sir!"
Seeing that Qingwei was about to be folded in the income fan, the man’s face couldn’t help but show a kind of simple and honest smile. However, at this moment, the Moon Palace Wonderland collapsed and then a long banner flew out and hit the man directly.
"Such a magic weapon can’t be overwhelmed!"
As soon as the male animal barks, it throws a snake-shaped jade symbol and breaks it into pieces. A huge smoke snake spouts with an ancient and cold breath, which seems to melt all the source poison, and then it spreads to Pangu Zan in an instant.
And the male jade operator flew out in an instant and turned into a body. A long-haired big dog’s foot on the lunar force disappeared, and there was no trace of it. After nine days, Yuanyang’s foot was slow and it took half a beat, but it failed to capture any breath.
"ha? Are you so decisive? You are a big demon in the middle of the fairy! "
It’s somewhat unreal to look at the gap in the silent world with a kind of stare.
Chapter six hundred and forty-four Move
There is still some unreality in seeing the man disappear after the serpent and poisonous gas that are enough to make the fairy dharma fester and fester are wiped out.