They don’t want to think that the enemy is outside. Can they run away? If aliens hadn’t scratched their tongues and never fought back, we would have died a long time ago.

July 2, 2024

But they really upset the alien arrangement, and we have been trying hard to catch fire, which really made them run out.
Then the aliens swarmed and tried to kill us and catch us alive, and then there was no more.
Chapter 39 The first article (4)
The last line literally drew some meaningless lines. Yip Han couldn’t guess what these lines represented and turned to a page suspiciously.
There is a dirty ink on the first line, and then the text.
Aliens don’t care about human life at all. They rush from the sky like crazy, blocking our guns, and then others hold our arms, and if they struggle, they hold their legs.
They are very strong, even if we try our best, we can’t earn them.
Yip hon thinks this place should be clamped rather than inexplicably embedded, but it won’t be entangled. Keep looking.
Many people sounded grenades, but the grenades deliberately controlled the power. Without damaging the armor, we people were shocked, but the aliens were saved.
Later, I heard captain Huang say that before the aliens caught him, he shot a set of light signals into the sky with a laser gun, which was a traitor and a prisoner, hoping to wake the earth in this way and tell them that someone had fallen into the hands of aliens.
After listening, I was silent for a long time, and I didn’t know what to say. I felt particularly uncomfortable and wronged.
Let’s continue to talk about January 2, but we can’t compete with aliens. In a short time, we people will fall into the hands of aliens and be detained by them. I can’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest of this hellhole. Anyway, we just let us go wherever we go.
Not long after, another group of aliens took a few people to come over, and there was a dog day in Li Wenzhe
Aliens walked with us for more than half an hour, probably far enough away from the nuclear explosion zone. Aliens don’t know how to recruit a giant bug from the ground.
This thing scared me a lot, and aliens tried to feed us insects, but the insect’s back shell was hit, and there were several meat pits inside, and the aliens stuffed us in, and then the insect closed the shell and put us in the shell
The worm shell is covered with dots like ladybugs, like a window.
I saw escorting aliens to the worm’s back and controlling the worm to climb forward like a driver.
I just understand that this kind of insect is actually an alien car. Although the meat pit is narrow and tight, the insect climbs steadily and at a fast speed, and it can swim across a river.
I stuck my head through the shell and looked at many strange insects and all kinds of strange alien plants, mainly all kinds of insect trees. The tallest one is almost ten stories high and at least seven meters thick. Until today, I haven’t made a fuss about what kind of insects can be raised by such a big insect tree, but later experience has taught me that insect aliens play a very important role in life.
The car bug crawled very fast, and not long after, I saw the huge Jupiter rising from the front. It just hung up and filled half the sky. The stripes were clearer than even the halo.
At that time, I was really very emotional about the smallness of mankind and the vastness of the universe.
Jupiter is moving at an amazing speed, and soon it will move over our heads.
Then I saw a river, and the water in the river suddenly rose a lot like high tide, and then I suddenly found myself lighter.
I wasn’t sure at first, but the closer I got to Jupiter, the more obvious it became. I suddenly realized that it was from Jupiter tide, and it was really too big.
Later, I learned that every time Jupiter passes through Io, it will cause a tsunami-like super tide, and even the earth’s crust will loosen a lot because of this. At that time, the earthquake didn’t stop, and I was dead several times, but the quality of alien architecture survived the last one.
There is also that aliens seem to be used to it and are not afraid of earthquakes at all.
It took me more than two hours from seeing Jupiter to moving it to the top of my head. I’ve never seen Jupiter so close, and I saw the flash and aurora in the clouds through a telescope. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in it.
There should never be a chance for human science and technology to land on Jupiter. I just don’t know if aliens have such a thing. If they really have this war, there is no need to fight again …
This description is very sensible and rational, which makes Yip Han a little curious about writing this passage, but no matter how he recalls it, he can’t remember that there was such a person among the students at the beginning.
Maybe I can remember something when I see the photo, but there is no need to look for it specially. Just contact the North Moon Island Archives Center in the future.
Keep looking.
We soon left Jupiter’s weight and slowly came back. I don’t know how far we went. The worm finally walked to the place to scrape the soil and took us into the ground. Just that part was dug and walked now. After a while, we got into a hole and walked along the hole for a long time before stopping at the slope. I guess we are very deep underground.
How to shape it? This place should be the base of aliens. The dome is very big and very high. There are white buildings everywhere and several white columns supporting the dome. This place is not like natural formation, but like aliens digging underground.
I can’t figure out how much manpower and material resources it takes to dig such a big dungeon, but until today, we prisoners are still trapped in the corner of the base. No one knows how big it is, but I have seen an alien warship flying in the sky … the dome of the dungeon is not narrow at all.
We all think that aliens may have dug Io into an ant nest. There must be many other cities like this, otherwise there is no place for so many aliens.
It must be very important that they can rely on Io, cross star and these cities.
I remember very clearly that when we arrived in the dungeon, it was the earth. At 221 pm on January 2, 225, the aliens ignored us and waited quietly and quietly until 11: 30 pm before they sent the worms to a closed building.
We people can’t wait to jump out of the worm shell. Some people are willing to accept their fate and others want to resist, but all the resistance is in vain. The alien roots don’t give us a chance to resist and send us directly to the decontamination.
We wouldn’t take off our armor, so they just washed our armor, brushed us from head to toe with something they didn’t know, and let us go out from the other end.
Chapter 4 bet
After going out, it was a big room like an auditorium, and there was nothing swinging in it.
Before, we refused to take off our armor, but after so long, the pool bottomed out and we had to take off our armor soon.
At that time, we were particularly worried about being infected with alien viruses, but we would be sleepy if we didn’t take them off.
I really have a special feeling that when I die, I die on impulse, but after the impulse, I still want to die. It’s true that few of us are in almost the same situation, and even the yellow team didn’t insist any more.
I asked him about it later, and he also figured out that so many people fell into the hands of aliens, and it was really nothing for him to die alone. Later, when the string in his heart was loose, his desperate energy could never be found back.
Let’s go back and talk about our situation. At that time, we didn’t even know what the aliens were going to do. It took a while to realize that the aliens had delayed for so long. Just prepare a bacteria room for us!
In order to keep us prisoners alive, aliens really have a lot of time.
After such a long struggle, everyone was exhausted, but unfortunately, the backpacks were put away by aliens. Everyone had no food, no water, thirst and hunger, but they couldn’t hold on.
I remember very clearly that we were sitting together, hungry, with our chests sticking to our backs, and our stomachs burning like fire. Our stomachs were full of sour water, but we couldn’t spit it out. Our stomachs were getting louder and louder like a game. Now it’s particularly funny to think about it, but at that time, we were worried. No matter how heartless we were, we couldn’t laugh.