Her figure vanished in anger.

July 3, 2024

"Ah …" Zhou Jia looked at the sky lightly and saw through the illusory palm, and the thunder soared into a huge axe shadow and hewed out sideways.
"I’m afraid you can’t!"
Imperial thunder chop!
Measure your heart!
The two great gods collide with each other, one is a strange species of practice for many years, and the other is a heterogeneous species with many characteristics.
"Boom …"
Huge energy fluctuations caused a huge tremor in the temple
a moment
Several thunders fell from the sky, blue Lei Guang, white ball of thunder and red fire poured down like the sky fell.
Terror keeps everyone present from changing color.
Zhou Jia and Ao Li had to dodge crazily without fighting.
"That’s enough!"
A naked man with gray hair was drinking low in the low-drinking ring.
"I don’t care if you have any personal vendetta, and then think of some way to solve it after going out. Don’t mess around now, otherwise …"
He groaned lightly and followed the darkness, even the thunderous power was weak.
Zhou Jia’s binocular contraction consciousness takes a step back.
Ao glass also hesitated to stop moving slowly, took a cold look at Zhou Jia with beautiful eyes and then left.
Zhou Jia hummed lightly.
At this time, although he has just advanced to the seventh order, he is already afraid of the seven-order peak longevity species such as Ao Li.
But that man …
The side head looked at the eyes, and the talking man turned his mind.
The night king Finley!
Golden creatures!
It is said that this person is a giant wolf, a world hell master with the ability to devour the souls of others.
Although it is Tianyuan au gold, it is not as kind as Liu E.
Look closely at the field
Although people are scattered everywhere, they can also be vaguely argued that there are two dividing lines and three forces
Tianyuan alliance is naturally one of the dark mother emperors, and the last force should be wandering around Bianhuang to practice.
Yi ru di Huang Meng ao Li
Meditate, gather together and greet people warmly.
"It’s very strange. Can you make Ao Li’s bitch beaten? I don’t know what to call her?"
"Zhou Jia" Zhou Jia surrendered
"Didn’t ask?"
"To say" bearer height feet more than a full face of beard behind carrying two bamboo stick smiling hand way
"In Jimian"
"Ji …" Zhou Jia micro eyes.
"It turned out to be friends of Ji family."
Tianyuan League is famous for its family names, but there are not many Ji families, one of which is because there is a gold in this family.
Ji Mian should be angry with Ao Li, and his words show that Feng Wei is naturally full of curiosity about embarrassing Ao Li.
Most of the seven-order peak strong people have heard of it even if they don’t know it.
Zhou Jia …
Where does the expert come from?
"Ji Xiong" Zhou Jia also urgently needs to know the situation here.
"I wonder if there are so many people here?"
"Brother Zhou doesn’t know?" Jimian squinted at the surrounding line of sight and laughed
"It seems that Zhou Xiong should have just arrived at the altar of creation, and the thunder temple will weaken for a short time every few years."