Kan’s eyes were slightly heavy from the immortal statue, and Yin Gui crossed into a Yuan Cheng. After pulling back from the dying edge, he nodded slightly and said, "It turned out that Mount Tai, the Emperor of Dongyue, respected God."

July 8, 2024

Taiyi smiled at Yu Ting Xian Jun, and after a few people gestured, they looked at Kan Li Xian Zun, "saying that the great power is really extraordinary."
Kanli Xianzun naturally recognized the irony in Taiyi’s speech, but it was not easy to send even if he was unhappy.
Don’t say he just this Thai a can let oneself to "late" half racket, don’t underestimate quite let a person cannot fathom.
"He obviously hasn’t boarded the plane yet, but his magical powers are extraordinary and he is afraid of something unusual …"
"Although the abbot of Kunlun has some incense, but his friendship is not deep, he didn’t expect his brother Tai to run here for a while."
Think of it from the fairy statue also couldn’t help a bit of a headache.
If I had known this, he wouldn’t be so tough and direct.
Nowadays, it’s hard to find a paradise that can barely be said, that is, an ancient road field like Penglai and the abbot.
It is the Taoist Qingwei, the goddess of Penglai, who has a good friendship and has been broken. After all, it is not as good as the abbot.
And the abbot is once the abode of fairies and immortals, and it is appropriate to return to this place.
Otherwise, it is indispensable to re-run a powerful Dojo suitable for spiritual practice.
The original thought is that the abbot is no stronger than before, but also a jade court fairy gentleman. If he settles in, he can quickly privatize this fairy island, which is a bit more proactive than his great power and others, and he can plan more in the future.
But now …
In a flash, I have turned my mind to thinking too much from the immortal Buddha.
Kanli Xianzun became a Taoist in the last years of ancient times. At that time, the abbot scattered immortals and beat the number. At the beginning, he left the abbot because of exploring a chaotic secret, so he was far away from Shenzhou and was not involved in the changes in the last years of ancient times.
And the only advantage of exploring that secret place is that it gives Kan a fairly safe sleeping place away from the fairy statue.
So far away from the immortal statue, the ancient powers are good, and now the strength is almost equal to that of Sheng Jiuchen immortal statue.
Jade Pavilion Xianjun saw that Kan was not angry at the words of Tai Zun, but his expression suddenly changed and he laughed. "Ha, ha, ha, today, I have to see our abbot, the immortals, who are still brave in ancient times and persevering in their minds. I am very relieved, but I didn’t want to provoke a friend of Tai to misunderstand it."
Just recovered Yin decyl eyes slightly stunned "…?"
The four people of Yuting Xianjun are happy in their hearts. "It’s good not to fight!"
Taiyi is also frowning. I didn’t expect this to be so …
So … cheeky?
"oh? It’s commendable that Xianzun has such a heart, and it’s also a blessing for Yu Ting Daoyou and others to be valued by you. "
"Is it about taking charge of Xiandao?"
Before Taiyi finished talking, he waved his hand and smiled like a nice guy, "But a joke can’t be true."
"I am now returning to seek a return. I used to cultivate my self-cultivation and recite the Taoist scriptures."
Thai first-class people smell speech and secretly nod in their hearts. It’s reasonable to ask so.
See jade court fairy several people don’t look like just serious nervous Kan from the fairy will know what you want should be no problem.
And I actually said that Jin Xian is now back in Xiandao, and they can’t do anything around themselves.
Although the abbot has a big gap, you can’t really compare yourself, can you?
I’m afraid I won’t get a good place when those guys come back one after another!
Thought of here, Kan Li Xian Zun gritted his teeth and took out a spring with a rich flavor of nature from the body world, and then he entered the ancestral vein in the direction.
With a slight quiver of Xiandao, a vigorous and fresh spring breeze and drizzle spread to nourish the abbot and restore Xiandao.
Kanli Xianzun endured the pain of meat and laughed. "The abbot is a hometown. If you can’t bear to see it run down, it’s too much, so it’s a little bit of help."
Everyone was greatly surprised that the four people, the Jade Court Fairy, Vientiane Venerable, Gan Ling and the three true gentlemen, took the initiative to salute the fairy statue from Kan. "The younger generation and others thanked the fairy statue on behalf of you and welcomed the fairy to respect and return to their hometown."
Kan is a bit comfortable when he saw the fairy statue, but he also smiled and said, "You little friends will be friends in the future."
A few people have a harmonious atmosphere, but they don’t look at the only injured Yin Gui in a straight way.
Taiyi looked at it and didn’t mix it. After nodding to several people, he turned and disappeared in the abbot fairy island.
And a few people in Yuting Xianjun stepped away from Xianzun and made a deliberate approach to the ceremony. After that, they said, "Xianzun’s original abode of fairies and immortals can’t be tested. You see where it’s a hindrance to let his fellow travelers move there and give some compensation."
Said the jade court fairy gentleman couldn’t help laughing "now the island abode of fairies and immortals Dojo junior is the most take fairy statue if interested in junior is willing to give up"
A few people, such as Kan Li Xian Zun, did not say that Taiyi disappeared for the time being, but when they appeared in front of their eyes, they went to the ancestral vein in the depths of the abbot Xiandao.
At this time, there is still a simple and elegant woman here. Even if she is simple and simple, it is hard to hide absolute beauty’s honor.
Seeing Tai Yi’s return, Zhang Yin, a female eye, calmly said, "Time is hard to learn, but it’s hard to learn. You just have a long way to go."
Taiyi gave a slight hand and said, "The last thing of the younger generation can enter the country now, and I can’t slack off in the future because of the personal advice of the Queen of Heaven."