Ouyang Su shook his head.

July 6, 2024

"I don’t want to be old, but this is the temple’s command to the monarch. If you don’t want to be old, you’d better say a name."
"Well …"
Speaking of which, he slowly looked up at something hovering in the middle, and his eyes narrowed.
"Sword wing carving has not been seen for decades."
"It’s royalty!" Zhao Nan’s wadded face was ecstatic.
"Ouyang Su, I advise you to keep silent."
"The monarch will be aggressive" Ouyang Su stroked his beard lightly.
"The old man has been in the palace for half a generation, and you princes have met each other. It is barely a big deal for the monarch’s elders. Should it be?"
"In addition …"
His eyes a clot face with sharp meaning.
"The old man is lucky to have lived for decades in the Seven Temples Method. Ask yourself, if it weren’t for the strong silver man coming in person, no one could take people away from here."
"You …" Zhao Naxu was so angry and anxious that he couldn’t help swearing, but after all, he was born in a noble family and could not swear.
"You are crazy!"
"Princess don’t worry" Ouyang Su’s expression is indifferent
"Why don’t you sit down and meet the people?"
A whimper came from the sky
When you look up, you can see a huge bird flying high.
Birds spread their wings with a foot of 100 meters, and their roots are like swords, reflecting metallic luster in the hot sun, and their wings flashing and causing high winds to roar.
Sword wing carving!
This bird is the only one in Hongzeyu, which is domesticated by the royal Zhao family and heterogeneous, and its strength is inferior to that of the black iron peak when it grows up.
Seeing this is equivalent to seeing the Zhao family of the royal family.