West Catfish Manor Manor Main Heart

July 7, 2024

Chapter 131 The food alliance has a successor
Lying there, hiding in the turtle shell, the old turtle suddenly emerged from the turtle shell like being stepped on, staring at Zhuang with an incredible face.
"You … how could you …"
How can you forcibly take away the owner’s heart from him if Zhuang is not far away?
Isn’t the manor owner and his own manor owner closely combined?
Although the surface of the manor is an object that is held in the hand or worn in a necklace and worn on one’s own body.
But if the manor’s heart is really an ordinary object, I’m afraid that the manor owners have already been directly killed by people with ulterior motives and robbed of the manor’s heart.
When he was not a manor owner, the manor owner’s heart was already in harmony with the manor owner, regardless of each other
Is it possible that someone will take it away?
Of course there is, but even if it is taken away, it is a projection and shape, and its essence is still closely connected with the manor owner
And a real manor can get it back with only one thought.
But at this moment, the old turtle suddenly felt that his heart connection with the manor owner disappeared
He has lost the power that belongs to the manor owner.
While his servant looked blank.
At this time, all the people wearing identity badges feel that the force that constrains them has shifted to Zhuang not far away.
Not far from Zhuang, the light in his hand flows, and the heart of the manor is like a turtle shell and disappears in the blink of an eye.
Road information flow
"Detected the main heart of the manor-does the spirit turtle heart absorb it?"
"Do you simulate the main heart of the manor?"
Now it is only a blink of an eye for Zhuang to absorb this almost incomplete manor.
Then not far from Zhuang, the palm of his hand turned over and there was a projection of the turtle’s heart.
"No, no, no, no ….." The old turtle held out two short claws and wanted to take back the manor from Zhuang’s hand, but as soon as Zhuang stopped, he jumped on one.
"It’s time to ask you the truth." Not far from Zhuang, his eyes shot again.
The old turtle trembled with fear, but his mouth still shouted, "Give it back! Give me back my manor heart! "
"Alas …" Not far from Zhuang sighed.
Sure enough, after the "brutal examination of the manor owner" failed, the deterrent power was gone.
After all, eyes can’t really kill people. The most terrible thing in the brutal examination of manor owners actually comes from the crushing of the torrent of time, from the passing of time and the fear of the unknown.
At this time, the "brutality" side of the brutal examination has also been greatly reduced.
"If you want me to give it back to you, you can honestly say everything you have. I will naturally give it back to you. What exactly is this place? Where the hell is that manor? Are you playing tricks! "
"You’re trying to kill the old turtle. Give it back to me. I can’t tell you!" The old turtle is still shaking his head.
Knowing that the end of the era is close at hand, the old turtle is so afraid of death that he certainly doesn’t want to betray the boss. After all, he still needs the boss to help him.