Chapter 6 Selection

July 4, 2024

Sun Ling detained, Cai Yuzhen two people face pan consternation people around you is can’t help but exclaim.
Fifth-order silver has the power to crack the sea, and a single blow can pour out a lake’s strength and cut a hundred miles long.
Even the sixth-order peak defense is a narrow escape!
This is called’ Zhou Yi’, and the head is hard to resist the attack of mace. Every fetal forehead is unscathed, but Xuanbing is broken on the spot.
The result was obviously unexpected to everyone.
"Ah …"
Zhou Jia’s face was full of sneer.
"Is that all you have?"
It’s a godhead to wave a thunder in vain. He has long been depressed and full of anger. Now some people take the initiative to find a door to vent.
The strong man turned around and fled without trying again.
Although the blow just now was a temptation, it broke out in the end. I never thought that my opponent would be ill, but his weapon was broken.
His arm trembled and the pain didn’t go away. He’s not stupid. How dare he come again?
Cold hum rings in the ear, and the strong man’s heart is cold, but before he returns to absolute being, the darkness has drowned his consciousness.
Zhou Jia’s body flashed, and the strong man had already separated the body.
Fifth-order silver
Vulnerable in front of him!
"How dare you!"
Opposite Sun Ling’s detention, he was surprised and angry. He waved two black chains and flew out straight for Zhou Jia.
While others suddenly fly back.
Before he came, he also thought that Zhou Jia had hidden his repair and strength, but he expected that at most he was almost as likely as he was.
I never thought it would be so strong!
Although he could block the blow from his companion just now, it can’t be so easy. This time, it is obvious that he has encountered a hard stubble.
Or stay away from the edge for a while
Wu Jin’s chain is a secret treasure that he spent hundreds of years refining.
It’s even heavier to hide all the resentment than to bear the splitting pain even if the sixth-order silver is drawn by it.
Trapped people and killed the enemy at the same time.
Nowadays, flying out of your hand is just to stop you from thinking about it for a moment.
But for a moment
Zhou Jia’s figure appeared in front of the chain like a teleport, and he held two chains in his hand as soon as his hand moved forward.
Hundreds of thousands of pounds of weight in his hands is like the roar of the soul in the object, which is even more regarded by him.
As soon as you rub your hands in the palm of your hand, the chain will flash in the sun, and there will be a mournful cry. Thick black smoke will emerge from it and several sections will be broken on the spot.
Shape flash has Sun Ling detained before again.
Sun Ling was arrested and his heart was pounding, but he didn’t escape. The true spirit of the sea emerged, and the middle finger of his right hand flashed with a flash of bright stars.
The method of star extinction!
Starlight flashing with a burst of powerful streamer strikes, which leads to the collapse of the fluctuation of heaven and earth sources.
Zhou Jia shape is not a lag.
It should be similar to the practice of Yangwulei. Although it is not a pseudo-magic skill, the outbreak of power has happened but not.
Even his flesh feels a little horrified.
as expected
You can’t underestimate a person.
In the face of the incoming starlight, Zhou Jia did not choose to fight hard this time, but slightly sideways to avoid 70% sharpness.