Although Zhou Zhiruo didn’t understand the meaning of some words, he understood his intention

July 5, 2024

She nodded and said, "But I’ll let Jing Xuan arrange it for you later."
"Thank you"
Su Wei asked, "Why did you come here? What’s wrong with it?"
"It didn’t."
Zhou Zhiruo language has praised "it’s a little uncomfortable for you to divide your strength according to your level, but I feel it’s more appropriate and I can observe my younger brother’s strength intuitively. I can’t believe that I’m already at level 46 now."
It’s only level 46. Is that enough?
Especially since your former skills have been wasted and your measurements have shrunk severely.
Sue’s idealistic silly bitch, when I take you to my grandson and wander around, you will know how superficial you really are.
He said, "I’m here on business!" "
Su Wei gave Zhou Zhiruo a list of ancient books.
Zhou Zhiruo took a look at the pupil can’t help but shrink surprised way "this … this is …"
This is another stunt of Emei Sect. Dugu Yihe, a master of Emei Sect, used this trick to almost kill Ximen Chuixue, the sword god.
Su Wei explained, "Emei Sect is not as long-standing as Shaolin, especially these female brothers seem to like you. I’m afraid they can’t stand being squeezed by these women. I’ll give you some chips … You can’t learn these martial arts, but you need to memorize them so that you can teach your brothers more conveniently."
Su Wei was really amazed.
The number of disciples in Emei is only a quarter of that in Shaolin, but we can feel that almost half of the real origin comes from Emei.
In other words, these female players broke out with amazing fighting power.
Must be new …
Otherwise, I’m afraid it won’t be long before Zhou Zhiruo is squeezed dry by these players
And Zhou Zhiruo look dignified than.
Turn over several times in succession.
Three Swords of Feilong, Seven Evil Swords, Random Cloak Swords, Four Palm of Tianfeng, Seven Evil Swords, etc …
Actually, one is not inferior to Emei’s strong martial arts classics.
And listen to this Su Wei tone, these are actually Emei martial arts, and then associate Su Wei with being able to travel through the past and the future.
Zhou Zhiruo’s intelligent mind has been concealed.
She said seriously, "Thank you."
"Why don’t you ask Jing Xuan to help me find a quiet room? I’ll rest in Emei today."
Zhou Zhiruo looked at his hands and said with a hoarse voice, "It seems that I have no leisure to sleep tonight."
Although the words are complaining.
But the lip angle has outlined a smile.
Chapter 142 I almost like women
At this point in the real world,
Before joining the "Limited" OL, more than a thousand players woke up from the real world one after another.
Tianzhou city
Kuankuo quiet manor
A man in his twenties who looks younger than handsome is shocked. Looking at his palm, he still can’t believe that he just quit a game instead of leaving the real world.
He immediately thought of something and hurriedly touched his head and touched his hair, which was as fluffy as a dog’s hair. He was relieved and said, "It’s okay, it’s okay. If it’s really bald in reality, it’s really embarrassing, but I didn’t expect Snow Chihiro to do a good thing. If he hadn’t recommended my grandfather, I wouldn’t have forced me to play games. I wouldn’t have found such a treasure."
Remembering that he just exchanged seventy-two tan legs.
When the master who gave him martial arts demonstrated, his legs were like whips, and he was as crazy as thunder.
Look, he’s in a surge of emotion …
Zhenger’s strength is not influenced by Gu Wu’s aristocratic family, but Fang Yun’s vision is still not low
These seventy-two roads are very strong, very strong
In the game, the martial arts school is still this way of playing … becoming stronger in entertainment and making progress in krypton liver.
Is this game planner a genius?
In fact, there may not be no stronger Wushu in the family than this Tan Leg.
But the problem is that this level of Wushu is full of seventy-two items, and according to the brother Gong, the seventy-two legs are powerful, but they are too strong and easy to destroy, and even the top twenty of the seventy-two stunts can’t be discharged.
"Shaolin … Shaolin …"
Fang Yun mumbled this seemingly magical name.
Players who are forced to enter the game by their elders.